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Beautiful hike, but very steep! Once you get to the canyon its not so bad.

nature trips
3 days ago

Easy hike to do with the family. Had alot of fun crossing the creek even though is was still a bit too chilly to go swimming. Got our legs wet but dried fairly quickly while walking. Definitely had more fun exploring off main trails. You will see plenty of smaller trails, especially leading to the creek. Beautiful views of the red rocks from just about everywhere in the park.

Really great place to be,

Such an amazing place for hiking. A great family environment.

Completely worth the rain and snow. It took me about 2.5 hours round trip at about 5 miles. You absolutely need spikes and gaiters at a minimum. Narrow and slippery in some spots but worth it. The snow absolutely makes this challenging. Some of the snow was up past my knees. The view from the hike is worth it!

Hiked April 1. Packed snow, slush, and lots of ice made for a challenging climb and return. Only saw a couple other people during this less busy time. Gorgeous prize at the end!

Awesome morning hike, takes under 2 hours even with numerous stops and photos and you can bring your best 4 legged friend with you!

Lovely hike with great views once you reach the summit. If you begin at the ranger station you will soon encounter a climb with a series of switch backs. It's single file hiking for most of this trail. Heading down, it's rocky so watch your step. I brought a hiking pole to reduce the chance of slipping or losing my balance. I'm glad I did. I also agree with the moderate rating. Although there are areas I would consider "easy", the climbs both up and down definitely bump it up to a moderate hike in my opinion. Great trail for all ages, will hike it again.

First, let me disagree with the previous poster that thought the trail was not "Moderate", but was instead "Easy". Any trail that climbs upward for about 40 minutes and over 700 feet is not "Easy".

The trail started out (from the Ranger Station) mostly flat for about a half mile, then after we reached the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and headed south, it climbed up about 700 feet via a series of switchbacks. It took about 40 minutes to reach the top of a ridge line where the trail left the PCT and followed the ridge line for about a mile. Then we started back down to the bottom of Whitewater Canyon and looped back to where we started. The trail up was smooth and level – well-maintained. However, the trail down was a rough and rocky V-shaped trail created by runoff water. It didn’t look like they had spent much time maintaining this part of the trail, and it was slow going.

It provided great views and I would do it again; however, I would like to see some effort made to improve the trail leading down to the entrance road.

Perfect weather day to take an easy walk and decided to check out Badger Springs. Not difficult at all. Great place to take kids since most of the trail was fairly wide. We arrived and only two other cars in the parking area. Nice peaceful and quiet little hike to a stream where we let the kids explore. Nothing strenuous for them and we had fun. As for the views, I’m giving it a 3.5 stars overall. It was decent but we will continue to search for something better.

1 month ago

Snow packed trail. Yak Trax and hiking poles came in handy as the climb became more difficult near the falls. A spectacular hike.

Excellent hike today

My first real hike in the San Juans. Gorgeous.

I personally would not consider this a 'moderate' trail...it was relatively easy (my 2 year old daughter did this trail without any issues, along with her 5 older brothers - ranging from 12 down to 4. A friend of mine also brought her daughter who was 3 and had no issues). This was beautiful. Fun! Lots to do, especially for the kids. The switch backs were entertaining...nothing huge but the mere fact at how short they were was pretty funny especially since my wife had never done a series of switch backs yet.

Overall - super cool trail. Saw a few animals, mainly wild cow.

I call this hike “a Walk In Heaven.” I have always hiked this in the wash. Caution not to do so during monsoon season for risk of flash flood. Large animal tracks - you won’t be alone! A very special place. Lisa B.

This hike was incredible. The views are awesome. Easy hike but you can get your heart rate up on the switchbacks.

I did not like camping here. It’s too close to the road and you can hear cars all night. I prefer more secluded.
The trail is easy and short


off road driving
2 months ago

I went to Agua Fria National Park, which is near the Bloody Basin road when you go North on I-17. What a fantastic afternoon of playing and exploring - sans rattlesnakes! The goal was to reach an ancient, Native American settlement, which was somewhat challenging to reach. My Jeep could have taken me there, but the dirt bike was faster, albeit more risky! ;)

If you'd like to see a short video (10m), it is here and on youtube :


The first part are little clips showing the terrain along the way, but the majority of the video is from the settlement.

