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1 day ago

It’s an amazing hike. I could have hiked this in five hours flat easy !!!! Unfortunately ran into a bunch of ice pass the tree-line which slowed me up considerably. Bring crampons if you decide to hike this in the winter. I busted my ass a dozen times lol. Bring ample amount of water at least 2.5 liters.
~Things you need ~

1. A backpack

5 days ago

Awesome hike with killer views! I hiked it this past weekend as part of my training plan for Mt. Aconcagua in January. I climbed it with ease with 40lbs pack weight and my altitude training mask setting at 12,000ft. My moving time was just over 4hrs. Will easily shave off 30min with knowledge of the route and better planning.

The trail is not difficult at all. The reviews make it sound much more difficult than it really is, which is probably due to the distance and wind people experienced.

Has a good mix of climbing- that is, forest trails, rock trail, and tundra.

This is not a technical trail. It’s a trek needing only minimal equipment.

Do bring:

1. Micro spikes (at minimum) crampons do nicely. -Throw the yak tracks in the trash.
2. Trekking poles
3. Be ready for heavy wind
4. Helmet is a nice touch if you’re climbing solo
5. Warmer gloves than you expect

I highly suggest climbers unfamiliar with layering to seek advice before attempting. The temperature swing from the saddle to the summit is substantial. During my hike there were 45kt (52mph) winds. I saw a few groups of people who were inappropriately dressed and definitely put themselves at risk for frostbite.

All in all, a great mountain to hike and train on. Will do again soon!

Nice easy trail for people and pups. Went while visiting some friends in the area as an easy afternoon hike and fit the bill perfectly.

I got lucky with perfect conditions- the leaves were just starting to yellow and there was fresh snowfall. The road was also open- I've tried to go two times since and it's been closed so keep that in mind- if the road is closed, the 3 mile hike up past the gate to the trailhead is pretty steep. Once you're at the trailhead it's a nice easy hike most of the way. About 1/3 of the way in the trail opens up to a clearing that was, by far, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (and I've been fortunate to visit a lot of amazing places). The fresh snow on the yellow aspens, mixed in with some big evergreens- I actually shed a few tears. I haven't been back during "typical" conditions, but if it's anything like that first encounter this is definitely worth the trip. Also to note- this trail gets super busy- we went early on a Monday and there were still a ton of people.

The falls were not fully slowing, but I can only image at their best. It was worth he trip out and I will most definitely be back when they’re in full swing!

Yes just a road, but offers great views of the National Monument that you will not get in the park. Also a great place to run since the road is not technical. Would have been nice to visit when the lookout station was open. There was a sign posted that said you can go up there if a ranger is in the station.

On 11/7/2018, I hiked from the Lockett Meadows Trailhead to the Weatherford Trail. Within 20 minutes after leaving Well #9, I hit a trail full of snow & ice all the way up up up to the Weatherford Trail Junction. I'm very happy that I brought my Katooha Nanospike crampons otherwise it would have been slippery-hell!!

It's 4.4 miles to the Weatherford Trail with a 2,340' elevation gain. Not counting 3 breaks, it took me 1 hour 45 minutes.

Great distance for travelers staying in Flagstaff! I went up on a Monday afternoon with not too many people along the way. The incline gradually gets steeper and steeper and the air thinner and thinner. Visiting from WA, this trail felt like a typical incline, though the elevation is always an adjustment. Views are amazing and getting up to the lookout tower is worth it! Though the gate to climb the tower was closed when I got there, it’s still an amazing view from the ground! Took me just under 3 hours with stopping along the way, I also clocked in at 5.7 miles RT.

This trail has it all. Views, elevation, good coverage, rocks, snow & ice. Bring poles and micro spikes. It’s gets very icy and technical after the trail splits at the saddle (11,4000) prior to final ascent to Humphrey’s peak. Not safe without proper gear. Beautiful 360 degree views from the top. Gorgeous sunsets from AZ Snowbowl parking lot of you time it right.

13 days ago

Hiked on 11/3 still lots of snow and ice but it’s pretty well packed, micro spikes are a must. I’m in pretty good shape and hike constantly, the elevation will kick your butt here, be prepared to go slower than you ever thought you’d need to, especially in the last mile. Last mile is very steep, the wind is serious and brings the chill well below freezing any time of day. Hike is worth every step, views from the top are to die for, Grand Canyon and Sedona can both be seen and it’s a 360 degree view of the world around you.

14 days ago

Amazing views but as of 11/2/18 there was too much snow to get to the peak without crampons or microspikes. We were were able to get to the 2nd false peak with just trekking poles and our regular hiking boots but as the temp dropped the snow began to turn too icy for us to continue. If you are going to try to make it to the top without proper equipment (which i do NOT recommend) then make sure you go within the next few days on a WARM day and get to the saddle by noon so that way the snow on the exposed portions of the trail on your way to the peak will be slushy enough for you to really dig in and make it to the top and back before the temp drops at 3/4pm and freezes over making it too dangerous to traverse.

10/26/18 I completed this hike left trail head about 7:30 am and hit the summit around 12:00 pm what a hike their was a lot of snow thankfully I was properly equipped the most rewarding hike I’ve done to date if you can only get to the saddle you would still love the view

I had to dig deep in the mind to finish this one I’m not sure if I want to ever go back this close to November but I will try it in summer

22 days ago

beautiful hike had a great time.

