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Quick easy hike. Not as steep of an incline if you ascend from the north, or dump road trailhead. The caves were cool.

I got lucky with perfect conditions- the leaves were just starting to yellow and there was fresh snowfall. The road was also open- I've tried to go two times since and it's been closed so keep that in mind- if the road is closed, the 3 mile hike up past the gate to the trailhead is pretty steep. Once you're at the trailhead it's a nice easy hike most of the way. About 1/3 of the way in the trail opens up to a clearing that was, by far, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (and I've been fortunate to visit a lot of amazing places). The fresh snow on the yellow aspens, mixed in with some big evergreens- I actually shed a few tears. I haven't been back during "typical" conditions, but if it's anything like that first encounter this is definitely worth the trip. Also to note- this trail gets super busy- we went early on a Monday and there were still a ton of people.

Yes just a road, but offers great views of the National Monument that you will not get in the park. Also a great place to run since the road is not technical. Would have been nice to visit when the lookout station was open. There was a sign posted that said you can go up there if a ranger is in the station.

3 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Excellent choice for those who want to practice hiking longer trails but without too much elevation gain. Also great for those without 4WD because you can park at snowbowl!

On 11/7/2018, I hiked from the Lockett Meadows Trailhead to the Weatherford Trail. Within 20 minutes after leaving Well #9, I hit a trail full of snow & ice all the way up up up to the Weatherford Trail Junction. I'm very happy that I brought my Katooha Nanospike crampons otherwise it would have been slippery-hell!!

It's 4.4 miles to the Weatherford Trail with a 2,340' elevation gain. Not counting 3 breaks, it took me 1 hour 45 minutes.

OMG pretty. lots of dogs on the trails. all cute

Good hike with some nice views. Easy to moderate. Saw a few tarantulas on the trail. Followed AllTrails map to caves and could not find them. No signage for caves anywhere along the trail.

Probably my favorite trail! So beautiful and amazing views all the way up! Challenging but doable and still very enjoyable! It’s actually 5 miles total, 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down. But totally worth it and would do it again!

17 days ago

Clear gravel path with great views the whole way up! It took about 2 hours to get up and back. We definitely made some stops for water and pictures since it was 70 and sunny!! My dogs and I started around 1 and there wasn’t much shade on the trail.

Probably the most amazing campground I’ve ever stayed at! My boyfriend and I went back in the middle of April, it wasn’t open season so it was free, only 1-2 other people up there, the drive up really wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t busy, highs in the 70s and at night got down to 38 but we love camping in the cold. The aspen trees are gorgeous. The trail is fairly easy, we had to take a few stops because we aren’t use to the altitude or the best hikers lol. Take lots of water! Saw fresh bear and mountain lion tracks on the trail!

The trail is covered in snow now which is beautiful, however most people don’t go further than 1.5 into the trail as if gets more difficult to see the trail. Also, the road to the trail is closed so that is s commitment of 3 in plus 3 miles out so be prepared to hike 8+ miles if you are doing this hike

Went there just for the trees in October. They were nice. Maybe a couple weeks late as the leaves on the floor were getting gross. I just kept hiking up though... and eventually got rewarded with an amazing view of 3 snow capped peaks!!! I was not expecting that. I went almost to the end of Inner Basin but eventually the snow on my puppy concerned me to the point of turning around.

Far- far- far too many people though.

1 month ago

Wonderful trail the aspen grove is amazing. Only thing is the drive up is a little harrowing. Well worth a few gray hairs getting there.

The road up to the trailhead/camp grounds is a bit bumpy and steep, but in my opinion, I've been on worse (fossil creek). You could get there in a car IN GOOD WEATHER CONDITIONS. The trailhead itself was AMAZING! Everywhere you look you'll get an amazing view especially during the fall season.

Bumpy road up to the trailhead. Beautiful spot. Took us about 3 hours with a 5 year old and multiple stops. Fairly easy walk. Majority of aspens had turned and there was snow on the ground. Beautiful. We went on 10/9.

Went 10/6 and the aspens were still greenish yellow. On 10/7 they got snow in Lockett Meadow so who knows what will happen with the leaves.

loved it!

A great hike with beautiful views. Very uphill, but it's worth the steep climb.

Aspens were beautiful!!

Good little trail for the family to do. Super easy, little elevation change, and lots of little sights along the way. The stream is fed by the water reclamation plant, but THAT IS A GOOD THING if you are familiar with water reclamation.

Lovely Nature Walk!

Did 7km to get ourselves acclimated, will come back and do the full hike next time.

getting to and from the summit is a bit steep but after that the trail is a breeze. views from the top are nice and the caves are cool, kind of hard to miss really, just turn right once you reach the fork at the top of the trail...

2 months ago

good mix of terrain on the trail, uphill and downhill sections, lots of wildflowers and some nice views of the area. spotted a mature red necked thorny lizard basking on a rock, there seems to be lots along the trail but not fully developed into adults. watch out for falling trees!!

Awesome trail with some great views! go easy on the dirt road to lockett meadow, watch for other cars and you will be fine. lots of switchbacks and high altitude, bring a good amount of water!

this place was amazing! great scenery, the Aspen's were breathtaking. the only issue is high volume of people but I can't complain too much cause I can see why! some what steep in places but totally worth it!

I have lived in Flagstaff 18 years and never new about the trail. It was a nice hike. Just a word of warning the water is from the sewer plant. We saw someone standing in it and thought it was gross, he must not have known!

Always loved this trail give yourself a couple of hours to finish the whole thing and take it all in! well worth the drive ⛰

Well-maintained. The placement of markers on trees should be reviewed.

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