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2 days ago

Great trail, it starts easy then gets pretty steep. It is a well marked trail with many beautiful views along the way. I have taken my kids up this trail! It costs $$$ to get in the park. I believe it is $6 per car so load up all your friends for better value!

Great hike! We went on 9/18 and the trail was still perfectly fine to hike. Some points had snow and were a little slick, especially right in the beginning, but we were just fine in regular hiking shoes. The falls are partially frozen and gorgeous! The trail was not very busy either. We brought our dog, and she had a blast. This trail is rated moderate with some up and down hill, but probably pretty easy for more experienced hikers.

A nice easy loop with a number of break offs to reach the peaks. Gets pretty crowded but far from the worst. A good trail to end the day with.

One of my favorite hikes in Arizona. It is a very good hike for training and learning hiking fundamentals only lacking trail blazing and rock scrambling (basically where you have to climb because it is to steep) it’s also very good at teaching foot placement and is a fun and beautiful hike in general. I recommend going early in the morning during winter for an optimal hike and make sure that you bring hiking boots and at least one liter of water (I’d recommend 2 just in case) also have at least two and a half hours to spare if it’s your first time hiking this trail and you don’t go hiking or participate in other cardio vascular physical activity often. But if you’re an avid hiker this hike could probably be completed in an hour.

What a beautiful day for a hike. I have never hiked Silly Mountain before and it was perfect to test out my new hiking boots + socks. It was pretty busy but not so much that you felt you didn't have your alone time...would definitely do this hike again.

3 days ago

Hiked this trail today. Waterfall was nothing but a trickle. I will have to come back after a rain. Total distance to the falls from the parking area was 5.9 miles.

Beginner hiker and I made it half way in to the start of the incline. The start was easy after you get going. The desert was very peaceful and overall a pleasant hike in and out. Has some rocky points and washes to cross. Not much wildlife. Lots of cholla along the trail. A few black ant hills. Saw maybe 10 total hikers on the trail.

Good one for the family. Love being this close to Superstition.

A ranger suggested we go up the right trail and come down the left trail. I am so glad we did. The right trail has a lot of elevation gain and I was tired when we reached the top. Beautiful view. Coming down the left trail was easier...since there is less elevation decline. My dog enjoyed the hike and the many new friends that she met. Since there is little shade, it could be a better winter hike. Enjoy.

Amazing hike. A lot of people on a Sunday but everyone very friendly going up and down. The park ranks it a black diamond however I have hike way way harder black diamond trails throughout AZ.

Absolutely beautiful and an easy hike! The water fall is half frozen and stunning. Definitely would recommend!!

9 days ago

This morning Jen & I decided to go hiking instead of hitting the gym it was nice to get out and get the cardio going along the trail in this great weather we’re having, nothing serious just good to get out, we’re still hoping to get up north and do Norton’s Creek.

10 days ago

Loved this hike!

We went right after it rained, so the fall colors were extra pretty! About halfway up we hit some heavy fog which was really cool, and made for a great fall hike! Haha, your pants will get wet from brushing along wet grass if you go after rain

Easy trail; well maintained. Beautiful views of the Superstitions and the surrounding mountains. Round trip in less than an hour at a leisurely pace.

13 days ago

Just the right amount of everything!

14 days ago

A fun easy hike to do with the family. The scenery is beautiful, the trail is well groomed, not much shade to hide from the sun if you need a break. I only give it three stars because it is a very simple walking trail with some elevation and decent views.

14 days ago

Can be easy can be hard so many options and really fun hiking for a group with lookouts and stops along way.

I had a great hike. It was Great for my age group 64 I'm not in that great of shape but I did make it to the top I was determined lol. It's pretty cool once you get to the top but I was scared going down. I probably won't do it again on to other things but I give it 5 stars for A easy to moderate hike.

Awesome little hike. Great photo opportunities. You can see the fountain in Fountain Hills running from the cave if the timing is right.

Great trail, beautiful view!

Hiked this trail today. Desert was beautiful. Trail is rocky at times.

It is a sweet hike not very long but the beauty is worth it.

Beautiful hike. First half is easy, just stay alert to all the jumping cholla lining the trail. Second half kicks it up to a solid moderate. Good workout! Waterfall still had a trickle yesterday. A great reward of a cool, shaded area at the end. We clocked in at 6.5 miles and took us 3 1/2 hrs to complete with a 20 min rest. Dessert was gorgeously green following the wettest October on record.

18 days ago

Great day hike. Beautiful views. Good for dogs.

18 days ago

It's a favorite go to trail for me! It was relatively quiet today- a late morning Friday with beautiful weather.

18 days ago

I've hiked this with kids, my little dog, friends who never hike, and it's always enjoyable for everyone. It can be challenging for inexperienced hikers but if you bring snacks and take a few breaks along the way, it's doable! 4 stars and not 5 because it can get pretty crowded and there's a fee to get in.

this Trail is marked as moderate. The trail at times a little difficult to follow due to some to rainfall. lots of switchbacks near the top. Very Rocky Trail but very enjoyable

Very fun! Mammoth Saloon after is a must!

22 days ago

Fun hike, beautiful sights and great falls.

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