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Low 30s, I thought it was perfect weather for hiking. Got warmed up once we got moving and don’t stay too long in one place because you will get cold! Gloves/mittens were a must. Hiked in this order: Avalon, Field, willey, then Tom. Went the wrong way passing willey adding an extra mile but we did the whole thing including breaks in about 8 hours. Got to feed a bird at the top of mount field! Bring bird seed! The three 4000 footers did not have good views but Avalon was very pretty. Personally wouldn’t hike it again but glad to get 3 4000 footers out of the way.

3 days ago

Really enjoyable hike. Hard on the way up and slow on the way down, but worth it. With a heavy backpack took about an hour and a half each way. Be sure to pack your water if you plan to camp, the only water source is a small stream at the very start of the route.

Great hike through a wooded deciduous forest with a stream parallel to the trail at the start. Quite a bit of work has resulted in a climb that is strenuous but moderate.
The summit affords exposed granite spectacular 360 degree views.

11 days ago

We did not find the climb gradual; the trail typically had repeating steep sections followed by flat. We didn't fully summit though - at the second overlook, we saw thick clouds moving in and feared rain. The decent would have been really tricky if wet. Regardless, the views at both overlooks were beautiful and the trail itself was lovely and well marked.

A great all around hike with different terrain throughout. Some narrow spots, lots of mud but a good day hike. A few river crossings too for a pup to cool off in.

For those wanting a view — not many look out points but the one at Mount Willey is stunning especially in the fall.

Light traffic on this trail with a gradual climb. Beautiful vistas along the trail with views of Winnipesaukee. View from the summit is not as spectacular. About 3/4 of the trail is deep woods.

difficult but rewarding. great 360 views from the top

Great hike Sat 9-29-18 on a beautiful day! It was crowded at the top. We hit the trail at 9am got the last spot in the lot. Others parked on the road. The parking fee was $5. We are in our 50’s and I’m slow. Took us 3 hrs up and 2.5 down. We had lunch at the top and let the dogs swim in falls on the way back. Beautiful day with beautiful views

Beautiful Waterfall just a little detour from the trail but great view from the summit overlooking white Mountains!

Absolutely incredible trip! Got to the summit in about two hours, with brief trail running in places but a few stops along the way as well. Not super well-marked once you start to move above the deciduous trees, but it’s apparent enough which way the trail goes. Views between tree line and the actual summit are to die for, pictures don’t do them justice and I probably spent at least an hour and a half just taking it all in. Some sections in the higher elevations are mostly smooth rock face with a little section near the edge that’s easier to navigate, which was probably the hardest part of the hike.

Spectacular views.
End of September, slippery rocks.

Very challenging uphill and steep but worth it. Great 360 views at the top in the fire tower. Took us 4 hours round trip including eating lunch at the top. Best for off leash dogs.

Challenging is correct. Took the dog and I a little less than 2 hours to the Tower. Have to pay attention on some of the lower ledges. Will do again

28 days ago

Just a good uphill hike in the woods with no bogs, no bugs, no mud, and no scary ledges. I found this to be a very pleasant hiking trail, even though its ascension rate is challenging.

This trail isn't for everyone. Beginners that are older or out of shape, beware because it quite possibly will challenge you beyond your limitations. If it has rained recently, the trail becomes a bit more difficult with much of the 2nd half of hike navigating slippery rocks and tree roots. I found navigating Mount Washington less of a challenge then this bad boy.

One of the best hikes I’ve done!

Great trail with varying terrain. And the view on top is spectacular. Bring plenty of water. The falls provide a nice break on the way up.

This is easily one of the best trails I’ve done (in This mileage range). It has its strenuous parts, but nothing crazy & definitely good for dogs. Just don’t forget ample water, bug spray & food for the summit - gorgeous views!

1 month ago

It’s a fun hike with many opportunities for my dog to refresh himself on the stream. Steady climb but not too difficult. The last .5 miles do require some scrambling and keeping an eye out to stay on the trail. I had to carry our dog up and down a couple of rocks but nothing unsafe nor too difficult. If you decide to not climb the last half mile you still get spectacular views.

Not worth the hard rating moderate would be more appropriate. I would definitely go counter clockwise ascend Avalon first then to field Willy and Tom. A strenuous hike for sure total of 10.77 miles over 9 hours. We had a snack at all 4 peaks not stopping the clock for breaks. Did this with just my pup and the day few by!

1 month ago

Would highly recommend this trail for any levels, with the understanding that it is moderately steep very quickly in and through the entire length of the trip up. Views are worth it!

My first big climb back in June 2018. Gorgeous! ❤️ Visiting from CT and now I’m hooked on the whites!

1 month ago

Great moderate to hard hike. Pitch is pretty consistent with some steep and heavily rooted sections near the top. Great 360 degree views from the fire tower. My wife and I are in our 50's and in pretty good shape and took 4 hours and 40 minutes round trip hiking time. We found this and South Moat Mountain to be similar in difficulty and both had great views at the top.

Challenging trail! The peak is well worth the rigorous climb, though.

Definitely an underrated hike, the view was amazing! Highly recommend this

A classic climb! Love this Mountain and the view is great!

Hiked with my 6 and 10 year olds.

Maybe I missed it in the description but beware the mileage is off by about 1.5 miles if you're planning on summiting. The discrepancy is because the mileage listed is from the trailhead to the intersection with the Piper trail. It's another .6 miles from the trail intersection to the peak. I would not rate it as moderate because of distance and the last section and found it to be on the lower side of hard. However it is completely worth it. The views are amazing.

I would not recommend this trail for smaller children and would not recommend it in the rain. The first 3.5 miles are moderate but long with the last quarter mile being a pretty rigorous scramble.

My six year old was beat when we got to the top. If you're taking smaller children learn from my mistake. Let them break more than normal and don't wait for lunch at the peak. I think she would have faired better had we had a long break with lunch before summiting. I should have divided the trail into thirds with two large breaks instead of the usual one big break at the top.

2 months ago

Fairly moderate trail with some steep inclines. We enjoyed the dense tree growth towards the top. Different hike, but a good work out. Beautiful views of the lakes.

Started at 11:30 with dog, finished a little before 5 with only a few short breaks. It was rainy at the top so no real views today unfortunately. The "hard" rating was appropriate though, especially with water on all of the big rocks in the trail coming down after Avalon things got very slippery.

More arduous than I remembered. Have to concentrate on yellow swatches. Brook trail was tougher and much less traveled. Great reward at top!

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