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For safety and maintenance reasons, this park should be closed in the winter months. Tons of trees blocking the trail, leaves covering the trail making it very slippery, and not well marked. THIS TRAIL IS 7.2 MILES. The map on alltrails is not accurate in terms of where the trails lead. Several instances of having to walk through a river so be prepared to have your feet soaked.

Tough trail and a good workout, if that’s what you looking for. Would not recommend for a casual hike.

Scouted it for horses and it's nice hike but not currently really horse friendly, tree down at the apex that's a little low to ride under and hard to get around. Some areas with bad root holes to watch out for if on horseback. Would be great for a trail run.

18 days ago

Gorgeous hike, love this trail out of all others at Jefferson Memorial Forest. I always take the right hand fork at the beginning of the trail. A steep ascent but comes to a stunning overlook.

nice trail, gave us a little work out. we went counter clock wise and came out through stlitstone.

Easy and relaxing trail.

24 days ago

Description is accurate. It’s a favorite of mine now.

We done this trail twice last weekend for training. There were two picnic tables but no restrooms.

Good trail.

A nice relatively short trail. There is a creek bed to cross at the bottom of the valley, but it was dry when I crossed it. The beginning and end of the trail are flat.

Nice trails, there's enough to explore for a good hike or a light one. The lake is peaceful, it's convenient.

This is a mostly gravel pathway the entire way. There is one or two short steep sections one of which has wooden beams to create stairs. This is a short path and it suitable for children of any age.

1 month ago

This is a short trail, but with plenty of trees and dirt pathways. It is close to several of the roads in Bernheim so you can hear and see cars at times when they pass. I did see several butterflies while on this trail around some of the dead trees.

Too confusing.

good trail for a quick hike.

Totally loved these trails. My husband and I did these trails along with trail 2 which took us about 6 hrs to enjoy. Parts of these trail were a little rough. I didn't bring mine this hike, but a pair of trekking sticks or a staff would have been helpful. Areas of the trails got close to bluffs and would have just made me feel a little more secure on the trail.

Pretty walk on a nice day. Good place to stretch your legs between hikes. Fire tower is cool but not much else to see.

I liked this trail but in contrast this trail had some problems. One problem we had was that we could not find the trail even using this map. Neither of us could find it. Anyway, we thought it was easy. We did not get to the bridge crossings. Thank you for recommending this trail.

very good location from my place, good combination of hikes on the trail you can spend more time ,there doing multiple trails.

3 months ago

I'm an avid hiker/explorer and this place is a blast! Make sure you have atleast a full day to enjoy this magical place!

3 months ago

The trail is rated as difficult, but I thought it was easy. It wasn't difficult what so ever.

We saw mushrooms, wild berries, toads, caterpillars.

I love this trail. As others have said, it will keep the heart rate up. It’s a clean trail with beautiful wildflowers and we’ve seen plenty of deer and other wildlife. Personally, I prefer to get the sharp ascent out of the way first, so that would be counter-clockwise on the loop.

This park is very well maintained and the trails are well marked! We couldn’t record our hike because my phone battery is not stellar, but we hiked 7.6 miles with a combination of 8, 1, 5, 4, & 7. It was a super hot day and we were pleased to find that the Nature Center on the south end of the park is air conditioned with a lovely bird viewing room. We saw all of the falls but I think Tunnel Falls was the best! I liked Little Clifty Falls as well. When the map says the trail is rugged, they’re not kidding. The ruggedness is a great challenge, but be prepared to climb up and down on rock and roots quite a bit. Also, people who are afraid of heights should maybe stay on trail 2, because there are many drop-offs next to the trails up on the ridge. Overall we had a challenging, but rewarding, day in the outdoors!

Loved trail 5. Tunnel Falls was my favorite waterfalls of the day, Caution on the rocks leading up to the tunnel as they are slick. The tunnel is closed to foot traffic from fall to spring. Trail 5 goes around the tunnel also. South end of trail has a 153 step staircase that will give you a great quad workout. There is also a leg of the trail to take you to the creek.

Love the creek trail all the way up to the falls!

I'm sure this trial is nice. I wouldn't know though. I was able to run about a quarter of a mile of it when I ran into a group with a lab that was off leash. This is bad at Horine. People need to follow instructions or stay out of the park. It's not fair to those without pets trying to enjoy the trails.

Scott's Gap section is the most under appreciated section of JMF. This trail has been one of my favorites for years.


Nice and easy trails. Was a beautiful hike. Will definitely be coming back.

Great trail!

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