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Floida - Near Destin Map

Beautiful place to hike. Brought my dogs along with me and they loved it. Very clean! Trash cans and benches along the trail.

on Western Lake Loop

22 days ago

Breathtaking scenery and private walk. I went early in the am and had the trails to myself. Plan for sand and pine needle trails and some water.

on Timpoochee Trail

mountain biking
1 month ago

We actually did beach bikes on this trail. It really is a wide sidewalk like one other review mentioned, but it’s great! Excellent views, and then just done normal sidewalk scenery too. This is great for a bike ride and stopping to go to eat or hoot the beach as part of a full day.

2 months ago

These trails are perfect for dog walking! There’s 3 trails that are a mile or under. I would just watch out for the banana spiders - we saw a ton! Also, if your dog likes to eat everything and anything, we came across a lot of different colorful mushrooms on the trails so I’d watch your dog.

very nice, cute little trail. if you have a family with kids, it's a nice outing. beautiful area and nice biking trails nearby. I wouldn't recommend bike's on this trail however. does cost $5 to get in state park.

It was nice and well marked.

3 months ago

Some beautiful views immersed in nature. Clear path except for occasional flooding that is difficult to pass without getting wet. I encountered several spiderwebs with large spiders across the path. Nearly walking into these guys gave me quite a shock. Descriptive signs about the local flora and fauna were a nice treat.

Gentle trail accessible to even the youngest children. Variety of environments in a short walk: small tree area, dunes, lake, and big pine area all with the sounds of the ocean in the distance. Watch out for mosquitoes and poison ivy.

trail running
3 months ago

Great trail to run, biking might be tough in a few lower areas where water collects.

took my dog's there it's pretty cool

on Flatwoods Trail

3 months ago

This was fun on a bike even though the trails were a bit sandy!

mountain biking
3 months ago

Good trail for around here. Did the full 8 miles and then came back on Timepooche trail on the way in. I disagree with the comment about the Timpooche trail, other then water color, it was plenty wide enough and newly paved around Grayton Beach.

well maintained. great for the little ones.

Love this beautiful boardwalk trail along a cold spring-fed creek! Walk along, jump in....nothing better!

boars, snakes and bear marks oh my!

mountain biking
4 months ago

Super nice trail. Very well marked. At least 1/2 is single track. We did the trail plus the lake loop depicted here and then headed east and exited on the 395. Pretty flat trails but some slight up/ down. A lot of sand! (Fat tires could be a benefit). Hint: watercolor off 395 has some nice tensed trails and bridges, with good scenery.

mountain biking
4 months ago

At least 1/2 this trail is fire roads and low on scenery. The area must have had a controlled burn recently, so low foliage is gone and the Longleaf pines were scorched. If your riding this trail, be ready for lots of sand. Have some very fat tires! A much more enjoyable trail is the Blue Trail on the western side of 395 (between 395 and 283). Mostly single track, lots of scenery.

trail running
4 months ago

2 miles of exposed pavement from Seaside.
Bring 2 bucks entry fee. Actually 3 trails with yellow shortest and can add red and orange trails for total of 10-11 miles of trail. I did yellow and red. Red was mostly dirt road and needs new paint on markers. Got feet wet at 2 creeks. Basically a pine tree farm w some other plants, birds..

Nice walk with my son today. Well kept boardwalk, nice docks on creek so you can swim if you want to. Not very crowded today.

5 months ago

Beautiful, serene, and some good swimming spots. Next time I’ll bring a tube or canoe!

Well maintained boardwalk, there is a decent amount of people here but you can float down the river and get out at several of the stops. No dogs are permitted which is a bust if you love to take your fur babies with you. But is a nice little running trail. And you can’t fish....Nice trail for older and younger kids because there’s barley any elevation, but don’t forget to bring your bug spray!!

Nice trail along the inner marsh with white sand dunes and pine trees. Please stay off the sand dunes and respect the signs that point out the trail. It forms a short loop easily done in 20 minutes. Great for the family. Some shade once you hit the pine trees, and open sun when you're in the dune area. Be sure to wear footwear you don't mind getting sand in!

Great place to walk with your family. The water is crystal clear. Great trees to sit in over the water :)
Fun place to snorkel. At the beginning there is a HUGE bass in the drainage pipe on the left, too bad you can't fish. The walk is scenic gift from God please treat it properly.

Love this trail I live near it, so its always fun to go give young cub scouts a hike on pioneer day at Fred Gannon

6 months ago

Did an 18 mile loop. Very flat, nice view of the lake from the campsite on Eastern Lake. Pack water, not many locations to fill up.

Did the hike today with my wife. The trail is very clean, well blazed and pretty easy. Didnt see any wildlife or wildflowers.
There is a dirt parking area off Rt 85 on the east side.
The hike was pleasant but nothing special. I would do.it again.

This is a great escape and well-maintained boardwalk. Do a picnic at the pivillion, followed by a great walk -- life is good.

Nice leisure hike with wife. All boardwalk trail. Very easy and scenic views of clear creek water.

this app needs to update their map regarding relocated trail head

7 months ago

Nice flat little hike.

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