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Fun short hike. Beautiful view from top. 35 mins up (I’m mid-30’s, fit and got some good sweat going) 20 mins down. Several families with small children doing it. Group next to us at top said it took them 50 mins with two kids under 6 years old.

Nice work out! Up the mountain most of the way. Fantastic view at the top. Bring some lunch and enjoy the food and view. Took me 1 hr and 10 min. I took my time, pictures and chatted w fellow hikers.
Back down it took me 30 min.

very nice trail.challenging your at an steep incline tge whole way.watch your step you dont wanna fall. the view is worth it.

try to get this hike in once a year! love the view

Did it with my 4 and half year old daughter. The end of the trail is steep and combine with the half hour rain it will be an hard trip for my girl. We did it in aughust and we collected blueberry and raspberry. She did not like that the tower is close. Honestly, this hike was too hard for her. The last half on our way back she sleep in my arms. An apologyse father.

Nice trail with a variety of scenery and picturesque waterfalls. The trail was very faint in places the first couple miles, but the blue markers helped. Some good views in spots at the summit, but it would be so much better if the fire tower were accessible. A gradual accent with no really steep sections. I really liked this hike to get away from the crowds.

Sunday aug 5 started at 830 to beat heat. 2 hours up about 40 minutes summit time and 1:20 back down. No bugs! Some water on trail but after all that rain it’s fine never had to walk through water. Creek beautiful being a bit higher

Had low expectations due to hunter and it’s skiing reputation but I was wrong. Less then a dozen people all day well all morning. Tim the Seward was friendly and informative. Very sturdy and beautiful tower. Awesome views 360 and guide in the tower that is circular shows the surrounding area and peaks. Reminder no ground views so climb is a must

Never would know a major nys ski area is so close. Trail is easy gravel and fast. Bring the permethrin for covering the clothes prior to hiking as a precaution. Great time of year to get out there and enjoy this season. The trip and the firetower made a great summer day.

I hiked this today and after all the rain we had this week it was MUDDY. I slipped on a few spots, mostly on the way down so you definitely have to watch your footing. View of the lake from the top is amazing and on the loop back down the other side there are views all along the way. Took me longer than I anticipated but mostly because of the mud and having to place my feet carefully. Overall a good hike, neat to see a wind turbine at the top!

18 days ago

The views from the tower are really good. The trail towards the top gets steep but it's all worth it when you see the views. The trail breaks off on the left after the rangers cabin about 50 yards give or take. The trail was easy to miss due to no markers. It's marked now, with red DEC marker.

Awesome hike and beautiful views!

19 days ago

My Adirondack homebase trail. The old trail is a straight uphill slog that I used to resent being dragged on, the new trail is a delight that winds its way around the mountain very gradually using all the best principles of modern trail design. You'll pass through a bunch of different types of forest before the summit, which is the only part where you get a taste of the old trail, scrambling uphill through partially exposed rock face. Fortunately that part is relatively short, is beautiful with the trees, moss, and views, and is rewarded in short order by the great 360º views at the top. Lyon Mountain is just shy of being a 46er and is the only peak of this height in this corner of the park, so the views from the top are a very different experience than those closer to Keene Valley.

pretty easy hike if you're used to the high peaks but a great hike none the less! I took the switchback trail from the parking lot and would rate it as moderate, honestly anybody who is mildly fit can summit this hike and have a good time. It really only gets steep for a bit after the slide close to the top, nothing crazy though. Nice views and very little bugs.(July) If you're into trail running you'll love this route as well.

Started easy then get harder after the cabin. Last 1/2 miles is very steep, almost gain 1000 elevation. Trail easy to follow, no view on top unless climb up the tower. Solid 1 1/2 hike up and 1 hr hike down with fee short stop.

Went up the Devils trail path and intersected with Spruceton trail. Enjoyed everything but the bugs, wear bug spray .

Absolutely amazing views from the summit as well as the fire tower! Took 45 min to ascend with a 30+lb child in my back. Total trip down was 30 min. Well worth the trip!

The views at the top from the fire tower were phenomenal!! This trail is rated as hard but don't let that totally scare you off. My husband and I are in good shape and we hiked up in 1 hour 35 minutes and back down in 1 hour 20 minutes on the switch back trail. It definitely gets steep towards the top and has some nice tripping hazards(rocks) along the way as you get higher up the mountain. Beautiful hike and a lot of fun! We hiked it on 18 July 18, and there were no bugs and it was a nice cool summer day. I highly recommend this hike!

Lyon Mountain is the Northern Most Firetower mountain in the Adirondack Park. We snowshoed to this summit and fire tower as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge. It was a wonderful snowshoe. The view from the top is amazing. You can see all the way to the Champlain Valley and Vermont!

