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Hiked this 7/16/18 with beautiful blue skies and very hot weather. Took about an hour and a half to reach the top, very slow incline until you reach the sign for the summit stating there is 1.0 mile to the summit then it is steep!! Very enjoyable hike!

Blue Mountain has a commanding view of the surrounding territory, but only if you climb the fire tower. There is a view of Blue Mountain Lake just short of the summit, but 360-degree panoramas are available only from the top. The ascent is fairly steep and quite rocky, following a drainage channel with two ephemeral stream crossings, which were dry for our hike. In the second mile, you gain over 1000 vertical feet. There is minimal exposure and the trail is under canopy until you reach the summit block. Get there early if you want a parking spot; this is a very popular summer hike. Took us 2.5 hours, but we stopped for about 15 minutes on the way up for morale reasons. The descent is very quick; poles and hiking boots come recommended.

As advertised. The initial trail is well maintained with an interesting array of “bridges” over wet areas although today it was pretty dry. The final climb is over a washed out creek/trail leaving loose stones and rocks, making the hike a challenge. The view from the “summit” and fire tower is well worth it and the reason for the climb.

Great hike!!!

Tough, rewarding hike. About 1.75 hours to the top, another 1.5 on the way down - slippery after a light rain. Fire tower is sturdy, though some of the guarding is missing. Cloudy, but nice views today around noon.

Don’t recommend pets or small kids.

2 days ago

Nice hike with a great 369 view. Trail was easy to follow but a steady slope starting right at the trail head and continuing to the top. Trail was dry throughout the climb today, buggy at times.

Hiked this July 1. Hottest weekend of the year. Trail is awesome, easily accessible and easy to follow. First several miles easy incline that follows a beautiful brook with waterfalls. It was perfect to wet our hats and shirts on the way up. Gets a little steep towards the end but views make it all worth it. Even though it was really hazy due to the heat and humidity, views were incredible. Will definitely do again hopefully on a crystal clear day. Total hike time was 3.5 hours but stayed up top for awhile and played I. The waterfalls on the way down. Total trip time 5 hours. Definitely not for beginners.

3 days ago

Did this with my dog and it was spectacular! We kept a good pace without more than a few minutes to stop for a break and we were up to the fire tower in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Same amount of time to descend. As others have said the first two miles are a mix of level terrain with a few sections of moderate elevation change. The last mile or so, especially after the the site of the old observer's cabin, is VERY steep. In spite of this it's very rewarding as the trail is in great shape and the views at the top are remarkable! If you don't want to ascend the tower there are outstanding views at two points at the summit. This would be a great choice to prepare for hiking in the Adirondack High Peaks due to it's length and elevation gain. Fantastic hike!

My wife and I are doing the fire tower challenge, and found this one to be harder than Pok O Moonshine, which was rated harder by one of the guidebooks. It’s a solid moderate hike with nearly 1,600 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles, and is very rocky. If you are not an experienced hiker, I would not recommend this one when the terrain is wet. The views were amazing from the top.

My boyfriend and I hiked this trail yesterday and absolutely loved it. Like the previous reviews said it gets quite steep for the last 3/4 a mile. Make sure you bring lots of water. In order to get to the fire tower you have to continue on the trail for a little longer past the summit but it’s so awesome and worth it. We took lots of breaks and it took us about two hours to get to the top but the last 3/4 mile really slows you down! Enjoy!! Do it!!!

Nice hike up, lots of stairs but they help on the way down. Not too many bugs right now which was nice not to worry about. The fire tower cab was locked which was confusing because it's supposed to be open in the summer months, overall still enjoyable

Wow. My favorite Firetower yet! Set in a picturesque location for perfect views of the High Peaks! At 3,678' this mountain is no push-over (only 300' from being a 46er itself).

We took this Northern approach & parked at the last spot before the 'chain fence'. Nice easy walk to warm up & eventually the trail goes consistently up. Really great hike. At the top, it opens up to vast rock outcroppings for an almost 360 view. Wide rocky, treeless peak for the most part. Firetower itself is a little beat up from the weather, but safe & a must-climb for wild views.

Incredible sights of High Peaks! Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Views were amazing but the tower needs some TLC.
No chicken wire on the top few platforms and sadly the tower is locked.
Trail was in great shape overall with minimal wet spots but the bugs were pretty bad so come prepared.
The trail is accessible by any car for sure as long as you take it easy in the last 500 ft. There was a tiny 2 door civic back there !
As stated it’s steep the ENTIRE hike. No switchbacks or flats.

6 days ago

Great Sunset hike!

