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Gorgeous hike, and not another soul on the trail. Walked this at sunset, and the views from the top of the ridge were incredible. Even though it had been a relatively warm day (highs in the 90s), the walk through the canyon to the Dawn Mine was cool and shady. Highly recommend this.

This is the best hike I’ve ever been on! It was so beautiful, you see everything from a stream, huge rocks, wildlife (we saw a huge snake on the trail) AND there’s a bunch of shade. Not to mention, we only saw about 4 different groups the whole time we were on it, which was a Saturday. It was a little hard to find at first but man, id recommend this trail to anyone!

It was a good work out went with a cousin it’s marked hard but don’t think it is. Over all great views,people,dogs, and bikers. Next time will take a potato with art work and leave it on top like the ones I saw by the way went during the fires witch was the obstacle the heat and air.

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/pZEPeV_vT2w

we met up slightly after the sunrise for a relatively cool hike, despite the season. The beginning of the trail is paved, but quickly hits dirt. The trail eventually finds sanctuary from the sun as the canyon narrows. It’s a pretty easy trail, and I recommend it for any beginner looking to lengthen their hike. the area by the mine is nice and shaded. The hike to the mine is relatively short, extend it for the full sunset loop trail.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail:

Beautiful views

It wasn't a good idea to go mid-morning this past Sunday. . .caliente! Reason being, I was waiting on someone. I make it a point to start as early as possible esp. in these excruciatingly hot summer months! It's not difficult for me. Although it's been deemed hard? I like it. The view from top is spectacular.

Great trail, although a little overgrown. The atmosphere shifts several times throughout the hike, keeping it surprising and interesting. BRING: bug spray, the mostly-fired river bed is a mosquito haven. Also, perhaps booties for your dog too - as the asphalts the summer (it was 96 out) on the way back will burn their paws.

Challenging, but worth it!

My hips hurt after. Not a great idea for smaller pups

Good work out

Great hike

I wouldn't say this is difficult, moderate I'd say. Start early as there's not much shade. Great trail to bring your dog to!

Great trail on a hot day. Lots of shade. Lots of water. Many cautious mountain bikers. Just a few bozos.

Easy to get to it from the highway. Many people taking photos in nice dresses, etc. massive picnic table areas for large events. Some rocks are very close to the parking so you don't have to necessarily hike to get awesome selfies.

Great hike! 4 hours with a lunch and some breaks in June. The trail was poorly marked but if you follow the river bed it will lead to the mine. An out and back just to the mine will save you a lot of elevation but the rest of the loop is very scenic (follow the river bed to the left of the first shack)! We saw two entrances to the mine, the lower was easy and the upper entrance was straight up a rock scramble about 25 feet. The top mine has a very deep visible tunnel. The river was very low and dry in some places.

Incredible view if you make it to the top. Gradual elevation gain, steep in a few places. Might encounter wildlife.

Enjoyed the hike. Our first attempt we only made it to the sign where it leads you to potato mountain. It was 1 1/2 miles of incline so we were exhausted. Next tome we will reach the top. Take plenty of water, and hats because there is not much shade except for the beginning.

Awesome trail, 5 miles out and back, amazing views, smells, wildlife and butterflies. Absolutely loved it. Will definitely do again. Rated as hard on All Trails but, pretty easy going except for the last mile the incline is a little intense but definitely doable. Moderate amount of traffic on trail not that many bikes. Worth doing, just take your time, the view at the top is incredible. And don’t forget to bring a potato.

2 months ago

Excellent hike with a lot of things to see and got a nice sunset view at the end.

Ok elevation for cardio.....

2 months ago

I'm laying here after hiking and I don't know if it's the sun or just taking the more challenging parts of trail but I'm tired... lol This is a nice hike. What I like about it is that it is challenging enough to hike/run without being disappointed that there were no ocean views because of the haze. There is no shade so be sure to stay hydrated or hike closer to sunset. This trail is dog-friendly so be on the lookout since some people some don't pick up after their dogs.

The fire road trail is wide and paved in a way that is versatile enough to hike/bike ride and have your dog off-leash. On this particular day it was kind of hazy so I didn't get the clearest views of the ocean but I read that in a clear day you can see to Catalina. Always be aware that not only are there lizards and snakes but also dog poop to watch for. Also know that some of the mountain bikers come down hill quickly so be alert.

This was my first time but I found out about it because I wanted a trail that was close enough that I could take the dog with he visits. I like that there is a parking lot but also adequate street parking. Respect the neighborhood and when you visit we shouldn't have to worry about permits when the lot is full.

With nice views, a versatile trail and being another gem on the west side I can say that I would recommend this trail for those looking for a little bit of a challenge. Stay hydrated.

wow, great hike. it took us 5 hours with breaks

Nice hike. A lot of the trail is open (not shady) so it can get a bit hot. The steps going up from the Thompson Creek Trail are steep and hot too! Trail was pretty. A bit dry and dead already, which is a bummer considering it’s only June. I never saw a “pasture.” Kept looking for it. So if there is a pasture, it’s small and there are no signs.

2 months ago

Hiked to Potato

Watch out for poop! Lots of dogs on this trail. Not that it's a bad thing, just watch your step.

Hiked this trail the other day because we were gonna do Cucamonga peak, but forgot about a prior engagement that morning so we had to get back in a few hours. Damn! Luckily we spotted this trailhead on the way up.

Easy, decent trail when the wildflowers are in bloom, I imagine it's pretty grim otherwise. Moderate elevation gain makes this a nice little workout at a good pace. Nice view of the city at the top, nothing spectacular but it's something. If anything, the view of the mountains along the way are pretty cool, and the sound of the stream below is soothing.

Hiked this loop trail yesterday...weather in the canyon was perfect. Trail was in remarkably good shape compared to a couple of years ago after the station fire. If you hike in during summer start from the top and work your way down canyon where it will be much cooler. There was some water in the creek, some salamanders, and we only saw one other person as we were coming out of the canyon, which for a Saturday is amazing.

Did the trail yesterday at 6am. Saw only about 3 people until I started my return from the top, then I started seeing a lot more hiking up. Saw many wild flowers. You can hear the creek running on the side of the trail. At this time in the am, the trail is shaded the first 1/3 of the trail. Definitely much nicer than Claremont Loop. Fitbit said I burned 1000 cals, 12,000 steps

2 months ago

Beautiful area filled with easy hikes for the family. You could spend most of the day here. They have a nice visitor center with clean restrooms inside. There are plenty of picnic tables and port-pottys throughout the park as well. Stop in the visitor center and grab a couple of trail pamphlets that explain the history of the park.

2 months ago

Spectacular scenery, very kid-friendly, with lots of easy trails winding through the rocks. Don't worry about following the route. If you're enjoying the park vorrectly, your track should look like a drunken bloodhound's. Wander, climb some rocks, enjoy the views!

The best hike I've ever been so far. Amazing mountain views from the 1st minute.
Be aware - not a lot shade! Better to come in the morning.

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