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Great easier hike. The inkpots are beautiful and the scenic views are incredible. It was windy at the top despite a very warm hike up and down so be prepared. Show up early for parking as the tour buses and tourists plug it up quick. The trail to the upperfalls is VERY busy but the tours turn around at that point so after the inkpots it was quiet and serene.

Very nice hike. Johnson canyon is a bit crowded and annoying, but still worth doing. If you hike a lot, consider that just a "end of the day" bonus. The ink spot is relaxing with mountain surrounding. Great for pictures.

12 days ago

Short walk. Falls are ok.

Nice hike with 2 waterfalls and hiking along a river to the ink pots. Very crowded however. Get there really early to get a parking spot. At the ink pots, eat a lunch along the river. Mountains in background are very scenic.

This is a gorgeous fun trail. Make sure you go early to avoid crowds. We did this in September and not many people went to the Ink Pots, so much less crowded, but coming back was very crowded around the falls. The ink pots are very neat. Love this trail.

Did this trail today, when it's still snow from the parking lot all the way to the ink pots. It was just above freezing. Really lovely. Sheltered from the wind, and the sun was warm enough that I was able to get down to just basic insulators. Spikes are a must, though, and poles recommended!

Beautiful in winter, slippery on uphills but fine with good winter boots and warm clothing. The upper falls are beautiful when frozen.

Amazing hike! make sure you bring crimp-ons. The waterfalls ate breath taking!

2 months ago

Very challenging hike, but worth it! The trail isn't well marked in the initial scramble area (taking the loop counterclockwise) making it difficult to choose the best path. I'd definitely do this hike again though.

Definitely make sure to bring headlamps for each member of your group.

Loved this hike! We didn't summit and opted to visit the tiny hot springs instead. Will definitely be returning.

Easy, beautiful but very crowded.

Although this hike is listed as hard (and certainly has challenging parts) the first time I went to the heart mountain peak (2006?) I was wearing chacos sandals and didn't die. My husband and I did the horseshoe in 2017 on the family day long weekend with our 5 year old son and dog. We had no problems and spent two nights on the ridge.

Awesome hike with great reward at the end. I believe this is also called inges mine??? Very hot to do in summer. No shade on trail.

Beautiful winter hike! But if you're not a very active person and just starting out then know that the full hike can be pretty harsh. It was my first hike of the year and I'm not a very active person and I walked out exhausted and in pain. But pushing through it is definitely worth it! But please, please, please BRING CLEAT ATTACHMENTS ! It is very icy in some spots and there's nothing worse then having your hiking vibe on and you're being held up because someone thought it was a great idea to wear Uggs or sneakers. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Can't wait to go back and do a summer hike.

Attempted in Jan. Made it to the top of the Ridge. Extremely windy, do not attempt without crampons and an ice axe. Turned around due to the wind and because it was dark. Will attempt again in a couple of weeks and start earlier in the day. It was great though, amazing views.

Connect to coxhill for a point to point. Great hike along nice open ridges

This is a great warm up hike to shake things out for the season. I’ve done it a few times and have enjoyed it every time.

4 months ago

Fun walkabout b4 Xmas dinner

Once you get to the trail, it's great. The long boring walk along the service road to get there was unbearable. The cave is a sight to behold. The light scramble to get up there was fun, not very technical, very accessible.

Great hike with stunning views at the top!! Nov 27/17 Trail was well worn so no spikes needed. Extremely windy on top.

Did about a month ago for first time. Up to the meadow peak was fine and had to find the path from there on as it was covered in snow. Be prepared for wind gusts causing full white out conditions from time to time and pant legs freezing from snow. Crampons were helpful. Still a great adventure!!!

This is one of my favourite places in Banff NP. Yes, the canyon can get really busy so make sure you come early.
We did the hike up to the ink pots in late October and started at 9 am and saw maybe 10 other pairs of people on the trail as we made our way up. When we came back down around 1:30 pm it was already much busier, especially in the canyon. Contrary to what many people say, the hike up to the ink pots is definitely worth the extra effort! Although the trail is not super interesting after the canyon, the view at the ink pots is amazing. Make sure you come on a clear day so you can see the surrounding mountains. When we did the hike there was some snow and ice on the trail so microspikes definitely come in handy, even during fall.

Definitely would recommend taking your bike tor the service road. We did this hike on Saturday and the hike was nice. Would also recommend poles when getting to the top close to the caves. Nice hike !

This trail was very nice. Taking our bikes made the trip a lot more enjoyable. The hike to the caves was not as perilous as some have suggested. It was a enjoyable and unique hike that does not take up your whole day.

Perfect weather for this Hike today. Awesome rock scrambling. Not for a rookie scrambler.

Definitely do it Counter clockwise. I don't think I'd want to attempt scrambling down the steep section and have to see how far down it is, if you did it clockwise.

Great views, and after you get to the summit of Heart Mountain, it gets easier. Quite a long loop around through dense forest on the return.

A friend and I completed this trail yesterday and it was great. As many people have previously stated, the walk along the service road is long but with good conversation it went by quickly - or bring bikes for the road. As you approach the end of the road where a large shell site is located, look for the orange diamond trail marker on the right side of the road. By this point you can definitely see the cave in front of you, as well as the neighboring caves. We kept to a trail/direction that diagonally worked up the slope, with a brief straight up climb towards the cave opening. It begins to get steeper as the trail comes out of the trees but it is manageable, just take your time and look a head of you to plan your route towards the cave. We were the only people on this section of trail but be cautious of rocks rolling down from people above you or you releasing rocks towards people below you.

After exploring the cave and having lunch, we headed down towards the creek bed and met up with the trail that parallels along the creek to the shell site, and from there followed the road back to the car park. Definitely remember to bring head lamps/flashlights so you can explore the cave and the multiple caverns within the main cave. You may also want to bring trekking poles to assist with the portion of the hike from the end of the service road to the caves, and back down through the loose scree. Definitely worth the short but steep hike towards the cave from the service road, the views within and along the outside of the cave are awesome!

Really beautiful both is summer and winter, but also very busy. The canyon is great for all ages, getting to the inkpots is a bit tougher but they are really interesting.

6 months ago

Very steep with few flat spots going up. Mostly going up rock. One spot where you climb about 10’ (give or take) straight up a rock ledge. Somewhat difficult, but I wouldn’t say it was dangerous. Used my hands in a fair amount of places. Was also very thankful I had poles.

The ridge walk was a nice break. It was snowy and extremely windy when we went, so take layers. Once you are on the ridge the uphills to the other peaks are pretty gentle.

Going down was pretty straight forward. Lots of it is through forest. When you get to the bottom, you follow a flat trail parallel to the highway for about 2km back to the main trailhead.

We clocked 13.4km back to the trailhead. It took us 5 hours 10 minutes. Definitely will want to go counterclockwise, as coming down going clockwise would be somewhat sketchy!

Great views and a really unique walk up to the falls along the canyon, on a well kept trail. But the trail is narrow at times and it extremely busy.
Best to get here super early as getting a parking spot later in the day is next to impossible.

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