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Road to and parking lot are plowed. Trail is nicely packed, fire tower is in good condition and the views were spectacular! Enjoy!

1 month ago

Easy walk, as prior reviewers said. If you are doing the fire tower challenge, it is the easiest trip. Nice view of the High Peaks to the west and a bit of Lake Champlain to the east

The parking lot was like a frozen pond. all of the thick ice was covered by fresh snow so I didn't know until I tried to stop and kept going. Luckily I was able to carefully turn my car around and there was traction on the one side of the parking lot. The cell service is spotty so I don't know if I would have been able to call for a tow truck. The mountain was the same way. Some parts looked like a frozen waterfall(not a bad thing). I had ice spikes so it didn't slow me down. My dog had some trouble but it gave me a few laughs. Overall the hike was short but rewarding. The only downside was all the graffiti on the cabin and the tower. It's sad that people can't respect the property for other people to enjoy.

1 month ago

I snowshoed this last year after we got a huge snowstorm. The parking lot wasn’t plowed and when I got out of the truck the snow was almost to my knees. This was my very first fire tower and my first time snowshoeing up a mountain. The hike up seemed to never end. Once you reach the fire tower the wind was bizarre! I was amazed by how many surrounding towns you could see from it and there’s a nice little map in the tower to tell you. I would hike it again when there’s not so much snow.

Easy walk, it wasn’t too icy today. Beautiful view from the tower.

Hiked w micros after a 26 below F Sunday morning followed by couple inches of rain 48 hours before. Snow set up good for micros would need more snow for snowshoes. First time up the red east trail and down the longer looped yellow north trail. Great views from tower. Worth a couple hours on the woods on a cold mid January day.

View is absolutely amazing! The hike was very very hard! Takes about 2-3 hours to go up and 1to go down! I hiked half the mountain barefoot because my shoes gave me blisters! Definitely recommended hiking shoes! Absolutely worth it! Just hard so be prepared

Always a nice mini-hike, depressing to see what vandals have done to the cabin.

2 months ago

I left parking lot and temp was -1... I purposely did not put too many layers on as I knew the type of climb that was coming...I was cold for first 1/2 mile then was plenty warm until I reached the summit. I highly recommend snowshoes. ..especially ones with spikes and/or metal teeth.
Light snow was falling so visibility wasn't great at top...it was -10 so I wasn't wanting to linger very long anyway.
it's a fairly strenuous hike so make sure you bring ample water, even in Winter.

Wind chill dropped temps to below -20 at the top of the tower but clear skies and sun made for good views. Walked up the trail in regular snow boots; followed someone else's tracks. Minimal to no ice today.

A short, but nice hike. There aren't a ton of views on the way but the views from the fire tower make up for it.

3 months ago

Great little walk or short run along a dirt road. However Very rewarding views from the Fire Tower Cab for the short distance. Stopped here after Poke-O-Moonshine and was not disappointed.

My husband and I took our 5 year and 7 year old up. I also carried our 3 month old. It was longer (3.6) than expected and had icy rocks to be careful of. The firetower was closed at the top. Good hike overall. Will do again in warmer weather.

A little icy towards the top but other than it was awesome.

4 months ago

This hike definitely wasn't as hard as I anticipated. It was enjoyable and fun. Doing it with fresh snow on the ground, I'm sure was easier in some ways as didn't have all the rocks and roots to contend with.
It was slippery with the snow and ice, as also had black ice didn't see until I was on my butt. Crampons would of worked better than Stabilicers for sure.
No problem getting to trail head with Subaru Car.
One more hike Vanderwhacker to finish the Indian Lake 4321 Challenge, my reasoning for doing Pillsbury again, as last time was 23 years ago.

4 months ago

Very fun hike!! I went on the first snowfall of the year (11/10/17) and it was awesome! Around an inch at the base with about 3 inches at the summit. From the base to the midsection was quite easy; the trail had been tracked through already, so it was very easy to follow the trail. However, as you near the summit things start getting a little tricky. Firstly, if you plan on doing this hike when there is snow on the ground I would recommend at the minimum that you use trekking poles and some kind of spikes on your boots. I say this because near the summit there is a rock face that is covered with snow and ice. Although it can be done without these items (as I did not knowing what was in store), the hike would certainly be made easier with them. Also, beginning near the midsection of the hike trail markers are very scarce. I found myself constantly stopping and looking around to make sure I was still on the right path. There were times where there were no trail markers in sight, so I chose a path and luckily I was right every time. Once you arrive at the summit you'll find that the tower is missing some fencing on the stairs going up which was a bit disconcerting, but not really an issue. Views from the tower are amazing!! 360° of pure Adirondacks.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Awesome hike! I would rate it a high intermediate to expert level climb. Strictly experts in the winter. Views are spectacular and absolutely worth the effort! Just wish there were more trail markers!!!

4 months ago

It's not a hike. We did this after Cheney Mountain to grab some extra easy views and check it off the fire tower challenge. I didn't mind that it was an access road or that there were antenna buildings... But, I was let down by the amount of trash and graffiti... I get that it's a party spot and don't have a problem with that... But, at least please pick up your garbage.

So super easy but yet cool. If you have kids or don’t hike much this is the one. Great views easy hike fire tower have a little lunch and relax.
Another fire tower down

Pretty easy hike overall steady uphill go. I did this after it had rained and it was foogy so no views but it was nice to just be hiking in the adk. I will do again on a clear day . Another fire tower down

Much nicer than I expected andas far as hard as a rating I would say moderate it was no more difficult than owls Head or Goodnow fire tower trails
It was muddy but a beautiful day
Sadly the tower is in disrepair but you must climb to see the view
I would do it again

4 months ago

Excellent trail of average difficulty. It is a steady incline all the way to the summit, but should be manageable for most people. Some sections of the trail are over smooth granite which will be slick if wet. Fire tower at the summit provides excellent 360 degree views of Great Sacandaga Lake and Adirondack Park. Would not recommend making the climb on a cloudy day. The views are decent, but can only be truly appreciated on a clear day. Arrive early as the parking lot tends to fill quickly.

Nice easy hike, but definitely not an lazy stroll thru the woods. Some muddy patches. Interesting signage about the history of the tower. Awesome views!

Nice trail, well marked. Good for a shorter hike but a LOT of people and had to wait to go up the fire tower but it had nice views.

4 months ago

Great hike but harder than expected. It goes up up up with no switchbacks. View was awesome.

Amazing views at the top but it can get crowded fast.

4 months ago

this trail is quite steep but child and dog friendly. The only concern about the trail I had today was the lack of parking as there were so many people there today.

In and Out Red Trail. Trail was dry and even though they rate it moderate, I would say this is more easy to moderate even for the red trail. You will need to climb the tower to appreciate the views and it will be worth it. No Summit Marker was located so don't look for it.

It's a very nice trail with many great views.

nice easy hike

5 months ago

Great views & foliage today - fire tower was locked at the top unfortunately but could go to the landing.

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