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For all 3 hiking levels in my home❤

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Not easy! But great views. Lots of ups and downs.

Really great trail that doesn't take all day. Perfect level for people just strarting to hike and arent in perfect shape. The entire trail is in the shade and is just beautiful. Takes just over an hour walking.

Well maintained, light traffic, beautiful and not a huge commitment. I had trekking poles but didn’t hugely need them. No sign of bears, just an odd amount of slugs drying in the sun. Easy parking, free and no way to get lost.

nature trips
7 days ago

pretty n easy

on Heybrook Lookout Trail

7 days ago

Up, up, and up. It seemed to never end. I have done longer hikes with more of an elevation gain, but this one hits you very fast and strong. Someone else suggested poles, I agree and wished I had brought mine.

9 days ago

I found this to be a great hike for an older newcomer to hiking. The trail is beautiful all the way. The first two-thirds is quite easy and the last third gets more hilly. I think this is a good trail for a newbie to gauge their own stamina/skill on forest trails before going off on a tougher hike you find you may not be able to enjoy. If you can make it all the way to the end and back without skipping a beat, then you are ready for bigger things If you struggle on the last third of the trail, then keep on conditioning before heading off on more strenuous trails.

Beautiful hike. Accessible for our 6 and 4 y.o. boys. Our only regret was that the pond is not accessible from the trail.

Nice short hike, great view! Would do again!

15 days ago

Great walk/run/jog/bike ride...a few spots with elevation but doable for all people. out of shape or not

We did this with the kids. They are 8 and 10. They loved it. We saw Bear skat and tons of fell trees. I suggest bringing bear spray or carry a bag of cayenne pepper just in case. The view is incredible!!! Great family hike!

absolutely gorgeous! very peaceful. heads up that people break into cars here... we saw evidence of that today. :(

it was easy to spot this trail-head. And also quite short kind of a hiking for me.Just a few switchbacks and you will be there in a heartbeat.
View top of the tower was beautiful . Renting out top portion of this tower can be great idea but that will be the only reason i can come back to this trail again.

We went in the fall. It was a very pretty trail, and we didn’t really see any other people

This should be considered a Moderate trail.

Really, really beautiful. I’m used to harder hikes and did this one with my mom and carrying my 3 year old on my back in her hiking pack and managed just fine. The first mile is so easy and goes fast. From there there are a few steep humps and trees down near the end that you have to climb over. The creek was a nice way to cool off and swim and the huckleberries are in and so beautiful. Will probably do this one again when looking for an easier escape into nature

my favorite

This is way harder than expected. The entire first half of the hike is straight up and then you have to go straight down. Bring your poles. Beautiful view but exhausting.

Great hike through the trees! Perfect family hike.

1 month ago

Great trail. The 1st mile is easy going with places to stop along the river. After that the trail narrows and has a number of very short but steep up&down sections. It was raining pretty good this morning and the trail was becoming very slippery on the inclines. Turned around about 2 miles in due to not wanting to slip & fall because of the muddy conditions. Plan to return on a sunny day to go all the way to the end & do some photography. Spectacular beauty along this river trail.

Great hike with a view! Parking is easily accessed from the freeway, had no issues with finding a spot. Trail starts to the left of the parking lot and has a sign-in board. Be prepared to work your stair-master muscles as the trail is loaded with what seems to be improved steps from stones and logs. Dont be afraid! The trail isn't too technical, just a few switchbacks. Along the way you may notice the traffic is quit heavy depending on the time of day you decide to head out. I decided to catch the sunset so I started at 1900 to get some, hopefully, good pictures. After a mile of up-hill I came upon the tower and another couple on the very top. Scaling the stairs I was anxious to get to the top but noticed that the access was closed off to the top portion. I didnt ask the couple on top to open it as I assumed that they were renting the tower for the evening. After an hour of waiting I was able to get my setting and snapped a couple of shots before deciding to head back down. Other than the highway the area is virtually quit and the added ambiance of birdlife is very abundant. Which of course adds to the overall greatness of its location. Overall, with an out and back of two miles total, the hike is worth the view of the ranges. Very kid friendly depending on their skill level. And if age is just a number and not a factor take the time to hike this trail. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy along it's way. Cheers!

Gorgeous views, but very steep at times. Only recommended for the sure-footed.

Parking is directly off the freeway trail starts out with a decent incline the whole way. Was somewhat overcast day but still enjoyed some peakaboo sights. Great hike for beginner or with dogs.

Loved this shirt hike! Great for kids and the water felt amazing!

1 month ago

Great hike! It was steep, which turned it into a challenging workout for the short distance. I really enjoyed the lookout tower at the top because it led to a beautiful view. Parking was free, but heads up—don’t expect to turn into a street that leads to a parking lot. Parking was right on the side of the highway, so be careful when pulling in and when leaving. All in all, I enjoyed this hike!

1 month ago

Nice lightly used trail. Very over grown at the moment with nettles and the like so wear the right clothes. Lots of elk prints on the trail. Lots of places to veer of and go down to the river.

Just went on this hike today and it was easy and beautiful. We had a big surprise at the end when we saw 3 big turtles resting on a log in the lake. They then dove into the water. It was such a blessing to see.

Nice fairly easy hike with few people.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Quick and easy hike. I think it took me about half an hour to do the loop and that was with stopping to take pictures. Most of the elevation is at the very beginning of the hike. Nice and quiet during the morning.

1 month ago

Quick, but somewhat steep. Trailhead right off of highway 2.

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