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As others have mentioned, trail is a little hard to follow at first. look for footprints in the snow and cairns. Lots of ice on the trail, recommend yaktrax. Snow is deeper after the foot bridge. I turned around just below the first lake as the trail disappeared and I began postholing to my knees, snowshoes would be helpful here. Fairly strenuous trail and good views along the way. Dog loved it and I was the only one there on a Tuesday.

I’ve gone backpacking to the primitive site several times over the past seven years.
I did this trail most recently as just a day hike. It took me and my boyfriend a couple hours and we had an amazing time. The humbug falls looked great and I can’t wait to go back when it gets warmer and stay the night!
There is a picnic area right before you reach the primitive campground where you can enjoy a quick bite to eat. The view is pretty amazing!
There are wild flowers and moss and lots of shade.
Do not go off the trail ever. There is a lot of poison oak.
Bring lots of water, unless you are planning on going down to the river.
There is a small area about two miles from the trailhead, where I could see myself having difficulty getting up and down if I was backpacking alone.
Over the past few years, they trail has been really revamped and there are a lot of improvements that you may not have seen if you haven’t been back in a while.
Do not try and use your GPS. Follow the directions listed on the Malacoff Diggins website to get to the town.
If you use your GPS, you will have to go down an unpaved road for seven miles and it’s very confusing.
If you go in the spring of summer bring lots and lots of bug spray. This trail has lots of shade so sunscreen is advised, but you will probably survive. Bring bug spray!

1 month ago

Had a great sunny day today. Snowshoes the entire trip. I will be doing this again.

This is my favorite hike in the area. Beautiful walk through forrest alongside a lush creek with a stunning waterfall. The trail terminates at the South Yuba trail, at which point you can simply enjoy the river view, or continue hiking. Enough hills to provide a workout, but not grueling.

Super fun in snow! Went snow shoeing with my best friend today, and it was a beautiful view up at the top! Not too difficult, the steepness is pretty gradual until the end. Would love to see it in the springtime.

found this tail a couple years ago with my son going for an overnight camping trip. we had no expectations or ideas about it. it has a few steep areas, thought it was harder hiking in then out. After the first big hill you're hiking along side a creek with multiple waterfalls that eventually ems at the Yuba river. it's a lightly hiked trail, we saw less then 10 people hike it. most purple hiked or biked in from the old campsite. it was a challenging hike but we'll worth it

Amazing hike. Pack warm, waterproof hiking shoes and trekking poles

You can’t go wrong with a trip here. Fun to get too from both trails.

Do this hike in the summer then come back and do it in the winter, it’s so amazing to see the change in the terrain. Such an amazing hike I recommend it to everyone

1 month ago

What a wonderful view! My wife and I did this day hike back in the early 1990’s and it was definitely worth it. Lots of wildflowers and bees....would recommend bringing 2 liters of water because there are no real sources to get water up there. The final section to top is completely exposed. The push up to the very top uses a staircase that leads directly to fire lookout. The stairs have an open view below....(not for people afraid of heights). There was a fire burning that day over by Truckee, but far enough away to not abstract our view. It turned out to be a pretty big fire and burned through the entire corridor around int. 80.

Great hike! This area is beautiful

2 months ago

Nice hike. Some of the trail could be marked a little clearer. This one had enjoyable views and the dog enjoyed the water. The drive up to the trailhead is steep so drive slow!

The view is dope

Almost missed the trailhead as its named something else, a connector (I'll post the picture). heads up pretty quick and it's like a rocky dry creek bed the bends around through the trendline until it breaks out along the ridge. amazing views!! gets pretty steep toward the end of the Sardine Lakes section. But the views.......

Beautiful trail along creek, fun for me and my 7 year old son. Would be good for horses up to the falls, then narrow bridge and rock ledge would treacherous to cross and continue to Yuba River.

A good amount of snow today, but snowshoes weren’t needed. This would be a great summer time trail.

2 months ago

First time out with snow shoes. Didn't make it to the top as trail was cut into steep ravine and snowed over completely. Still had a blast and was pretty.

Interesting and always a little different depending on the time of year. In the summer make sure you have the right gear on for a swim at the top!

2 months ago

great hike

Amazing hike. Covered in snow right now. Yak tracks might be best option for walking on snow that is more like ice in parts. Needs 4 wheel drive to get up to butcher pass rd then we walked up to trailhead. Didn't make it to the top as we started our hike around 1pm. Knowing what we know now we'd probably try to aim to start the trail no later than 10am.

3 months ago

i didn't reach the top but it was still an amazing hike. there was a lot of snow on the road preventing my car from getting to the Butte trailhead so I used the packer saddle trail. the trail is fairly difficult to surpass right now as there is snow with ice under it. the easiest way is the long way by talking the service road to the rec vehicle trail. i had to turn around by the time i found it but I'll be back!

Don't go without ice trackers. Icy granite is no fun in just hiking boots! It was my own fault for not being more prepared, but I will be back, it's absolutely beautiful. probably made it a half mile in before hitting an impasse and turning around...

Take the upper Trail to the top. Lower Trail is a dirt road.

First part of trail hard to follow. Had to look for stacked rocks to figure out which way to go. Hardest part of hike is to the first lake. Make sure to go the extra distance and hit the second lake...it was stunning. Third lake was difficult to find and I'm not sure we even found it or it was really just a small pond. We went in early part of September

It was still a bit snowy and slippery when I went in mid July so be prepared

Great hike! Super hard on the way up and the lookout is cool but terrifying!

I LOVE this hike. Although it's 10+ miles, it does not feel terrible. The ground is not nearly as rough as some other peaks (Mt. Tallac, for example), and the vegetation reaches higher up in elevation as well.

Convienient and amazing!!

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