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4 days ago

2nd time I finally found the right trail! turn left at the 2nd turn off past the leavick parking lot. we parked where the road forked and hiked. about .75 miles into the hike you'll see Horseshoe. Just follow the road/trail. Lots of cool mining relics on the way. The lakes below look really pretty and coming back down we did see a Jeep but that was pretty much the 1st person my friend and I saw the entire hike. At the saddle between peerless and horseshoe the views are amazing and we climbed higher I'm not sure we made the "summit" but we we're well over 13,000ft and content. I would recommend it for how quiet it is compared to seeing the tons of cars/people headed to Sherman

9 days ago

This hike should be listed as hard. I’m a beginner to moderate hiker, and was excited for the challenge, but this hike was much more challenging and colder than expected. My GPS may have been off, but it said I hiked 6.5 miles, and I stopped at Cameron. Multiple parts on the trail heading up to Cameron where a misstep or trip could send you down a rocky cliff. It was hard to find the trail a few times when the trail was exclusively rocks. Views are decent from the top, but we didn’t stay long because it was so cold and windy. Perhaps I was struggling with oxygen/altitude issues as well. This hike is for more experienced hikers.

Due to the recent fire, the road leading to the trail is currently closed.

This is my first 14er. We took a loop to hike Mt.Cameron, Mt.Lincoln and Mt.Bross. Total hike time 6-7hrs and hike distance 10 miles. Parked our car at Kite Lake.$3 for a parking and its better to reach there before 7AM. Really challenging hike but worth it.

Nice, easy little trail with minimal elevation gain. Most of it is under shade but the section in the middle is exposed rock. Trail loops around at Horseshoe campground which is a great place to eat lunch and relax.

Everyone needs to know this: hiking trail is NOT accessible via Crest Drive (off of Roberts Road). This is all private property& homeowners do NOT want you parking up here. These 14’ers (Democrat, Lincoln, Bross) are ONLY accessible via Kite Lake - about 5 miles west of Alma on Buckskin Rd. Homeowners WILL have your vehicle towed if you start your hike from Roberts/Quartzville/Crest Drive.

Beautiful! My fiancé and our 3 children hiked to the ridge line at about 13,200 in the early afternoon and turned around...the hike is wonderfully scenic, without a ton of traffic.

2 months ago

This hike was simply the best hike we did all week. The view is STUNNING! A 360 degree view of gorgeous mountains as well as valley views of Leadville and Fairplay. Had the whole mountain to ourselves on a weekday, which was a nice reward for driving 11 miles down a bumpy gravel road in a rental car that didn’t handle the bumps well. Trail was not difficult to traverse for the most part. Well worth the effort.

Went last week, 6/26, very nice as you start up with beautiful wild flowers this time of year! It was VERY windy up along the ridge but gorgeous views. Definitely will do again, hopefully without 50 mph gusts!!

Made it to just over 13,000 feet. The winds were about 40 mph, so had to turn back. Would love to try to make it to summit when winds aren’t so rough.

2 months ago

We looped Horseshoe in with our hike of Mt. Sherman, Sheridan, and Peerless Mountain, and I'm glad we did. Good place to watch the line of ants summiting Sherman!

2 months ago

My wife and I did this hike yesterday, 6,28,18. We did Democrat a few weeks back and wanted to do Lincoln from the trail posted below, but when we arrived at that location to scope it out a few weeks back, it was posted as private, no trespassing, and you'd be towed if you parked there!! So we went back to the Kite Lake trail head. The mileages on the map to the right don't agree with my Garmin though. Here's what I recorded. From the parking lot to the first saddle between Democrat and Cameron is 1.4. From there to Cameron is just under a mile. And from Cameron to Lincoln is just over a half mile for a total of 2.85 one way. Some steep stretches going up Cameron, and then the top is almost level. The trail goes right over the top so you summit this one whether you want to or not on your way to Lincoln. We opted not to do the Bross segment and just went back down the way we came. Most everyone was going back the Bross way though, and a few told us back at the parking lot what we had read about how steep and nasty the descent is on Bross. Steep enough the other way. For us anyway. Great views as you'd expect, and we had a really clear day with little to no wind thankfully. We encountered some gusts on the way down Cameron to the first saddle, but that was it. Popular trails, lots of people!! We took one of the last parking places when we arrived just after 7 on a Thursday. Most of the snow that was present when we were there 3 weeks ago was now melted too.