Fantastic view from up top! As others have said, the first three miles is relatively easy; the last mile strenuous. I wouldn’t want to climb it after a lot of rain. You hike up river beds. But the view from the top is wonderful. I especially liked a rock on the east side of the mountain.

Love this mountain, trail, observer's cabin, and of course the Fire Tower! It is always nice to have a well maintained Fire Tower to climb when you get to the summit. The first two miles of this hike is fairly straight forward...a slow tapering elevation climb that is moderately easy. The last half mile tends to get a little steeper and a little more strenuous. Expect to maybe use your hands a little as to attempt to navigate and scramble the last quarter mile up to the summit. From the summit there are 180 degree views looking East, North, and South of Long Lake.

great hike, kind of steep, but not extreme. good hike to get warmed up early in the season for longer, more strenuous hikes.

This is from the prospective of an out of shape (266 pound 5’7”) man. As everyone stated the 3 mile road to the trail is narrow and should not be attempted by low riders. Now for the trail, in my case I found it very challenging, it was just uphill so it took me longer than your average hiker to do. It some parts where muddy and as for wild life nothing really stood out on the trail. For photos well the top of the tower has a great few and some interesting tree roots with the sun lighting look awesome but you more focused on the elevation of the hike. I have to say I did enjoy it. The tower needs lots of work some sections had no wire and the tower was locked when I went up.

This is a very nice hike. The trail is lightly trafficked. Little bit of rock scrambling is required to get to the summit - but nothing scary. I wouldn't classify this hike as hard. I made it in 4 hours with a long stay at the summit. The bonus is a fire tower! It was nicely restored and you can get on top. The views are stunning! Get up there!

Nice hike - especially if you do the loop and see the less used trail. But the summit was disappointing. Not much room do the tower with antennas and generator.

Still, beautiful 8 mile loop

9 days ago

Ok so I am 49 and pretty good shape. I left at 930 am with my dog. 1st you cross the Hudson river which is kinda cool considering if you ever cross the GW. Then you hit lake Jimmy. Next is the cabin so far all easy stuff. After a couple hundred yards up a knoll it flattens out and on the left is the trail. This starts out pretty moderately and at about 1.5 miles in gets tough and it is tough. So you know you have 1 mile left. However it is so steep that you cant go fast so you are just picking your moves over rocks, roots and slab rock. Although difficult its 2 steps left and 2 right a break and look for your next move. Last 1/2 mile is the hardest but you are treated to some amazing views. Back at car by 12 2 1/2 hours round trip. Being so far out lot was super busy and tons of people but not many that I saw only about 8.

Total distance from trailhead and back is actually closer to 3.25 miles. Great views from the summit and at various locations along the trail. Would definitely recommend the hike to others. As a heads up, there is almost no flat sections until the summit.

Fire tower just opened back up for the public, they did a nice job. Strenuous and somewhat steep with a lot of bare rock on the last part, but the views are well worth the hike. There’s a sign that says “Wakely Mtn Observation 1.0 miles” right before the steeper section it’s definitely farther than a mile but nonetheless a well rewarding hike. Deer flies were my best friends on the way up that was the only issue

I haven’t hiked this yet, but the trail and Firetower have been REOPENED

Pretty straight forward hike. Harder than I thought. View at top was worth it.

NO NEED FOR A BOAT!!! :) - This is a great mild to moderate trail with excellent views of Lake George and surrounding mountains at the summit. The trail can be accessed via Rt 22 in Clemons NY, less an hour north of the village of Lake George. Great trail for kids

10 days ago

My family and I hiked this trail on one of the hottest days of the summer. We have never hiked a mountain before, but made it to the top in 3 hours with several breaks and a ton of water. The trail starts off moderately easy until you pass the fifth or sixth stream where it starts to get steeper. The last stretch is the hardest part being composed of a rocky surface at a steep gradient. The fire tower was also really neat, but was also a little sketchy. It was well worth it, just be sure to pack a lot of water.

I will rate this a 5 because great view of lake George but after pilot knob then buck now black I’ve seen lg enough did it for the fire tower challenge and what a bullshit tower. I would say this is easier than buck so if you want a Great Lake view have at it . This is not easy but not hard either

11 days ago

Great views at times difficult hike. If you aren’t paying close attention to when you need to turn left, it’s easy to continue going straight and that’s a mistake. We went off trail for an additional two hours because of this mistake! Keep your eyes open for when you need to vere left! It’s not that well marked and there are other trails around. All trails was great and got us back on track, 4 extra miles later ;)

Steep, lots of rock stairs. Very fun hike. 1.5 miles to the lean-to, then 0.3 to the fire tower. Plenty of stopping points to look at great views and watch the trucks on the Northway.

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