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17 hours ago

Great views!! Difficult trail, recommend hiking poles. Rocks are slippery coming down. Few places knee high rocks to climb. Few narrow trail spaces too. As many have wandered around to get pictures lot of side tails have developed. Stay on course. I would suggest they add more trail markers towards the end close to the overlooks.

A bit of a tough hike but worth it! Amazing view from the top! It was uphill and had some steep parts. Took my German Shepherd with me.

trail running
4 days ago

Great trail. I liked the figure 8 route. Many different options. The pond is beautiful. We saw a lot of fish and a turtle. Although the parking lot was full, we only saw two people on the trails. This is definitely a trail we will return to.

Very strenuous .Beautiful.

Moderate to difficult the closer you get to the summit. Well worth it! Awesome views

Nice hike, did the west and east loop but somehow could not find the quarry. Guess that will give me a reason to go back and do it again.

Best hike ever !!!

Other than the two snakes not a bad climb knocked one star trail not clearly marked in some places

Watch out for snakes. Follow green blazes otherwise you might end up taking a side trail. Difficulty moderate

Loved this trail, lots of great waterfalls to see. Not being in best shape I would still consider this trail somewhat moderate but absolutely worth it!

8 days ago

Superb Hike I will call it ! Amazing trail ending up to the mountain view. For naive hikers, its little difficult, me and my wife climbed it in 1 hr. Definitely recommend it to hike this Mount.

This trail is a moderate to easy trail! The views are beautiful and the water is cold but feels so good to swim in! It took around 45-50 mins up at a normal pace and a little less than 40 mins down!

A MUST!!!!
BEAUTIFUL waterfalls (way bigger than I imagined) and stream along the hike. Really an ideal hike- little over 1.5 mile one way, areas of steep climb, enough to get your heart rate up. Well-marked trail in orange.
Took us ~ 1 hr 15 min driving from DT GVL.

I didn’t find it as hard as it sounds. The view from the top was astounding!

Cool hike. Nice views

on Mount Yonah Trail

19 days ago

Not hard. Maybe moderate +. Watch the trail as easy to get off due to many ‘side trails’ and cut throughs.

19 days ago

Went on a Tuesday around 5pm, there was only one car in the parking lot and we passed that one person at the very beginning of the trek. We only did the west loop because it would've gotten close to dark if we had done both loops. The west loop has great up and down's and it's nice to be up on the Ridgeline. There was a huge tree down in the train and lots of overgrowth so carry a stick to knock down all of the cobwebs because you're going to walk into ALOT of them, but you're outside and it's lightly trafficked so it's to be expected. Really loved this trail and can't wait to come back and see the east loop with the quarry. Also, can't wait for the leaves to change because it's going to be gorgeous. It's only 40 minutes from my house and will be well worth coming back several more times.

I'm assuming the "hard" rating is relative to the area. Compared to other hikes in N GA, I guess it's hard. If you are not in shape and new to hiking an incline, it could be challenging. 1,500 feet in 2 miles is not easy, but with a decent pair of shoes, most should be able to summit and enjoy spectacular views. As with any activity, bring enough water. even though it was 68 degrees, the humidity under the canopy is quite high, and you will sweat.

1st half moderate and 2nd challenging at times. It’s worth the effort for the peace and nice breeze

28 days ago

Great views

29 days ago

Great views from the top! Kicks your butt a little. Totally worth it!

29 days ago

Lovely views. I could see all the way to Atlanta from the top. The trail is difficult for beginners and moderate for the average hiker. It is just almost non-stop inclines all the way up. The trail is marked, but be sure to keep an eye out for markers on the way up and down as there are several side trails, and it's not always well marked.

Not too difficult with great views

best waterfall trails in the state...two great falls on this trail....bring your shorts so you can get a swim in at turtleback

Great views at the top.

Really fun trail. Take a picnic and enjoy the views from the overlook while you have lunch. I started at the visitors center about 4:00 on a Sunday, not too crowded. I do recommend adequate shoes. I didn’t think it would be bad and wore a pair of sneakers. Wish I would have worn my hiking shoes. GPS had my hike at 4.75 round trip. Great hike!

1 month ago

first time on this trail, and we loved it. the views at the top are well worth the hike.

Wonderful trail! Very rocky and wet in places, but I had fun!

1 month ago

relentlessly uphill. beautiful views from top overlooking valleys below

1 month ago

It’s a workout but the views are worth it. In spring and summer there is a full canopy so you are in shade. Really no difficult scrambling.
The army rangers use the area sometimes so you may see helicopters along with the wildlife and beautiful vistas.

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