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Overall a nice hike with fantastic views from the tower. The east trail is short, .6 of a mile, but not terribly steep. The north trail is slightly longer, 1.2 miles, but provides a much steeper climb. It’s sad to see the old caretakers cabin in such poor shape and covered with graffiti. The tower is in good shape. I also did the trail to Stewart and Indian Lakes, which was a nice time. A pleasant hike, and a nice workout!

2 days ago

One of my first mountains that I hiked. It was challenging for me and the last half mile was intense. But the view was worth it. Just over 2 hours to complete the climb!

The new trail is very nice. I did the RT in 5 hours, with an hour of that on the top. This may be the only trail I've hiked where it took me the same amount of time to go down as to go up. Also, none of my activity trackers got this at 7.1 miles. My trackers varied from 8-8.4 miles, and I DID pause them when I got to the top. I wasn't able to find the USGS marker--anyone know where that is? I would probably rate this as moderate as it seems to compare well to the other fire tower hikes in this distance range, at least witht he new trail.

the hike was excellent but I'm not sure I'd call it easy. it was mildly difficult. I found it to be harder than sleeping beauty mountain, but it could be due to the heat of the day. The fire tower is really where the views are at. We couldn't get into the top tower since it was locked but we climbed the stairs all the way up. you can see to VT easily. it's gorgeous

Great hike. Did on 9/16/2018 with 7 kids age 5-11. 1:40 to the top and 2:30 down the lake side and around through the ponds.

nice, quick walk. not to steep. pet friendly

We took the new path up & down. Very gradual incline, no technical portions, the trail crew did an excellent job. We thought the old path would be barred, but it's there and accessible and we saw people use it. Took us 4hrs total, w/o the stay on top. Only 1 or 2 views going up - you really need to get to the top for the reward!

7 days ago

Nice trail, marked well. Only real challenge is the dirt road that takes you there. SUV is more appropriate than a car!

Perfectly lovely trail. Get there early for parking lots of people. Nice visit to the top. Went with a two year old German Shepherd and there was no problem at all. Fairly easy all the way.

Good hike. I did the lake trail first and then the mountain to the summit and fire tower.

Craig’s review excellent—nice hike-could see the wind turbines in the distance on Tug Hill plateau-mostly vast wilderness!

Great views-big crowds-go early. Trail could be better marked to avoid trail widening and herd paths which are both prevalent.

This was our very first hike in the Adirondacks and we really enjoyed this trail. It starts off pretty easy which was a great warm up as it gets progressively more difficult and steep as you go! We really surprised ourselves and made it to the top. We only passed a few people along our hike and they were coming down on our way up. No one signed in after us and we ended up having the peak all to ourselves for the afternoon.

Decided to actually attempt our first mountain peak on the wife’s 29th birthday. The last mile or so got rather intense, but the pay off was definitely worth it.

Not really a hike. But it’s a great half mile walk up a gravel road to the tower.
And the view from the fire tower is awesome! Great vistas of Lake Champlain and the green mountains to the east, and the Adirondacks to the west.
Must be beautiful in the height of autumn ... well worth the trouble to seek out and hike.
Speaking of seeking out, best directions are this.
From the Tracey road, turn left onto dalton hill road. Go one mile. Parking is on the right, trailhead on the left.
Enjoy the easiest fire tower peak in the fire tower challenge!

Loved this hike! We started at the trailhead, following the red DEC discs up to the (unimpressive) summit. Trail was wide, and clearly marked; fairly gentle to start, but eventually became quite steep. Descended along trail on south side of the summit; single-track, slightly overgrown, steep in places. Blue trail is clearly marked with DEC discs, and offers a nice stroll through the woods past the ponds. Yellow trail to the left takes you back towards the trailhead.

Well worth the effort , view from the tower is awesome

Pretty easy hike for the towers up this way but nice views at top especially on a blue bird day get out and enjoy this 1

This hike is easy to moderate depending on your fitness level. According to my pedometer app, it was 1.5 miles from the trail head to the fire tower. The path is well worn and quite easy to follow, and is marked with trail markers as well. It took as 45 min to go up with very little stopping. If you need to go at a slower pace, it may take a little over an hour ( going up). As for gear, we wore hiking shoes but you could safely use good sneakers..There aren’t many views of mountains until you climb the fire tower at the top- and WOW! Just beautiful!

Love everything about it. The only thing was that when I got to the top, it was so foggy I couldn’t appreciate the view. But will definitely do it again.

on Hadley Mountain Trail

14 days ago

Gets your blood pumping..great views..use walking sticks if you got them..takes about an hour up.

One moderately steep stretch towards the end, but it’s not long. The rest of the hike is easy and the views are incredible!

Great, short and moderate hike. The views are only seen from the fire tower and they are beautiful!

It was mine and my wife’s first ADK summit! We took her parents and two of their friends (one which had double knee surgery three months ago) It was a challenging but still easy enough! Rocks can be slippery and the roots too. Watch your footing! There were multiple stops along the way which showed great views! The summit was really great over looking first, second and third lake! Fire tower was a nice addition to views! Watch your head going up onto the platform! I would recommend this for all ages and fur friends!

Fun hike with the family. Certainly a lot of exercise, constant uphill. Cool fire tower, pretty views at the summit. Felt great to have a rest and a snack at the top. But going back down was not fun, lol.

great hike to kick off a hiking trip. amazing views. my 6yo and 4yo did this trail no problem while carrying their own packs.

lovely... everytime

Great hike, great views. It was a little wet when we went. The black flies were insane,a couple shots of deet took care of that. Definitely recommend this hike

Great hike with just a couple trees over the trail, some mud but not bad.It was pretty foggy so the views weren’t much. The trail was quiet which was ok. Looks like they are getting ready to start some work up top either at the cabin or the tower.It was a nice and cool hike to the top in the clouds. Definitely recommend this hike.
No sign of Sasquatch either.

pleasant hike. the whole trail is an incline from head to the summit. think climbing stairs. i would not suggest doi g on a rainy day as there are large portions on granite slabs. great 360 views and a fire tower you can climb om the top.

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