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Great short and quick hike. Pay attention to trail markers though!

Took my own route to get to Pulpit Rock so I haven't taken the entire trail. beautiful open space, easy path, but wasn't impressed by the view of the town. It was really fun to climb the rocks though!

View was great, however getting up and down was a challenge. Tons of off trails that are easily confused as the main trail, it was really frustrating. I tried to follow the directions on this app, but it was almost impossible. It was an ok hike that I probably won’t do again, but like I said, the view is dope.

I hit this trail around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, fresh snow from the day before made for a beautiful and peaceful hike! I had my snowshoes with but did not need them. took around 1 1/2hrs at a casual pace, with a few minor detours.

Super easy trail. I parked at the first parking lot (there's 2). The trails aren't marked so you just have to work around them. I ended up heading straight towards pulpit rock and climbed up for a challenge. There is a trail that goes all the way around it for an easier climb up to the top. Went during the week around 2 and it was moderate traffic with drones and selfie takers. Took about 20min and less to reach the top. Easy Hike, not very peaceful, but the overlook is cool

good quick spot for a hike in the city. nice view over the town. could be a little steep getting to the top for some.

Warm January day helped dry the one open trail. Good afternoon walk.

Beautiful monastery at the base of the trail you can tour and cool abandoned hotel towards the top of the trail with beautiful views at the fire tower! Steep wide trail.

7 days ago

Great hiking trail with a nice view. Mix of steep and flat terrain!

Parking lot was crowded when we arrived at 12:30 on Saturday. Nice easy trail with great views of the foothills.

Best hike in a while. Not too challenging but the views are well worth the trip.

great views and intresting history.

Where is the cave at turning point park. One of the last photos. It looks like it’s on top of a waterfall. Please help

Am awesome hike today .

This start to Doudy Draw is my favorite. Hike is especially great in the summer.

Nice light hike in the city.
Going counter-clock-wise is a gentle assent with summit toward the end and a steeper quicker decent back.
Lots of alternatives shortcuts if you don't feel like hiking all 4 miles

13 days ago

I don’t know what this trail is like in warmer months, but you will definitely need ice cleats to hike here on new year eve (12/31/18). I brought my golden retriever with me and she did it without any problem (she quickly learned about the ice and she would get around it). Met the black mountain dog and one of the golden retrievers - I heard they live near the trail and hike with people daily for fun. To be honest, the trail should be rated as hard given the steepness. The half upper portion definitely feels like good cardio exercise. I had to take breaks in between and my heart was beating fast.

13 days ago

This is a great short hike to do while visiting Stowe - beautiful and varied forest along the trail, enough gain to get your heart pumping, and great views of Mansfield and Camel's Hump from the top. I tried it, unprepared for the ice, with a friend on 12/30/18 and we turned back about 3/4 miles in. Went back alone with microspikes and poles on New Years Eve day and made the top easily. Going up I met people on their way down, but I broke out onto a vacant summit and had about 15 minutes to myself up there before heading back down. I've done the hike many times in all seasons, but this was the iciest I've experienced...

Consistent incline. Good wide dirt trail. Hotel ruins are cool to see. Fire tower at top offers nice view as does another spot 50 yards away. Rattlesnake signs posted near top of trail. Ranger was knowledgeable and helpful.

Great hike, the ruins are wonderful. No views due to the weather.

Although the car park is of good size get there EARLY because its a popular trail. It was almost full when we got there about 9.30am.

The trail is a well defined single-track road which can only be considered "moderate" because of the sustained incline. I can see how some consider it boring. My only thought on the way up was how beautiful it must be in the spring when the abundant rhododendrons are in bloom.

Currently there is a deceptive light covering of snow on the trail. What it hides is the numerous thick sheets of ice which only become more frequent the higher you get. WEAR YOUR SPIKES, your body will thank you for it. I had many conversations with people who were asking me about my micro-spikes; hopefully taking the time to direct them to REI / EMS will inspire a couple of them.

The hotel ruins looked fantastic in the low cloud cover. Hauntingly so.

The firetower looked great against the pure white surrounding cloud cover. It was very blustery as weather started to move in but we found shelter behind the ranger hut to make lunch and coffee. Only saw two other people at the summit even though we saw many more on the trail.

CAUTION: BE AWARE, coming down the trail in winter was the slipperiest trails I’ve ever done. Fell down a total of 20 times. WEAR ICE SPIKES, or shoes with very good traction. Overall the view was amazing and the ruins were incredible, with an interesting story behind it. Would recommend for summertime!

Great hike that was super challenging for me. It’s a steady climb to the top, with lots of mud and some icy patches. Snow flurries accompanied me the entire way. Definitely would have benefited me to have some trekking poles on the way down. The view is amazing. I felt like I was kissing the clouds. The hotel ruins are both creepy and intriguing! Definitely an awesome hike.

Great Christmas Day hike. The boardwalk trail provides access to the river, amazing views, and opportunities to see wildlife. Keep it pretty - pack it in, pack it out.

I live near here so I’ve done this hike many, many times in my childhood and since. It’s great for the kids and the fur kids, usually lots of other folks to greet.

Wonderful morning winterland hike with microspikes and the two ambassador dogs with bells. What a gift they were!

21 days ago

Great view from the top, from both the lookout and the tower and the ruins were interesting to explore. The hike is consistently uphill on a fire road, and as its a road not the most exciting hike. Quite icy in patches!

26 days ago

Beautiful area with several trails. Loved exploring the huge boulders and the color of the water was gorgeous.

Awesome trail. My wife and me had a wonderful time and encountered two beautiful dogs along the way

1 month ago

12-16 : loved this hike! Super snowy but well packed down and not very icy. Definitely gets your heart rate up, but the view from the lodge is glorious. Perfect afternoon hike!

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