Hiked this July 1. Hottest weekend of the year. Trail is awesome, easily accessible and easy to follow. First several miles easy incline that follows a beautiful brook with waterfalls. It was perfect to wet our hats and shirts on the way up. Gets a little steep towards the end but views make it all worth it. Even though it was really hazy due to the heat and humidity, views were incredible. Will definitely do again hopefully on a crystal clear day. Total hike time was 3.5 hours but stayed up top for awhile and played I. The waterfalls on the way down. Total trip time 5 hours. Definitely not for beginners.

We did this hike yesterday and found it to be moderate. We were all fit and experienced hikers. It took us 1h50 to get to the top, all while taking breaks to grab snacks or water and to look at the scenary (fun mushrooms!). The view on the top is awesome though, especially from the fire tower.

On 7/10/18 I completed:

Spruceton Horse Trail --> Hunter Mountain Trail --> Devil's Path --> Diamond Notch Trail

It was 85 degrees and beautiful clear skies.

The Hunter Mountain Fire Tower is by far the best part about this hike. Really stunning.

Everyone gives great reviews on here. The trail can get super muddy when it's raining a lot that week, the flies are omni-present (I use Coleman's Deet-free Oil of Lemon and Euculyptus repellent and it worked like a charm), and there's are a few tough segments (Spruceton Horse Trail is steep as hell and Devil's Path is just downhill and annoyingly choppy-rocky).

One thing that I would add is, make sure you put on high socks or pants. Throughout the trail there are little grasses leaning over to try to graze your leg and drop off a tick. Lyme disease is no joke and be able to enjoy more with your mind at ease.

One, downside to this route is that there are not many lookouts (maybe 3 total?). Mainly, its put your head down and hike ... in a good way though. It's a good challenge. Do it.

This was my first fire tower hike. The view from the tower made the hike worth it. I did the hike in running shoes and will get a good pair of hiking shoes/boots before I try this one again. Going up was fine with runners but I would have liked more stability on the way down. It was a beautiful day and the shaded trail was appreciated on such a hot sunny day. I look forward to my next hike in the Adirondacks.

Nice trail, we did it in 4hrs with two kids age 6 and 9 and a puppy. The steepest part of the trail is the last quarter. It can be slippery too. we went on a beautiful july saturday and we were 10+ on the somewhat small summit under the firetower. it was a bit crowded. Then again it's hiking season ;)

Beautiful hike. In the beginning the trail is a logging road and it’s not marked besides the start of it and where you get put back on the trail. Moderate hike that turns into a harder hike towards the top as the incline gets steep and rocky. You can’t climb the fire tower due to people destroying it. I’d suggest to bring bug spray because the black flies are absolutely horrible.

Nice hike - especially if you do the loop and see the less used trail. But the summit was disappointing. Not much room do the tower with antennas and generator.

Still, beautiful 8 mile loop

1 month ago

Ok so I am 49 and pretty good shape. I left at 930 am with my dog. 1st you cross the Hudson river which is kinda cool considering if you ever cross the GW. Then you hit lake Jimmy. Next is the cabin so far all easy stuff. After a couple hundred yards up a knoll it flattens out and on the left is the trail. This starts out pretty moderately and at about 1.5 miles in gets tough and it is tough. So you know you have 1 mile left. However it is so steep that you cant go fast so you are just picking your moves over rocks, roots and slab rock. Although difficult its 2 steps left and 2 right a break and look for your next move. Last 1/2 mile is the hardest but you are treated to some amazing views. Back at car by 12 2 1/2 hours round trip. Being so far out lot was super busy and tons of people but not many that I saw only about 8.

We took Spruceton road trail to Hunger Mountain and the Fire Tower. Eric, the guide/post guy, at the tower was friendly, informative, and helpful. The climb up the fire tower was a little scary for me but doable and gorgeous. We took the devils path route down and that was a difficult trek due to descent grade and miles of loose rocks. Overall a great hike.

So this is a moderate trail if you’re in shape. In my group, 2 of us have never been hiking, and the other person hadn’t been hiking in a couple years and has put on 40lbs since her last hike. Needless to say, it was brutal. Going up took us 2 hours and 40 minutes, coming back down was only 2 hours. The last 40 minutes of the hike is the worst, but we survived. We’re all overweight alcoholics and even though it sucked, the views were worth it!

Love this mountain! We took the new trail which is a switch back trail. Took about 2.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down. Not a whole lot of technical moves and the incline is gradual almost gentle. The day we went there was wind and we ended up adding extra layers at the summit. Some rocky portions with a mix of forested areas. I wouldn’t consider this mountain hard, but endurance is needed as our tracking device had us at 10 miles total.

I will rate this a 5 because great view of lake George but after pilot knob then buck now black I’ve seen lg enough did it for the fire tower challenge and what a bullshit tower. I would say this is easier than buck so if you want a Great Lake view have at it . This is not easy but not hard either

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