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trail running
8 days ago

Great trail — good marking and beautiful views. Be sure to wear a shoe with a good rock plate as the surface is made up of many 1/2 to 1 inch rocks.

I only saw bikers but clear evidence of horse usage.

Oh, and you can make this longer — I added on a little extra leg to get to 10.5 miles — but I don’t see how you can make this a 7.5 mile trail. 8-9 as a default.

8 days ago

Great trail. Can’t wait to complete the entire loop.

This was mostly a horse trail. The conservation department has re-routed the trail we were trying to follow causing us to take a wrong(?) turn and cutting a couple of miles off of our intended route. Instead of hiking down along the Niangua River we skirted the ridge above it. Also, according to the map, at one point we had a choice of three paths back to our vehicle. Fortunately, we chose the correct one as the other two ended up being closed to allow vegetation to regrow. However, we didn’t discover that until we saw signs where the other two “old” trails merged with the “new” one. Also, there was not one point where we could find an actual paper map to follow. We happened upon a campground that showed us where we were and where we needed to go. Be prepared to do a lot of up hill!

Beautiful country but not a very long trail. Nice moderate walk.

21 days ago

Me and a friend recently hiking the BHT on the hottest day of the summer so far and besides the heat and ridiculous amount of seed ticks, it was a pretty good hike. We hiked it in a day and a half, camping at Junction Camp overnight. The camp areas are well maintained and a lot of them include rock furniture. There are a couple of swimming holes that you can veer off the main trail to see that are a great way to stay cool. There's quite a bit of hiking up hill and down hill on loose rocks, some parts of the trails are better kept than others. From miles 8-11 it was very overgrown when we hiked, almost to the point where we had to guess where the trail was. This hike has some good overlooks, and rock overhangs to check out. I just suggest bringing plenty of water in the summer and covering up. It's not enough to just treat your clothes with tick repellant. Also lots of spier webs when we hiked but if it's a busy time of year then they should be cleared out you :)

Do not discredit the hard trail rating. Very steep with loose rocky footing. Narrow paths poorly marked. Isolated. I used the map on this app and it worked well to find the trail. I enjoyed the challenge. Be prepared— this trail is difficult.

mountain biking
24 days ago

I only rode the Blue Trail which is about 3.1 miles. Decent place to ride but nothing to write home about. I wouldn't go there to ride this trail, I just happened to be in the area.

Plenty of ups and downs to get your heart rate up, but nothing technical at all on this trail.
All wooded, so no scenery or views to take I'm either. According to other reviews here, the Yellow Trail (about 12 miles) has more views.

Reasonably well marked, but not the best I've ridden.

Not a tone of shade and lots of road noise, however I only did 2 miles of walking so it may get better

1 month ago

Great place to hike and have kids and dogs swim in the crystal clear water.

1 month ago

Spent the weekend here at the beginning of June. The trail is clearly marked, but very overgrown and sometimes hard to see past the overgrowth. There's a beautiful campsite near a creek and one right past a dirt road. Plenty of camping spots near the waterfalls. It was strenuous. The climbs can be rough. A lot of loose rocks and larger rocks and roots. Wear very comfortable shoes that are water resistant. You have to cross some creeks.

I’m partial to this trail as I live about 6 miles from it. It’s mostly flat and is well kept. Great for jogging, walking or biking.

Really a beautiful trail. Lots of sights that you won't find commonly in Kansas. Some rock climbs here and there added to the fun and brought the challenge level up a bit. Picked up a few ticks, but not that big of an issue. Only real complaint is the cow crap. It's all over the trail and in some parts is hard to avoid.

This trail was intense. Pretty difficult. I did it as an overnight. It has some very beautiful spots along the way but the rocky terrain chewed my feet up. Make you have good boots that fit well. Junction camp is not easy to find. Stay at rock hole. It’s nice there in the evening. I shared part of the creek that night with a beaver. He was chill, though. It’s pretty dry out there right now, which was a bummer. Looking forward to doing this trail again in the fall.

