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Flathead Nat'l Forest Day Hikes Map
2 days ago

This was a fun hike along the lake. I would rate this as Moderate, due to the rocky incline towards the end of the hike.

4 days ago

Reaching the waterfall, you will also get a nive view over Holland Lake.

Amazing hike! Also swam in the lake, which was a great temperature in September. Easy out and back and great views!

Fantastic! Well worth the energy. Views are unbelievable.

This hike is absolutely breath taking. From the very beginning all the way to the summit. At the top you get to marvel at the 360 degree views including multiple lakes. You can continue over the summit to a trail that leads to the picnic lakes, but it looked too intense and narrow for this time around.

I’m a beginner hiker so the incline was intense. Parts of this trail are just rock and another challenge are the switchbacks. But the summit was completely worth it. We took many breaks and kept on trekking. Next time I’d be more prepared with extra water, hiking boots and trekking poles.

The road up to the Camp Misery trail head is no joke. Super narrow in some parts, long, super bumpy and parts where it’s your rig and a pretty intense drop to the left. There isn’t much parking up top of you choose to go up on a busy day.

Great hike! I was surprised to see the level of difficulty listed as “hard”. We went to the top without taking a break. Beautiful views. The summit was quite windy and cold; I wished I had brought another sweatshirt and a beanie!

Pretty awesome trail, and length was about perfect for toddler and baby in backpack with a dog... beautiful views and waterfall was very refreshing and beautiful. Only downside was ton of mosquitos everywhere!

Definitely a little steep at the start, but pretty easy hike overall. The lake is beautiful, definitely a good way to break up the Route 2 drive

Super simple hike, usually quite busy. as in you'll see at least a dozen people on the weekend or more.

I highly recommend you stay the night or a few nights at least make it to Birch or some other lakes.
If you're really gutsy, hit Big Hawk Lake.

Crater Lake is a good lake as well. Very beautiful.

Beautiful hike. It gets a bit windy toward the top but not too bad. Worth the hike.

15 days ago

Started on the trail around 10:30 and it was much colder than expected.
Beautiful views all the way up. Once we reached the top where there is a lookout/microwave tower we thought we were done.
Not so, you can continue on the “dangerous looking” ridge line. This is what takes you to the ultimate peak of Mt Aeneas. Fabulous 360• views. Our 10 year old had no problem on the ridge line trail. It looks scary, but once you get on the trail you can see it’s not that bad. Totally worth the extra time and energy!

3 MILES AND 1200 FEET IS OLY HALF THE TRAIL. You have to start at the Camp Misery trailhead and then hike in about 1.5 miles to the start of trail 717. The total hike gains about 1800 feet and is out and back, making it a little over 6 miles total.

It’s my favorite hike in the valley. I always see mountain goats and you can see glacier and the entirety of Flathead Lake from the top! Definitely must do. It can be busy but it’s great especially if you’re looking to get away from glacier sized crowds.

If you search for the Mount Aeneas Summit trail here on AllTrails, you’ll find the full trail map and reviews for this hike.

18 days ago

Fun and relatively easy hike on the way there, but the way back is a little bit harder due to steep uphill sections. Great views, mountain goats, and a gorgeous lake!

I wouldn’t bring small children or clumsy dogs because of the trail being loose rocks and steep drop offs in some places.

This is my favorite hike in the valley, aside from some hikes in Glacier. Mount Aeneas is BEAUTIFUL. You can see the entirety of Flathead Lake, I’ve seen mountain goats every time I’ve been up there, and it’s not an overly difficult hike. Bring bear spray and a camera!

It isn’t a loop, it’s out and back, but you can hike farther from the summit down to picnic lakes if you’d like.

Beautiful view, trail is well maintained.

19 days ago

Nice easy trail, my dogs loved it too!

My daughter and I hiked to the summit on August 21 as we were visiting from upstate NY. A great hike on a trail that gradually elevated. My daughter had no problem with this trail but I found myself breathing heavily and stopping every now and then, which was ok with me. The narrow upper portion of the trail appeared scary at first but I took my time and actually scampered across it on the return. We did not do the loop and returned the way we came. Views were a little smoky from all of the fire activity in the area and wind change but it was still really beautiful. I highly recommend you checking it out if you are in the area. People on the trail were very friendly.

