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Did the blue and yellow loops. Very well marked. Looks like new signs and blazes so comments about markers are obsolete. I definitely won't do this one after a rain. Easy walk otherwise. No animals sited. 3.45 total.

eas hike, and fun view of the rapids. You can make it a bit more adventurous if the river isnt flooded and you can climb along the roots of the trees on the lower level

Hiked this twice and didn’t get to do the whole thing. But brought my German Shepherd and it’s great to get away from city life !

Awesome hike. Took my 120lb German Shepherd but .5 miles in I heard there were bear sightings. Just got a little spooked but we completed the loop. Saw alligators and heard plenty of noises. Best trail since I’ve been in Florida. No bugs either but lots of trees roots so watch your step. Take plenty of water.

1 day ago

This is a cool little “Florida hike” meaning that it’s mostly flat, and has tons of views of water. Tons of Florida plant life and animals along the trail. Plan for the longest route because some of the “short cuts” weren’t maintained at all, and one part of the trail was flooded so my group and I had to walk along the side in some tree/brush area.

1 day ago

My buddy and I use to hike this trail all the time about two years ago. There are some really cool views of the lake, a couple primitive camping spots (no water), and a group fire pit/picnic table area. The trail can be split up to make it as long as you’d like.
I did try to go yesterday, and it was temporarily closed.

Went Saturday and Sunday and it was great although i eat shit going downhill, I damn hit the sugar sand and went mouth to sand!! It didn’t taste to bad tho but other than that pretty good!! I saw a couple going to business in one of the trails tho I mean not even an invite but that’s okay!!

Beautiful hike but so, so many ticks. Pulled over 100 off my dogs and another dozen off myself even though I had sprayed with DEET. Not worth it!

Great hike lots of canopy for shade. We saw turtles, birds and snakes oh and a alligator. Watch your step lots of tree roots and stumps. We did whole trail took 3 hours for 7.1 miles with our faithful companion Pat our dog she was a trooper . We will definitely try it again.

road biking
1 day ago

Really good loop. At first I thought it would be boring, but it turned out to be a nice bike ride. It does not appear to incline in elevation, but it does. And so it's a great trail for some good bike training. Did not see much wild life except for some free range turkeys.

great trail

Great bike trail! Wide asphalt path with room for passing. Very serene with not much in the way of views. Covered for most of the way with few open areas. Very well maintained. A couple of bathrooms along the trail is a nice touch. Would do this again.

3 days ago

Short hike. Beautiful weather.Seen more people on the trail. Which is good.

very nice park but needs a more signs

5 days ago

I personally feel this pro has the best trail system in Tallahassee! The different trails offer different experiences. There is a nice sort of greenway at the heart of the park too. It’s never been crowded anytime I’ve been.

Great trail. Got a little lost, trails aren't marked to well. Walked 3.5 miles.

I felt this was an easy trail. I didn't see a whole lot of wildlife besides a squirrel. It was a very peaceful hike though. Use the restroom before you hit the trail! I saw one port o potty and it was about full!

This is not a trail, we have to walk over pavement street in the park entrance so be careful with cars entering the park. When we reach the entrance we start walking at the side of canal and we return again. Don’t go alone. There is no security or park rangers anywhere.The map that is in this app suggest other route for starting the trail. We started where the national park center is; in the 328 Sw, so be sure where are you going first. Very confusing.

Although my husband and I both left a little bit of hide on this trail, it was beautiful and fun.

horseback riding
9 days ago

awesome place to ride plenty of shade. well marked trails.

Awesome trail. Lots of shade and beautiful walk.

What a contrast from the first time I did this trial. This time I brought my trekking poles. I did not start to rain it mile 3.6 like it did the last time. It’s interesting trail. Saw many many birds. One four-legged creature I don’t know what it was. Maybe a coyote. The trail was dry no bugs. Saw 2 people only

As far as a park goes it is fine. Nice playgrounds open fields, aquatic center, community center etc. I stopped by for a trail run and like other reviews could not really find any “trails”. It would be totally fine for jogging if you run around the perimeter of the park and on the sidewalks that go thru the park but it is not the place for a trail run. Nice park just was not what I was looking for this particular day

Fun to bike! Trail biking trials also available at one point.

not much of an established trail. need to avoid disk golfers. The Trail to the tail end curving into the bay is overgrown and under water during tids. It has not been maintained in some time, the garbage in the trash bin is months old.

I loved running the rolling hills.

The "trails" or grassy roads as they are, are well maintained. My experience with this trail was everything i thought it would be for a Florida trail system. Alltrails only show the drive-able roads and not the trails themselves for some reason and was marked as "moderate" (it's flat) We hiked the Meade trail for about half a mile then took tiger trail for a half mile which is not maintained (due to a storm the previous day i assume) but walk-able. We ran into some local wildlife that wasn't very happy we were there. We came across some Javelina pigs, or maybe baby pigs, no adult sow or boar with them. Then came the spiders!! must have been stirred up from the storm the previous day and they are jumpy to say the least. The first spider we came across was a "Golden orb weaver" Biggest one I've ever seen that wasn't behind glass. The web was completely blocking the trail like it was waiting for me or something. Trail was at least 8 feet wide and the spider was as big as my hand. (not a lie!!) The second spider looked like a wolf spider, It was hairy and as big as the diameter of a pop can and jumped at us, thus ending my hiking trip in Florida. I do not like spiders in the first place and I'm use to them in the Pacific Northwest. I had a good time but I think I will stick to the trails in the northwest region.

The trail portions for hiking total about 4.5 miles. The 6.8 in main description is most likely for the bike trails.

On a Sunday afternoon, I ran into 7 people in 2 hours. Not too heavily trafficked, but definitely not light either.

The trail is marked fairly well, but there are a lot of intersections and kinda easy to end up on the wrong path. It's all connected though.

Most of the trail has good overhead coverage. Light grasses cover 90% of it, so it isn't all soft sand like most Florida trails.

I went after 2 days of decent rain and the trail wasnt bad. You could tell the river was higher than usual and there were just a few muddy spots to walk around. The exception being on the Island Loop (0.25~ mile) has a few spots of ankle deep water that couldn't be avoided, but this is an optional loop.

As for wildlife, I saw a black racer, 3 gopher tortoises and oddly enough a opossum in the middle of the day.

Definitely a nice a little trail to pass that morning. I will go back for camping when the weather cools down more.

trail running
16 days ago

Beautiful, well maintained, paved. Lots of animals.

Beautiful view, easy to walk, bring water.

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