on Horseshoe Mountain

2 months ago

Beautiful views. Unfortunately didn’t get to drive to the end of the road, two snow drifts were blocking the road at the first bend. Will definitely return later in the year.

2 months ago

Have hiked this many times with out of town guests and limited time. The variety is what makes this trail special. A pretty water crossing, the amazing gnarly and ancient Limber Pines, the large rocks in the grove to climb on and the serene trail through the woods. For an extra you can scramble up the scree by the grove towards the top of Sheep Mountain. Many times we park at the upper trailhead and only go as far as the grove and back. If you do the whole trail we either park a car at both ends or double back the way we came, otherwise you share a very dusty road with vehicles getting back to your car. Great trail for kids.

3 months ago

Start of trail was still blocked by a snow bank so had to hike up. Awesome views, didn't see a single person.

Great trail, interesting terrain and loved the ancient tree grove. Of note, the trailhead is easy to find but the final 6.5 miles driving in/out is all dirt/gravel road. As far as dogs go, just know the middle section of the trail is all rock and could be really difficult for some dogs, especially in hot weather. All in all we really enjoyed the trail and the views.

Awesome trail and limber and bristlecone pine trees.

14er views without the crowd!!

on Limber Grove Trail

8 months ago

We went this last weekend on 1/5/18 and though it was windy, beautiful day. It was a great hike, cool trees and big rocks.

10 months ago

Wasn't hard at all, took my dog with me definitely leash. It was so beautiful I loved the entrance to the hike with the logs and water.

10 months ago

Very pretty with the snow

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Such a fun and interesting hike. Loved the trees and the rocks!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Loved this hike!!! Gorgeous scenery! I'm a native who's been hiking all my life and I saw more interesting beauty than almost any other place in the state.

Friday, August 18, 2017

We started from the trailhead at the Horseshoe Campground, where we were camping. Since we were staying there, we didn't have very far to walk to the trailhead, which starts at the back of the campground. For those that aren't staying in the campground, you have to park at a small parking area to the right/west, just before the campground entrance.
Great trail for kids! This was the perfect trail for our almost 3-year old to hike up to the limber grove (then we carried him down in the backpack carrier), although the talus at the grove was a little difficult for him to navigate over. Our boys loved the old trees. Many of them had been struck by lightning, so there were lots of pretty colors on the bark. Such a unique place. We didn't continue on to the Fourmile Campground since the limber grove was our destination anyways.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nice trail. Lots of water access. Crossings were easy late July. Dogs got a bit muddy but well defined trail. A few steeps, but not tough. I only did 3.5 miles in and back.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Amazing historical site!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Phil B I was up there a week ago and it was closed due to snow on the corner. Is it still closed?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Remote and desolate. Went on a weekday and had the entire mountain to myself. It's an 11mile dirt-road trip to get to the trailhead. Not strictly a 4x4 road, but you'll go a lot faster if you have one.

The trail is along a series of abandoned mine trails, so it's easy to follow. Some mining debris along the way keeps things interesting. Other than that, the trail doesn't hold much beauty, except the sheer size of the surrounding mountains and the feeling of being completely by yourself.

The views upon reaching the ridge and looking west are staggering. Not simply the vision of the Sawatch in the distance (both Elbert and Massive can be seen), but because of the enormity of the valley that opens up in front of you. It literally took my breath away.

On the way down, do yourself a favor. Sit by the lake and just look up at the "horseshoe", and reconcile just how small and temporal you are compared to immensity of the piece of earth in front of you. You'll thank me.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Not a soul around. Midweek hike.

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