22 days ago

The summit of Mt. Aeneas is just one of many, many beautiful destinations available from the Jewel Basin Trailhead, which is called Camp Misery. There are lots of other entries under various names for this and other hikes at Jewel Basin, but there are also lots of trails not included. You can do all kinds of loops including various lakes and high points. I did the middle portion of this hike as a loop. The final stretch to the summit of Mt. Aeneas looks daunting, but it is really not that hard and absolutely worth it. The trail is safer than it looks.

Getting up to Jewel Basin was the most difficult part of the day. It's a 30 minute drive on a super dusty, kind of steep, narrow and busy dirt road. On an August Sunday afternoon it was like a Walmart parking lot at Camp Misery, with cars parked all the way down the road. Not surprising considering the beauty of the area. It's not a big deal if you are patient and considerate. There are so many trails available from the trailhead that once you get out on to the trails there are no crowds. I will definitely try to come back here sometime.

Great hike !! Easy hike with elevation change to help keep the cardio up! Beautiful day and views of Holland Lake as well as the waterfall.

Brown bear watch in affect.
Odd Yoga gal posing for photos #go back to California
Nice pool at base of the waterfall

We enjoyed ourselves and were able to get out of the smoke from left coast fires.

22 days ago

The road up to the parking lot has a lot of washboard areas which made the drive less enjoyable, even in a 4WD truck. Parking was adequate.

The hike was very enjoyable. Lots of variety including lakes, rocks, streams and alpine meadows. We didn’t run into any bears but we had bear spray just in case.

This was a great six mile out-and-back hike with just about as much elevation change as you’d want over three miles. It made the way up challenging but the way down easier on the knees. The last .5 miles along the ridge is spectacular and should not be skipped! And, the summit, if you walk just a bit further affords beautiful views of several other lakes. Also, we forgot our bear spray but weren’t too worried given how many other people we saw heading up and down the trail. No goats though today. :(

26 days ago

Great trail! Did the 717 to the peak and back down the other side to make the loop by picnic lakes. As others mentioned, the map here and the trail data are wrong. More like 1900’ of elevation and the loop was closer to 7 miles. Make sure to take pic of trail map at trailhead.

Also, do not be afraid of the road going up. Not sure why people mentioned it being difficult. It’s just a basic gravel road, some washboard, and it has a couple of narrow spots, but nothing bad. Small cars can make it fine.
Look for goats !

nature trips
26 days ago

Perfect trail for young kids, elderly or even just as a quick bit of exercise since it is easily accessible. It loops around using an old forest service road so easy to follow and plenty of room. Crosses Noisy Creek which is a lovely spot.
Perfect for nature trips for groups of kids... abundant flaura and fauna and developed forest for them to experience and explore.

Loved this hike, beautiful wild flowers. Hike to twin lakes was beautiful as well.

1 month ago

This was a great hike that was definitely on the easy side of moderate. On a hot day you can take a swim in the lake at the end of the trail - a real highlight! Views were a bit hindered from the smoke but that's true of most trails right now.

loved it! we have a 1 year old and 3 year old and our 3 year old did great! pretty easy hike for most of the way until 0.5 mile before reaching the falls is a little climb but boy .. so worth it. So beautiful up top!! I highly recommend it!

Stunning short hike. Love the fresh water. Most likely will see mountain goats. Last time we were up there a male was charging humans. I witnessed it charge a male in our group and heard from four others hikers this had happened to them as well. Had never seen this before.

1 month ago

Here's the deal. The smoke from fires hasn't been great, but the views and hike to Upper Holland lake are still worth the trek. After spending 4 days up in the area this last weekend, the 7 miles in and 2200ft elevation gain make for a solid 14mi round trip trek if you're looking for a full day. In the event you're bring gear to camp, there are plenty of solid options around the lake ( i recommend going to the east side) to have the best tree cover in the event of a rogue storm. Otherwise, just get out and enjoy it!

This place is beautiful! Seems like a hidden treasure. The lake is stunning, blue, clear water. Then there is a great hike to the waterfall (Holland Falls) - it's a bit uphill, but the views are worth it. Bring bug spray as the mosquitoes come out in the evening, but are not too bad. Highly recommend.

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