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Ummm, after looking at the map here it looks we weren't even on the real trail?? That makes sense now. My friend read about this in a photography book, it said there are 3 waterfalls, we only saw two.

Hidden! The entrance is not marked at all. We parked at the kayak launch site at the bottom of Seneca and walked up the road on the hill side (East) to get to the trail.
Some large trees fell recently (I'm assuming?) that blocked the path to the middle waterfall. There is a beautiful waterfall right away if you go down and to the left immediately after the trail head. Seems very rarely traveled, very overgrown trail.

Awesome views of waterfalls!

So many beautiful waterfalls and rock formations! One of the most unique places.

Very nice/easy flat hike. Beautiful waterfall. Very tall. One of the prettiest.

beautiful hike, poorly marked and maintained trails

Both trails are extremely maintained, very tourist driven and heavily trafficked (for good reasons, the gorge is amazing)
You pay $8 to park
The gorge trail has lots of stairs so I found it better to start the loop by hiking up the Indian trail, and take the gorge trail back down so you aren’t climbing stairs the whole way up.
Plus, there are more rewarding views on the gorge trail, so save the best for last.

Spectacular waterfalls.

Amazing place every corner turn was awe inspiring. Lots of foot traffic with great reason because of the amazing views! Although there were lots of people, even on a misty day it didn’t take away from the experience. Lots of stairs, so if your traveling with younger children this could be a challenge for them. It’s a short hike but the steps and incline makes it feel like it’s a longer hike it maybe a bit of a challenge but totally doable. I’m so glad I finally got to go here it’s an amazing place to see! Totally recommended.

Absolutely breathtaking. Will go again

Waterfall after waterfall after waterfall! The gorge trail delivers endless beauty. Our dog loved it too. Took the rim trail back which gave great sunset light through the trees. Overall great walk in in the park lots of majesty for minimal to moderate effort.

A nice easy walk with a spectacular view of Taughannock Falls. Lots of people coming & going but never too crowded to get nice photos. The gorge is as spectacular as the actual falls.

Very crowded and but great views and a good hike. Lots of picturesque spots

1 month ago

Stunningly beautiful scenery. One of the best hikes ever! Be careful on the Indian Trail down. Several splits on the trail.

1 month ago


1 month ago

A charming and leisurely hike. There are a few sets of somewhat steep stairs, but the climbs are brief. Beautiful waterfalls throughout. A small picnic area at the top before you head back down makes for a great break for kids.

Nice trail

1 month ago

the falls are beautiful in the fall. beautiful hike around the waterfalls but be ready to climb 800+ stairs. waterproof shoes are a must.

1 month ago

Easy hike to a beautiful waterfall. you can get close enough to feel the most off the falls.

This was a beautiful, unique trail. The combination of man made structures and natural gorge were impressive to say the least. It felt like walking through a canyon built in biblical times on. The gorge trail and the rim trail had the most beautiful and literally breathtaking stair cases. I ran the 4.7 miles starting from the cabins and found that route excellent since the gorge trail was much more scenic and less challenging so it was a good way to cool down and end the run. Careful with the slippery stairs and maybe try doing this hike at the end of the day while the sun is just setting and rays of light drift through the lightly wooded forest and highlight the falls.

Hiked gorge to top and then took rim trail down- amazing falls on gorge trail A rim was quiet forest and so peaceful- lots of steps especially on gorge trail

1 month ago

Completed this hike on Sunday 9/23/2018. It was VERY crowded, but so worth the 4 hour drive.

Stunning beauty at every turn. Wonderfully kept trail.

The park is free, however, parking is $8. There is a gift shop, visitor center and clean restrooms.
We arrived just after noon and had no issue finding parking. The trail begins with good signage - literally follow the sidewalks and hordes of people.

The waterfalls are lovely and lots of steps. I'd call this trail Easy not Moderate.

1 month ago

dogs are not allowed on this trail which is a total bummer but it's for good reason.

The gorge is beautiful but the hike itself is a tourist trap. You don’t feel like you’re escaping in nature but just part of another tourist attraction.

1 month ago

Started at the bottom and went up the south rim. Steps weren’t bad at all! Beautiful views, well marked trail. Overall a fun hike!

Great trail! I wouldn’t classify it as moderate closer to upper easy than moderate. However it was very beautiful the entire time! We started with the Rim Trail which merged into the Bear TrIl, then loops around the Lake and got back into the Gorge Trail. Took about 1 hour and 35 minutes or so. We had our dogs with us a long the way. There weren’t too many opportunities to let them off leash because of the occasional drops from the river or service roads but they still enjoyed their time.

Trail closed as of 9/17 indefinitely for maintenance

1 month ago

Second time walking this trail, got there really early in the morning on a Monday and it was dead empty, great for photos. Last time I went was closer to 10am on a weekend day and was pretty busy.

Hiked back in June 2018, and previously in 2013. Great trail, train bridge is fun to go on but sketchy if you are afraid of heights, something like 175' over the creek below

Great trail for the whole family.

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