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Easy trail....brought back memories of my recent trip of walking the Camino de Santiago.
We walked from Cle Elum to Roslyn.

Cute trail, great for families. The map here is somewhat misleading as it does not start at the “official” trailhead. And the trail is not 2.8 miles, more like maybe a mile and a half round trip. I think there is a newer entry in the app for this trail called the Whistler Trainwreck Trail via Sea to Sky — that one has the correct trailhead marked which is actually easy to find. There’s even a small parking area for the trail (on Jane Lakes Road.) Basically, from the 99, go south on Cheakamus Lake Road (by the Whistler Interpretive Forest), keep right to Legacy Road (for a short distance) then to Jane Lakes Road. You will see a small parking area shortly, and the trailhead will be near a stop sign.

Great little hike! The train wreck is really neat. Instead of following the man made path, you can cut down to the river and follow a dirt trail that has a some pretty sweet views of the river/cliffs. Parking is really easy and straightforward if you follow this site: https://www.whistler.com/pdf/maps/whistler-hiking-trail-head-map.pdf. Trail head is well labeled.

Not much of a hike. Everything overgrown and not much left. 5 stars for river. Nice swimming whole.

fantastic out and back day hike!

19 days ago

This hike was very disappointing. Was not marked at all and the grave site was overgrown with blackberry bushes. The actual town was only foundation. The five dollars per person for parking was a lot.

20 days ago

This is a steep uphill climb with a stunning alpine lake at the top. It’s not that long, so doable if you’re in passing shape. Along the way check out all the car-sized boulders strewn about the mature forest. The first lake you find, Cottonwood, is lovely and a short side trail takes you to the shore. But don’t fail to climb that last half mile to Mirror Lake. Parking is a bit annoying - on labor day weekend, we had to park half a mile down the maintained road, which is still half a mile up an unmaintained road (impassable without a high clearance 4wd) from the trailhead. The trailhead is marked only by a rotting wooden sign and is a narrow path into the bushes on the LEFT side as you reach the top of the unmaintained road. Don’t worry, it’s a major trail despite its modest appearance.

Very easy, not far from paradise visitor center.

Pretty. Short and easy, paved the entire way.

Asphalt trail, beautiful scenery and gorgeous waterfall! Flowers & wildlife along the hike. Families and several photographers!

Enjoyed this hike, very easy and a lot to enjoy for the short distance.

Did this hike with my 6 yr old daughter. The trail head not very well marked on the Whistler web site and the trail itself was not marked at all other than a small sign for the trail head. We ended up running into a Harrison Ford movie set and the security guy wasn’t sure what to do and he had us going back and forth until we were finally able to pass through. Their movie set took up the best view of the falls so we missed that. Other than that the train wreck hike wasn’t bad the rest of the way and the wreck itself was pretty cool. We found a different way to go back which was much easier. I’ve been on better hikes.

Fun to do. Worthy of the trek.

Really cool spot to hangout.

1 month ago

The trailhead is located in the parking lot behind Olives market. The trail itself is poorly marked and we passed several people that were confused about which way to go. The shortest and most direct route is walking down an active railroad line, which is not that wide and you have to be really on the alert for incoming trains. There are several paths that wind through the trees in between the river and the railway line. There are some picturesque views of the glacier fed river on the way to the train wreck. The train wreck itself is several twisted and deformed boxcars hidden in the trees. Over the years the boxcars have become covered with graffiti. The quality of the graffiti artwork is nothing special. I would not repeat this hike again.

Easy trek to see the falls and flowers in August.

Great hike for all levels... we continued past Sheep Lake and hiked into the National Park above Crystal lake. Lots of bang for your buck.

Great hike! Super easy and enjoyable. The only negative is the poor signage to the trailhead. I wish I could provide better directions to app users, but I am not even sure how we found it... very confusing. Quick, leisurely hike once we found it, though!

I went there on 7/4. The trail is easy but it is windy on the top. There’s not much space to rest either. We ended up with staying there just a few mins. The view was wonderful.

Incredible view of the falls at the base with intermittent rainbows, cool mist, and steep decline. My 7 yo joined me, but would be too much for my 4 yo.

Fairly easy for our family with young kids

1 month ago

One of the best hikes. Mirror lake was absolutely gorgeous and felt great to swim! Hiked around on the PCT and found a beautiful clearing with a waterfall!

So easy and so incredible. But how did they get so far away from the tracks?

The train wreck happened in 1956, just after the Valleau family settled into the area. The wreck happened in a rock cut after the boxcars, which were loaded with lumber, got jammed and blocked the line.

The train’s owner, Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE), which eventually became BC Rail before being sold to CN Rail, did not have the necessary equipment to move the wedged boxcars and turned to the Valleau family for help.

The Valleaus took their logging machinery to the site and managed to pry the boxcars out, dragging them up the track and into the forest, where they lie today. This explains why no trees were damaged around the wreck.

Full article:

1 month ago

Easy little hike since we took our dog for his first hike!

Perfect, mellow hike to end out our day of climbing. Raging river, super interesting boxcars, easy-moderate trail. Good if you have a couple hours and want to spend some time in nature. Definitely read others’ reviews regarding parking.

it was a light easy trail with some interesting points. when we finished it we went straight to the Green River Gorge which was amazing

Such a beautiful place. Sad the property owners surrounding the hiking trails are charging to park and then charging to enter the falls area. Not really necessary to double charge.

2 months ago

the parking area is private property and you get charged to park by a sketch dude. just passed the gate, it's state park land so it's a little frustrating that there is no free access. we only paid for the ghost town parking buy where able to walk to the river from one of the side trails after the gate for the ghost town. the ghost town trail was unbearably sunny the day we went with no shade until you went toward the cemetery. there are some structures to the right of the fork when you get to the coal cart. there is a subtle sign that says private property but we went about 1/4 mile passed and stayed on the trail. no shade on that fork nearly killed me but I get it's been unseasonably warm this time of year.

One of my favorite overnight hikes.

2 months ago

wasn't to sure where to go, as nothing is marked. after a decent incline we came to a sign pointing to the cemetery which consisted of a few tombstones. we then proceeded to an area of dilapidated buildings which was very interesting, just wish they were labeled or had info boards. we kept going to the "Y" and decided to go with the fairly steep switchback that took us to a summit like view point. on our way out we took a side trail that ended up on the river which was refreshing and beautiful.

Hike #4 ✓

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