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2 days ago

Solid local hike. Couple of nice boggy areas with some birds. Fairly tucked underneath the trees most the hike.

Would be a great trail run with the amount of different trails you can attack.

Please stay on trails and out of the fields from April to August to protect nesting birds and hay crop health. ALLTRAILS: Please add this as a Tip. Thank you.

Great for the pups!

Nice trail along the river. Great for dogs, plenty of spots to get in the water.

Lots of trails connect to the entrance White Trail. You could walk for miles and miles if you wanted. I wish people would clean up after their dogs more but maybe the piles are from the neighborhood dogs? I’d hate to have dogs not allowed because my Great Dane had a grand time today!

Great little hike, made a bit more difficult by some areas of deeper snow. Spikes were good, snowshoes would have been better. I can't wait to do this hike again and explore more of the trails once it's thawed a bit. The brook is beautiful and it is amazingly quiet. It was well marked aside from a couple of key places like at power lines and the trail junction, not too difficult to guess correctly though and probably more than easy to figure out if there were not snow and no previous tracks.

1 month ago

Great snowshoeing trail along the brook.

2 months ago

Good trail, will keep it in mind for summer runs. Hard to follow at points - very clearly marked sometimes, but be careful not to venture too far north particularly on snowmobile trails and get off track

great snowshoeing trail

Was a nice hike! I would say moderate is correct, rock scramble may be a little challenging for some but do-able! Went up the Blue and down the Yellow, yellow trail is marked very poorly so give yourself time to walk down. Have to stop at each yellow marker and find the next at a few points on the way down making it very confusing due to the logging that was done...

Great trail for walking dogs, not too hilly, good river views!

A fourth trailhead has been added. This primary trailhead, with parking for 8 cars, is located at the junction of Methodist Road and Route 302 in Westbrook. Maps for this and all the land trust’s conserved lands are available at www.prlt.org. Well done Westbrook and PRLT!

Rachelle Curran Apse, Land Trust Executive Director said, “Mill Brook Preserve trails offer spectacular views of the largest migratory alewife run from Casco Bay each spring. The expansion of Mill Brook Preserve means more people will be able to experience the diversity of wildlife attracted to the fish migration, like great blue herons, osprey, bald eagles, and mink.”

trail running
5 months ago

Don't be fooled by the mileage, the terrain and trail selection more than make up for it. Nice hills and scenery along the way make for a great run.

Great short hike. Several loops to add together.

Love this hike the view and the blueberries where amazing. The logging they have done on the yellow trail make it difficult to navigate bit for the most part you stop at a blaze and you can see the next one just takes a little extra time.

Took Rt. 302 to just south of Bridgton and then Rt. 117 to Rt. 160. Was a mistake and took longer that it should have if we had taken Rt. 25 out of Portland to Rt. 113 to Rt. 160, as suggest in the 50 Hikes In Coastal and Southern Maine book at p. 39. Also passed the trial head and went well beyond it because there is no “Fire Road 145” despite what the book says. It is Fire Road 45.

Was a quicker hike than book let on, but was hard too, as the elevation in the beginning and near the summit was tough. We started hiking at 1:21 p.m. after we parked, and we reached the summit at 2:10 p.m. for a total of about 49 minutes. We ate lunch at the top and took some photos and headed back down at about 2:33 p.m., reaching the car at 3:13 p.m. for a total of about 40 minutes. Was tough hike, though, because of the quick ascent and descent. Steady elevation climb soon into the trail and then downright steep near the summit. Coming down was a lot of loose rock. Views up top were spectacular and far, so it was worth it.

6 months ago

I took the Blue Trail up and the yellow Trail down. Poplar hike today, saw several happy dogs along the trail. Scenic summit, with nice Autumn colored leaves on display down below. Asked about 8 people where the yellow trail started at he summit, but everyone seemed to be wondering the same thing. Just so you are aware it's the furtherest trail on the left. Look for a yellow marker a bit down the trail.

First time hiking Burnt Meadow, yday 10/15/2017 it was more challenging than we expected. The steep rock scramble made it intersting with 2 dogs. We made it to the top and the views were beautiful! Now that we know what to expect, the next hike up will be more enjoyable. And there will be a next hike! Happy Hiking..

6 months ago

Great trek through the woods - nice ups and downs - the trails were marked very well.

6 months ago

Great place for trail running. But be aware of where you are it connects to the North Falmouth Community Forest and easily adds on several miles.

Well marked ! Nice little walk by the brook.

Love bringing my dog here! Lots of trails and a big field to throw the ball!!

7 months ago

We did the Libby Loop trail which is the perimeter trail of the preserve. There are some pretty places along this trail and some not so pretty that go through cutover areas.
We hiked it when it had been dry for a while, but you could tell that if it had been rainy that several areas would be muddy, so if hiking during wet weather, you will want boots.
Signage is difficult, what with so many trails. There are large yellow arrow signs meant for ATV's, so if you are following the yellow Libby Loop signs, ignore the large arrow signs. Parts of the Libby Loop have only green signs where they combine with another trail, and the parts around the top of the Loop down toward Little Duck Pond don't have any signs. I had the map on my phone and used this to make sure I did not go the wrong way.
Overall, I liked this hike, it had some hills and was a nice walk through the woods close to my home. This is not a destination hike where you will be wowed by the magnificent views, but is a nice getaway.
Warning ! The preserve allows hunting, so be sure to wear hunter orange on yourself and on your dogs during hunting season. And no WHITE!

Loved the hike! Unfortunately, lost my ray-bans. If anyone one comes across them, please contact my husband Jordan at jordanrmilne@gmail.com. Thank in advance!

I think this hike is on the aggressive side of moderate. Went up blue. Came down yellow. Dogs enjoyed it. Was difficult finding the yellow trail from the summit. I am an out of shape beginner

Great time, did it today I’m 65 degree rain and it was fantastic

7 months ago

A great trail that is part of a much larger system. lots of joggers and bikers. The waterfall was dry this early September day.

Did this hike earlier in the year and had trouble staying on the trail descending via twin brooks.
Did it again today (Labor Day) and I realized it's not that bad. As soon as you reach the top of the clear cut, just look to your left, and follow the yellow blazes. Looks like they've repainted some of them.
Still not a very attractive section of the trail, but I wouldn't avoid it just because of the logging that's been done.
I was able to do the whole thing this time without using my hands, which was somewhat satisfying.

We've hiked this trail twice - the first time it was early spring and we had to turn back because the parts of the trail that weren't covered in ice were thick with black mud; the second time was mid summer and much more enjoyable, though we still didn't make it more than a mile or so. The first half mile is not so pretty, but once you go under the highway overpass it gets better. There are a couple swimming hole spots along the way. Mosquitos were enormous and plentiful in July!

Quite steep and challenging but it was great. Wish we had brought our lunch instead of just a snack because it took us much longer than we thought it would. We took the trail down that meanders through some recently logged woods which was well marked and quite enjoyable as well.

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