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7 hours ago

Gorgeous hike all the way!!! Be prepared for unstable footing, lots of rocks but that doesn’t make it hard, just be-careful. Views all the way up it is a very open hike.

At mile 2 pay attention to the sign to turn right to follow the trail to Snow Lake. Once you hit the top You will go down to the lake, it is worth the half mile walk down to the lake.

Beautiful fall hike.

2 days ago

Very heavily trafficked, and slick in the lake basin, but over all very beautiful. Excellent trail maintenance and no snow yet.

Saw different mushrooms. Lakes are beautiful. Worth the effort. Went there on 10/12/2018.

3 days ago

This hike was perfect for mid-October! Moderate and clean-kept trails. The differences in terrain throughout the four miles keeps the hike interesting and the view of the lake at the end is well worth it. We went in the morning and it took about 1 hr and 45 mins to arrive at the lake. Around 11:30am, the sun right over the lake and it was beautiful. Next time I’d prefer to go in the afternoon while the sun is opposite of the gorgeous view.

Like it!

9 days ago

Beautiful -- this trail is gorgeous. Did this yesterday (10/6) and there was some light snow in the last mile. Slightly slippery and slushy in lots of places.

To start we are not experienced hikiers....We went October 6th, the temperature was great for hiking. We drive a Honda Fit was was worried we weren't going to make it up the road once we hit the gravel, lots of large holes to avoid. Once there the first mile or so was good then we started hitting snow, the footing was ok as long as you had shoes with good traction. The last mile or so to the lake was very steep and with the snow cover,we thought about turning around a couple times,but had come so far we decided to go for it. The lake was beautiful. On the way back the footing was mostly slush and pretty slippery. Overall I would do this hike again, but would definitely go a little earlier in the year, as having better footing would have made it more enjoyable.


10 days ago

Great place to go backpacking, plenty of campsites and plenty of trails to hike. Highly recommend climbing Mt. Wright after setting up camp or instead hiking further out to Wildcat lake and camping there.

11 days ago

Did this on 10/2. Absolutely fantastic hike! Not too steep compared to a lot of the other trails in the area. The Snow Lake hike is definitely some of the most “bang for your buck” out here.

Fall colors were lovey, and clouds danced over the water at the lake.

Wonderful hike! Steady elevation gain most of the way. Lovely fall colors all the way up to the lake currently. Peaks up top were clouded in, making for moody photography. Lake was a vibrant teal nonetheless. Quite nice against the orange leaves! No snow anywhere, and although quite cold, no snow falling today.

The second half is definitely pretty rocky. Just have to be careful with your footing especially on a rainy day like today. Nothing sketchy, just couldn’t go as fast as I’d like. (Did get passed by a dude trail running, so it just depends on what you’re comfortable with.)

This was a great hike. The lake was amazing as well. The upper trail had snow on the trees and peaks. But this is not a 8.5 mile hike. My tracker put me at 11.1 miles from trailhead to the end of the lake. I wasn’t expecting to put my dog through such a long hike, but he did great.

13 days ago

absolutely stunning lake view and beautiful scenery!

16 days ago

Did this hike 9/30, a Sunday. Plenty of parking at 11:30 am. The first couple miles are a gentle incline with pretty fall scenery. The last part to the lake is rock switchbacks that were not hard, just a little slippery from the rain. Parents with babies on their backs and lots of dogs on the trail. I’d rate this hike easy/moderate.

I would say if it's your first time hiking or you don't have good shoes. stop at the first second water fall, stay there a bit and look. there's a secret way to get on it. Then just head back. if you want to keep going, pack a wind breaker or something light but warm cause near the lake it's bloody cold.

16 days ago

Did this on a Saturday with good weather and it was pretty busy. Rocky trail, but the view of the lake is worth it. We attempted to go to Gem Lake but it’s a quicker elevation gain so we turned around after an additional mile in. However the views at all points after Snow Lake towards Gem Lake are breathtaking. Would hike again.

Rocky trail without any shade for most parts. The lake is beautiful. Bugs weren’t too bad, but there were some. Make sure to get a hat if it’s a sunny day and enjoy the hike!

Beautiful day hike. I reached the trailhead at 9:45 am and it was really easy to find parking there. Once you start the hike, you start gaining elevation around a mile into the hike. The trail gets a little steep for the next mile and a half. The last mile and half are almost flat but quite rocky. The views from the trail are beautiful with very pretty fall colors all around. The lake is beautiful and is a great lunch spot. I spend about an hour at the lake and then headed back. It took me close to 2 hours on the way up, given that I took some breaks to click pictures. On my way down it took me about an hour and 20 minutes. This is more like a moderate-light hike with really nice views and not too crowded.

17 days ago

The effort was 100% worth the reward. Fall colors and a beautiful day.

Nice trail lots of people. Beautiful scenery this is an awesome time of year to go there. But have to like being around people.

17 days ago

Beautiful! Definitely busy, but the consistent views made waiting on others pretty tolerable. Plus, you’re basically just going uphill the entire way, not much flat, just up. It’s not as steep, it just keeps going. There were lots of dogs on the hike, including a good number of smaller ones. As not super fast hikers, we did it 4 hours, including lunch at the lake. Pro tip: bring a jacket or layers, it got cold at the lake and we didn’t stay as long as we’d planned because of that.

Great hike with beautiful views.

Gorgeous view at sunset!! I used google maps, which didn’t take me far enough along the road, although I figured it out based on others reviews and continued going - but I also had WTA directions on the well, which are accurate. Took me about 35 minutes to drive up the dirt road in my Dodge Neon, and about 25 to drive back down - it’s a bit bumpy, but nothing impassable at all.
The trail is steep but very short, and has great views. The lookout was locked when I was there, but I sat on a little log looking bench for about an hour and watched the sun set. Gorgeous, and for such a small effort!

beautiful views. nice lake. the switch backs were a little difficult for the novice hiker

21 days ago

Hiked this trail Sunday with fam. We’ve loved this hike in past years, it’s been our anniversary hike since ‘92 or so. It’s no secret anymore. Busier than little Si on an 80 degreeMother’s Day.

We planned on this being our lighter hike of the trip and only doing the Denny Creek trail but ended up going all the way to the lake. This may have been my favorite in the end. We had some beautiful views along the way and a great variety of scenery. The falls, creek, woods and a good amount of wildlife. Several Pika, frogs and chipmunks were spotted. Turned out to be a perfect way to end our time in the mountains.

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