This is a fun, fairly challenging trail in a very pretty setting. Our group had three adults and five dogs (one was a 4.5 month old puppy who kept up like a champ) and, going at a very relaxed pace with several stops and detours for pictures and water breaks for the dogs, we were back at our car within 3 hours. Almost half of the trail is going up and then back down the mountain so be prepared for a steep hike with switchbacks. The majority of the trail is single-file narrow and exposed; I wouldn’t recommend this area during summer or on a hot day unless you really enjoy direct sunlight (bring LOTS of water if that’s the case). The river runs along the bottom of the mountain so there’s shade there but since the trail only crosses the actual river once, the shade’s pretty fleeting. We took a few detours to check the river out and it was flowing but seemed to be only about ankle- or calf-deep and easy enough to step or hop across at any point (we were there today, 1/13/18, just a couple of days after the area got some rain). Be careful when taking detours because parts of the trail along the river can be easy to lose due to other trails that split off but luckily the map on AllTrails was very helpful in finding our way back to this particular trail. The last almost-mile is on the road leading back to the trailhead. It’s not a busy road but there’s not a ton of room to move off of it when cars pass so be sure to keep kids and dogs close to you. The trailhead is beautiful with a rangers’ station, bathrooms, and several picnic tables. Even if you don’t want to do the trail, the trailhead is a nice place to relax and have lunch.

A couple of things to note; parking is pretty limited (but free) and there are no trash cans. According to signs and the ranger at the trailhead (who was super nice and helpful), there’s no parking allowed on the road leading up to the trail and the designated parking lot only has roughly 40-50 spaces so if it’s full, you can drive out and back until a spot opens up or you’ll be out of luck. We arrived at the trail around 1:30pm and were lucky enough to only have to drive around and back once but I’m not sure what the normal “wait time” might be on a busy day. As far as trash cans go, you’re expected to leave with whatever you came with so be sure to have a bag or two to carry your trash out and back home with you. Additionally, we saw a sign that said the trail closes at 5pm. I’m not sure if that’s all year long or just during winter so you might have to check if you plan on a late afternoon hike. Happy trails! :)

This is a beautiful hike! This time of year is perfect too because its not too hot. it was about 75 degrees with a good breeze. Its a moderate trail that gains about 700 feet in altitude. The trails are easy to follow as well. Bring your camera!

There are picnic areas and I believe camping is allowed as well. The park is very nice as well! The ponds are very cool!! Don't miss out on this neat l little oasis!!

3 months ago

This trail kicked my butt! It is uphill all the way which makes for a beautiful view...and an easy down hike. It had 6" of snow and the trail at the top is actually before the big square rock (per the local that was there). Straight up to your right...hardest part of the climb! I fell 4 times just in this 100' climb area.

Amazing great Part of the Pacific crest trail..

Very easy hike with a puppy, 6 year old, and 9 month old in a carrier. No water but it has hardly rained in Phoenix for 4 months so no surprise there. Will come up again after a monsoon

This is a short, easy trail nestled in the bottom of a sandy wash. The petroglyphs make the trip extra worth it.

4 months ago

Steep hike! We did this hike both in December 2016 in three feet of fresh snow and again this December 2017 with no snow and both versions were tough! The entire hike is uphill.

When we did the hike during a fresh winter storm, we made it to the end but the falls were not very visible with all the snow. Doing the hike this winter without snow was MUCH better, not just because it wasn't as exhausting, but because we were actually able to see the falls at the end. Lots of icy patches on the trail and microspikes are highly recommended rather than going off trail and unnecessarily destroying more of the trail.

Both times we lost track of the trail at the very end. When you reach the big square rock (when the falls start to become visible) you need to go right (uphill) near that rock. We went left past that rock and that trail does NOT lead to the falls.

4 months ago

This trail is relatively hard, but well worth the hike. The views from the waterfall are absolutely stunning!

4 months ago

Agree 100% with Paul Rossetti. The lady at the entrance made it seem like there’s a bridge to cross the creek and go up to the rocks. We found out later that the “bridge” was a series of slippery rocks under the water, so you’d have to take your shoes off and hope you don’t fall in. Nice views, but you don’t need to pay $10 to get the same thing.

Close to Anthem and recommended for beginners

nature trips
5 months ago

great place, easy trial with kids. The small streams and woodlogs acting as bridges was very much fun along with some adventure for kids.

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