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Took the 5 year old son here. For the purpose of just getting him outside, this was just fine. It's a nice walk with some well-groomed scenery. For me that is just what I don't like about it. It is well-groomed to the point it feels too man-made. There was a decent amount of wildlife. A few small gators, iguanas, turtles, and lots of birds. Also, there were quite a few "floaters." I counted four deceased iguanas floating throughout the wetlands. Is that due to the habitat or is it just natural?

This is really some of the best hiking you’re going to do in South Florida. Of course, that is not saying much. That is to say, there really is very little preserved nature in this area. Just a tip, your feet might get wet during high tide as some of the trails will flood during the high tide. I walk my dogs there twice a week, she loves it because it is very quiet on the trails.

trail running
1 month ago

Went in the evening and ran about 5 miles. I wouldn’t consider this a “hike” but it is a good running trail. There is a good amount of shade. About half of the path is sandy soil terrain, which makes the run a bit more challenging. There were lots of rabbits which was unexpected.

Loved this place... need to remember to pick up a map next time but other than that it was very enjoyable!

2 months ago

What a perfect little synopsis of the Everglades - lizards, gators, and a stunning variety of birds and plantlife. The boardwalk is very well thought out and beautifully built. There is also a neighboring trail loop to the west that offers a taste of the hammock ecosystems there.

A great option for your first or only day in the Everglades.

The best I’ve went to so far.Many trails to chose from and saw at least 8 deers.Very huge and surrounded by nature and wildlife.A nice challenge!

mountain biking
3 months ago

Relaxing peaceful ride with some amazing views of wildlife and nature.

Saw beautiful trails, fish, and bodies of water. Will be back to canoe/kayak!

a good amount of shaded trail. saw wildlife! not a lot of people but not completely empty either. good for a first time hiker

trail running
3 months ago

Love this trail

Excellent place.

Nice and relaxing! Try to go later in the day when it’s not too hot!

Beautiful area lots of trails. You can walk or ride bikes

I would recommend it to local hikers. Very quiet, lots of shade & staff very helpful.

loved this park. so it's really hard to navigate if you dont have a map because nothing is marked on where to go. I was alone so I had to have a map. (high anxiety on getting lost). there are several trails. you can walk the road which is 2 miles. the dirt trail is 2.5 miles. somehow i walked a total of 3.59 here. but it was nice and nature. nothing really extra that I saw. I like that you can get glimpse of both intracoastal and ocean. they have a restaurant which I ate at afterwards. fries are extra and they didnt tell me...be aware. very nice park. it says admission is $6 for cars. I was only charged $4. but maybe bc it was Sunday. $2 for pedestrians.

very pretty park! Lots to see! especially birds and their nests. it started pouring on me during my walk so I was trying to get back to my car. but I definitely recommend this trail. it's about .7 to walk around.

Can ride a trail bike or walk

Huge park, saw 2 deer on the trail

Keep in mind that it is illegal (and unwise) to leave your car overnight at the trailhead along Tamiami Trail.

Parking is a little beyond where the "start" location is. Grab a map at the entrance; some of the trails might be flooded but there's plenty to explore as a detour.

5 months ago

This was an easy hike with so much to see! There were lots of alligators, turtles, and so many birds! There were plenty of Anhinga, of course, but we also saw great blue herons, egrets, and many more. VERY beautiful!

6 months ago

Beautiful place for scenic views- not much speed walking can be done when there is so much nature to observe

birds were nesting right by the boardwalk with their chicks. So cool.

7 months ago

Great wildlife!

Being a trail runner from up north, entire Yamato scrub area is as good as it gets in south Florida. You can run on pavement, sand or pine straw and all trails eventually lead back to the main walkway. Winding side trails are my favs, running single track over a nice soft surface. No street crossings, cars or noise (maybe a little noise) to distract you.

8 months ago

Have been numerous time and love it. Have seen nesting heron, wood stork, egrets, anhinga, bobcats, alligators. Nature lovers paradise. The only downside is the aggressive grannies that power walk side by side and hog whole boardwalk. UGH! For nature and views definitely gets 5 stars. One off because of nasty ol’ biddies.

Beautiful trail

nice walk, new to area so a good first look.

Love the trail and we take it when we camp at the Long Pine Key campground. Hiking here provides an environment with less mosquitos than hiking south around flamingo

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