Probably the most amazing campground I’ve ever stayed at! My boyfriend and I went back in the middle of April, it wasn’t open season so it was free, only 1-2 other people up there, the drive up really wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t busy, highs in the 70s and at night got down to 38 but we love camping in the cold. The aspen trees are gorgeous. The trail is fairly easy, we had to take a few stops because we aren’t use to the altitude or the best hikers lol. Take lots of water! Saw fresh bear and mountain lion tracks on the trail!

Good views overlooking the city of Flagstaff and surrounding hills with pretty aspen's at the top. A fairly busy/popular trail. A decent and steady incline makes for a great workout (my app clocked the route as 5.7mi up and back). Lots of switchbacks... glad I wore my sturdy rubber bottom hiking shoes, as it's gets rocky in parts, definitely saved my toes and makes for a quicker descent.

27 days ago

The trail was well marked all the way up. It was a little technical in some spots if you don’t hike regularly. I personally had no problem, except for the fact I’m a flat lander from Missouri. I had to stop a take a few breaks, but I still made it to the top in two hours. I only drank maybe two liters of water. I would definitely hike it again.

27 days ago

Considerable amount of snow up here on 10/19. Bring poles or an ice ax and wear boots with crampons/microspikes. Post-holed quite a bit near the summit so snowshoes should also be a consideration depending on weather conditions. High winds on the ridge the last mile or so. Hike was 10 miles roundtrip and the views were incredible. I could see both the Grand Canyon and Sedona from the summit. Also, AMS is real. If you’re coming from low elevation spend at least a night in Flagstaff to acclimate. You’ll feel better the day of your hike if you do.

The trail is covered in snow now which is beautiful, however most people don’t go further than 1.5 into the trail as if gets more difficult to see the trail. Also, the road to the trail is closed so that is s commitment of 3 in plus 3 miles out so be prepared to hike 8+ miles if you are doing this hike

27 days ago

Couldn't make it to summit due to snow and wind but will return soon. One of the best games that I ever had.

28 days ago

Difficult for the first 2 miles but well worth the views the rest of the way down. Eldon Lookout trail is washed out higher up. I lost the trail for a minute. Once at the top I changed into a sweatshirt and beanie as temperatures were very cold. The north side of Mt Eldon were slick with snow/ice from recent snowfall. Once I started to drop in elevation the sweatshirt and beanie went back into the backpack. Excellent views from the whole way down.

icey bring crampons a d poles

28 days ago

First time hiking Humphreys and did it on 10/20 and the trail was covered in snow and thigh deep past the saddle. It took 4 hours to get to the top and 3 to get back down. Definitely bring layers, a face mask for the wind, and lots of snacks. The winds were around 30 mph at the top. This hike is really satisfying to complete and you will feel accomplished afterwords! My fit bit said it was 14 miles. It was a long hike either way be prepared. I would do this again but maybe once the snow melts.

Went there just for the trees in October. They were nice. Maybe a couple weeks late as the leaves on the floor were getting gross. I just kept hiking up though... and eventually got rewarded with an amazing view of 3 snow capped peaks!!! I was not expecting that. I went almost to the end of Inner Basin but eventually the snow on my puppy concerned me to the point of turning around.

Far- far- far too many people though.

1 month ago

As good as it gets. Well worth the effort to the top. Strava clocked it at about 10.5 miles. Trail is well marked...it was covered in snow yesterday. Lots of it. Definitely wear sunblock. Drank about 2L of water. Bring salty snacks. Dress in layers... you'll go from cold to hot the entire hike. This hike won't disappoint...I'll be back again soon.

nature trips
1 month ago

The falls were flowing on 10/12/2018 and were stunning! I'm sure they weren't at their most powerful, but a beautiful flow. They don't flow powerfully all year around, so please don't give it a negative review because they were dry on the day you went. They will be mostly dry throughout the year. Our GPS took us straight to the falls, although I would recommend you print the alternate directions provided on here just in case. I had been checking the USGS website which listed the discharge CFS below 50, but the gage height around 12 ft. We definitely got lucky.

1 month ago

Wonderful trail the aspen grove is amazing. Only thing is the drive up is a little harrowing. Well worth a few gray hairs getting there.

The road up to the trailhead/camp grounds is a bit bumpy and steep, but in my opinion, I've been on worse (fossil creek). You could get there in a car IN GOOD WEATHER CONDITIONS. The trailhead itself was AMAZING! Everywhere you look you'll get an amazing view especially during the fall season.

1 month ago

Pretty epic climb! My friend and I summited two weeks ago. It took a lot of physical strength and endurance, took us about 6 hours to the top and then another 5 back down at a very leisurely pace. We saw lots of people along the way, no wild life to speak of, amazing views thou once we got out of the forest and up to the saddle. Felt a little light headed at the top from high altitude but it wasn’t bad. Bring a lot of snacks, layers and wear excellent ankle support- the trail especially after saddle is very rocky. My iphone health app said we did 14 miles, climbed 200 stories and did 30,000 steps, holy moly!

Bumpy road up to the trailhead. Beautiful spot. Took us about 3 hours with a 5 year old and multiple stops. Fairly easy walk. Majority of aspens had turned and there was snow on the ground. Beautiful. We went on 10/9.

1 month ago

• the trail is completely covered with snow (on 10/10). I started the hike at 9am and most of the snow was icy and slippery. When I made it to the ridge, it was difficult to locate the trail (had to watch for trail marker poles). On the way back, from 1 to 2pm, the snow was slushy as it began quickly melting
• the wind at the ridge was no joke, especially the last few hundred feet, forecast says it picked up to around 30mph.
• I completed the hike in around 5hrs, but this one is not a joke and involves stamina and knowing your body limits.

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