I've been hiking/backpacking on this Trail for years, it was the first Trail my kids backpacked on when they were little. Hiked it from end to end today with a couple of friends, and it didn't disappoint. Wildlife sightings, beautiful views, mostly shaded. Sturdy boots highly recommended, and plenty of water is a must. (Don't depend on water sources along the trail.) Trail is very clearly marked!

Trail was great for hiking giving nice views from the ridge line. Gave some good elevation change if you’re wanting to push yourself. The shooting range, located at the entrance to the trailhead, was a bit jarring and not so serene. Since it was a loop, we knew we were almost done with the trail when we heard the sounds of war.

My friends and I went on a Saturday afternoon in early Spring. Very easy trails! We were very happy that they had dog friendly trails that they highlighted for us to take the puppy on! It was a nice afternoon and we were able to see different plants that were starting to come up.

2 months ago

A good challenge and a nice payoff at the summit.

2 months ago

We did this as an overnight hike in october.
Started the hike from the walk in campsite in devils den and ended at the suspension bridge. Ran into a few large groups and two other couples. lots of ups and downs. very enjoyable hike although the heat and humidity on the first day was awful. lots of fun little stopping points at the beginning of the hike.

2 months ago

Super fun trail and very doable for beginners.

I’ve done it as a day hike and as a 3 day backpacking trek and both were enjoyable. The trail is well marked in most places, but you’ll probably miss a turn and a couple hundred yards to your total somewhere. Pretty in most areas, Quaill Valley is outright beautiful. Watch out for ticks and poison ivy though, they’re plentiful in summer months. The BHT is wonderfully rugged and not always close to water, so bring extra and/or a water filter or purifier of some kind. Cell service is blessedly limited as well, so be sure to fill out the required (free) permit at the ranger station before going.

For Boy Scouts, there is a trail patch available through the West Arkansas Council. See their website for details.

This is a national treasure. It is about 75% of the remaining tall grass prairie in the world. That is because it is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world with only about 4% remaining world wide. See the flowers and grasses that once covered most of the Midwest from Texas to Canada. See the last of a few genetically pure Bison in this insurance heard. The trails and visitors center are lovingly curated and protected by The Parks Dept and the Nature Conservancy.

Good for backpacking trip but not normal hiking

hiked this trail for the first time several weeks ago, loved it, it was a great trail to use to get back into hiking, not really sure which paths we ended up doing but put in almost 6 miles

2 months ago

Very cool trail. More technical/steep rocks sections than expected. Lots of creek crossings. Many turtles spotted on the trail. The trail is well marked with blue paint and metal sign mile markers on trees. When we decided not to go further we went up the hillside and there was plenty of flat shady area to set up camp. Try not to go right after any kind of rain if you’re not prepared for lots of mud. If your intent is to swim at any point you should start at the end point because the river water is stagnant dirty water.

I love this trail I have been on it many times. Just enough up and downs to get your blood pumping but not so bad you need a evac

2 months ago

This riverside trail is very busy so it’s best walked early in the morning or after a rain. The first third is paved and my son enjoyed the animal track impressions in the pavement with signs that identified the animal making the tracks. The highlights include several Three-Toed Box Turtles crossing the trail and a possible Great Horned Owl that we spooked from its perch.

3 months ago

Very nice trail, although heavily populated in areas. Be aware if you take this trail, there are multiple runners, walkers, and bikers that use this along with families.

Great trail. It definitely didn't seem like Kansas. My daughter and I spent two nights on the trail. Hiking poles and good boots are needed.

I went clockwise to Mary's cove then headed back. The up and downs are brutal on the back half. It was pretty, especially with the flowers and fruit trees and red buds all starting to bloom, but nothing spectacular. I did stumble across some wild hogs though.

Great views with plenty of open country. Nice for a day trip. Nothing spectacular but nice for Kansas.

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