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nice hike with beautiful views..

trail running
5 hours ago

Made it to the tail head by 0650 and found the parking lot empty. Good steady drizzle throughout and snow was present all along the trail. Intended to summit Bandera and then head over to Mount Defiance, but once up to the trail fork, snow was about 2 feet deep, lots of post holing, and the trail simply disappeared towards the summit. Looks like the previous hikers bypassed Bandera peak. Since I only had running leggings on and trail running shoes, turned it around and will come back in the spring.


trail running
16 hours ago

One of my favorite easy day hikes to go on during the summer!

1 day ago

Road is closed 3mi before the trailhead. Plan ahead to hike to the trail or use a snowmobile. Didn’t manage to get to the trailhead so giving a neutral rating.

Did this today. The road to the trailhead is closed about 2 miles ahead. This adds 4 miles overall, keep in mind. The first mile was clear and the snow accumulated sharply afterward. There's about three to four inches of snow typically. Hiking poles are great, crampons are a must. I didn't bring them yet managed to not kill myself. The view is breathtaking, you'll have great cell coverage all the way.

A fun, short morning hike with great views of the Cascades amd Mt. Ranier.

A beautiful waterfall. There are a few fallen trees and branches along the way from the windstorm but you’re still able to get around. The trail is still well maintained. Saw a good amount of people on the way to the falls and back. Once you get close to the falls there is a stream you have to cross yet the water was too high without some proper water shoes. We were able to climb across a fallen tree to get to the other side. I’d recommend this to friends

Aside from being beautiful, this was a great family hike- 2 kids, 7 and 9 handled it alright, but it pushed them. We also had our two puppies come who loved it! First we walked up a giant hill to then be rewarded with a beautiful view and a little playing on the rock-y terrain when we reached the top of the hill to a small picnic-perfect clearing. Then we made our way leisurely back down the hill.
This was a pretty well maintained trail through the woods with great signage to help keep you in the right direction- not paved, no bathrooms, no places to sit- just a good old fashioned, beautiful trek through the woods up to a sort of rocky peak to play on with a great view ..and then back down :)

3 days ago

The road is nice and plowed leading up to it in the winter, but you definitely need snow shoes to hike it.

Beautiful trail, currently just covered in snow. Unfortunately on our way back down from a couple day hike, it looks like the trail is now closed for the season. We had to remove, and put back, barricades to get my car out of the trailhead.

4 days ago


This hike starts out really steep and you wonder if you'll ever make it, but it's fairly short so by the time you get done, you're like oh, that's it? The app said there was a view, and there wasn't, but it's really pretty scenery all the way up and down. (trickling streams, bridges, mossy boulders, ferns galore)

It is always a nice trail but seems longer than 3,6 miles, I thought around 4.6 which is what I found in another site and also confirmed by my phone. I had an enjoyable time.

amazing view in the top.

My wife and I love this hike, I hiked it on my own today, i made it 3/4 of the way but turned back after hitting knee high snow (I gambled not taking snow shoes). So, fun winter hike, lots of running water, just bring your snow shoes and poles to get to see her

One of my favorite trails, it’s well maintained. Quick and easy trail that leads to a beautiful beach. I love catching sunsets here in the summer. Super close to home.

Love taking my kiddo here. Beautiful scenery and so much wildlife.

8 days ago

Snow packed trail on upper section towards the lookout. Hiking boots were sufficient

Very scenic trail. Lots of cool birds! It’s a nice walk.

8 days ago

Great trail for a short but intense hike just an hour outside of Seattle. No passes needed and easy parking right off the highway. I would definitely bring visitors or new hikers here since it's doable for most fitness levels but the view is A+. I would expect it to get taken over by Instagram influencers very soon. Hiked in December - some frost on the ground but footing was solid and didn't have any issues.

Hiked from Granite Creek trailhead to Granite Lake on December 8. Trail was frosty and icey most of the way. Snow level was around 3000', but the trail didn't have snowpack on it until the lake. Microspikes were helpful for the ice, but not essential.

Was looking for any easy hike to enjoy the PNW and the snow. Wasn’t too crowded when we started but more people arrived mid day. Some spots were icy so we stayed to the side of the trail. As a dog owner of two, I find it sad to see other dog owners not picking up after their dogs.

easy hike. super family friendly


With 2 kids, this hike usually takes us 4 hours. (3 hours up, 1 hour down) The views at the top are so worth it!

pretty views and great trail for beginner to intermediate hikers

10 days ago

Did the old trail up and new trail down on Friday 12/07. This past week the weather was amazing so the hike was great. Started hitting light snow about 3,400 feet which increased with elevation.
Was all packed down though some parts were a little icy. I went without spikes or poles which would have been nice but not a necessity yet. The old trail up was definitely a challenge. I made it to the mailbox in 1:50 so I was hauling. The way down on the new trail took about 2:25 as I was taking my time but could definitely be done faster. Very rewarding hike!!

Great view at the top. Snow halfway up. Was deep and windy near the top

way to over crowned its like the pumpkin spice latte of hiking.

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