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Nice moderate trail with a number of hills and valleys

3 days ago



Nice hike very dog friendly. Not marked well.

I love this series of trails. There are a bunch of branch points and it is very close to Baltimore where I live so I can easily be out in nature in no time at all. I trail run here. The main (red trail) is pretty wide and flat. The blue trail is flat, but narrow and goes along the river. It is my favorite as I see a lot of birds, deer, foxes along this trail. The yellow, green, and orange trails are rockier with more tree roots and have a bit of elevation change. All of the trails go through mature forest so they are shady in the summer. Almost all of the trails get muddy so be prepared if has rained recently. I don’t mind it personally, but some may.

Love this trail! Beautiful and fun!!!

Love this trail. I don't have to get in my car to drive to a trail. And this place is beautiful

Beautiful views w. lots of history.

Hike along water streams, nice view.

Wow, The last time I hiked this section was in February. - Most of the old stone road trail that heads upstream is a mud hole. - It's best to hike the sand trail along the stream edge. - There is a few ways to shorten or simply make this loop easier but so many people are missing the best features to this loop.- As you hike up along the river go pass the first left trail and take the second one up the mountain. - As you go up to the top always be quiet. - I see lots of deer here every time I come. Today we saw five. - TIP: It you hike in the late evening be sure to be off the Ridge before dark. - We had to use our Headlamps on the last quarter mile to the cave.

Very wet trail today - like a creek bed in many spots. Beautiful; rare savanna in Maryland

Beautiful trail. Almost missed the waterfall after making the entire loop, but checked the map on this app and backtracked a bit to the falls. Glad we did! Definitely a moderate hike, not too much in the way of elevation, and all around enjoyable. We will be back!

The hike itself was beautiful, but I found the trail to be poorly marked and we missed the trail to do the full loop and had multiple other hikers ask us for directions back to their cars. I would definitely hike it again, but would use the map more instead of trusting the trail.

Not too muddy, nice valley and river

Perfect difficulty level with a nice variety of terrain for a shorter trail.

It was super breezy out but it was only cool in the woods. - All the trees were blocking the wind. - Be sure to watch the time if you are planning a hike late in the evening. - The sun is going down sooner every day. - The wife and I got at the park at 4:30 and we just finished in time. - Park closes at 6:30 right now but that will change to a earlier time as it gets darker soon. - Garrett's Pass is not marked so you need to learn the trail system. The entire Cascade System and Falls are marked in BLUE.
*** Contact me for a special map I created of this area and more. *** baltoken @ yahoo.com

I’m a big fan of grasslands and bird watching, and there was plenty of both. I have a good time whenever I hike the trail. Probably not the best hike if you don’t tolerate muggy weather. It’s especially gorgeous when there’s fog.

This trail has the classic, pretty woodsy look throughout Patapsco park. The only reason I wouldn’t give it more stars is because we had to go off this map and follow a different trail back. The section on the map that says “overgrown” yeah... they mean that, it’s not just a trail name :p So unless you want a hair full of spiders or some ticks to hitch a ride on you, I’d avoid this trail or go but prepare to detour when you hit the stretch on the map that says “overgrown”

Great terrain! A little muddy this time out, but great experience over all.

Very beautiful musuem and trail . This trail is not well marked - it is located behind a horse farm on the underground railroad museum property. There is a small sign with a hiking man. I Took my daughter (8years old) and our dog. Not too difficult. Beautiful Creek and spring. Some spots are a little over grown- so be careful of postion ivy . Overall pleasant.

Very pretty and quiet. Good for taking an easy walk, or maybe bird-watching. Saw people walking their dogs. There was a pretty cool nature center, well maintained trails, and very interesting, historic lime kilns to observe.

Great hike. Trail starts in a neighborhood. Runs along the river for large portions. Had son in carrier so it was the perfect difficulty level.

1 month ago

AMAZING! Walkers, Bikers, furry friends, young & old, men & women, couples, singles culturally diverse. That's what makes America Great!

while a good hike.... very Hot ... not much shade for most of it... BRING PLENTY OF WATER

2 months ago

The trail is not well marked and parts of it are closed. it can be confusing especially where it intersects with other trails. The title is misleading as you're actually on a handful of different trails. I had to use AllTrails quite often to make sure I was going the right way and to find ways around closed or overgrown trails. Ultimately it ended up being over a 4 mile hike. Also, it's not very visually stimulating. There are some nice, small stream crossings but that's about it.

After breakfast, The wife and I rode into the park. This is a great little loop that features the Cascade Falls, A climb on part of the Ridge Trail and a flat easy 2 miles up and back to the Bloede Dam Project. The dam is being removed. Super nice weather and the park was once again crowded. Limited parking due to half of the park still closed due to flood damage.

Easy walk, pretty sights, very doable in a couple hours. The church and dam are worth going to the end of the trail! The leaves falling off the trees made a nice Fall aesthetic.

lots of wildlife!

Enjoyable, moderately challenging walk. Trail is overgrown in some soots and there are a lot of unofficialMTB trails that are offshoots of this making the trail hard to follow in many spots.

Had a blast on this trail with my 8 and 13 year old daughters. Was pretty muddy when we went tho but it made it more fun in a way lol. Sliding and trying not to fall lol.

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