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Nice trail for an easy walk with two dogs. There are only a couple narrow spots- otherwise the trail is mostly flat, wide, and dry. Good vantage points to see/access the river.

Such a beautiful hike on a crisp winter morning I recommend this hike to anyone! So many beautiful waterfalls

Google took us to a weird side road so the hike was quicker but was still beautiful!

Beautiful and scenic hike to do in the winter time; but the difficulty level goes from easy to moderate when there’s snow and ice.
A “must try” hike, when snow has fallen!
Micro spikes or something similar highly suggested!

Lots of up and down which we like. Beautiful views of the river. Easy enough for our 4 year old but not boring.

You absolutely need traction devices on your boots. We passed person who fell and possibly broke a arm. It's a ice trail over rocks and tree roots so I recommend two treking poles to help prevent tripping, snow shoes that don't have a aggressive track on the side won't get a good bite over rocks. There was a back up at the boulder field from unprepared hikers without traction devices. My wife used micro spikes by Kahtoola I used ice trekkers diamond grippers by yaktraks. If cost if a factor check and for kids check out Stabilgear brand of microspikes at P-rkrose hardware for $19.

5 days ago

This was a great trail! We rented crampons which are better than Microspikes per the recommendation of Mountain Shop. The rental price was 10. Some fellow hikers did not have equipment and were sliding or slipping. Happy hiking!

little muddy in places but nice....creek views were nice

Elk on the way auto and on the way back down. Great views along the way of the coast.

Nothing that great but for being in West Linn it's a nice area for toddlers & the retirement.
No views, bridges were damaged & some trails were closed off for repairs.
I did enjoy that the nature center offered patches & stickers of the other State Parks.
Haven't seen that in any other ones.
Definitely just one to mark off the list of just being there once before, doubtful I'll be returning.

Super simple, beautiful history that the city kept it as the original owners had as a gorgeous garden.
Exciting to see the original home as well.
Wouldn't call this a hike as more of a nature walk.
Great for beginners though.

Got there later in the afternoon so thankfully we missed all the tourist hikers.
Great for my 2 year old but again just too popular of a site to go more than once every few years.

My first Oregon trail to hike. Really pretty Hike with a gorgeous waterfall at the end. Hiked this trail in September. Perfect weather that day

Overall, not a bad hike at all. Pleasant meandering among old growth, great views of the Clackamas river, not too far from Portland yet not crowded...HOWEVER....the trail offers nothing truly spectacular, and about 1/3 of a mile of it is almost directly ON highway 224. The worst is the trash and sketchy tweaker cars parked at random trailheads along the way, waiting for you to leave your vehicle alone for several hours

Such a pretty hike, and the falls are amazing!

Gorgeous hike but microspikes are a must if you go during this time of year.

beautiful even in the winter. highly recommend microspikes.

12 days ago

Beautiful beautiful hike!

Amazing view of Mount St. Helens & Mount Hood. If your looking to see the sunrise, not the trail to go on, but the nature and view will take your breath away.

Absolutely Beautiful Ending and well worth the time to get there.... Recommended as a good Beginner Trail

beautiful views await you on this trail - however, there are slippery spots and microspikes are highly recommended!!

Great system of well maintained trails!! Everyone we encounter is very friendly and respectful of the passage of hikers, bikers and pups! Added bonus of feeling like you are in the woods in the middle of the city

Easy to find. Simple hike to cool waterfall.

Very pretty. Little slippery at parts. Good trail for this time of year.

Today was a lovely hike. The undergrowth and birds have returned. There were very few other people on the trail which also made it lovely.

Pictures do not do this waterfall justice! It’s beautiful and worth the long hike. It took about 4 hours to complete so to its distance but it was not a very strenuous hike. It had a couple hills but none too challenging for the everyday hiker. My girlfriend and I hiked it in mid winter and found that there were a couple more beautiful small waterfalls on the trail. Like a 4 in one hike! One of the most beautiful and our most favorite hikes of all. We’ve hiked many trails and seen many water falls and this is definitely one of our favorites because of the beautiful terrain and creeks and falls on the way in and the sheer beauty of the main falls. Absolutely stunning.

15 days ago

The waterfall is beautiful. I have gone there many times and every time it continues to blow my mind. The falls and hike change with the seasons. Beautiful beautiful.

The lower loop is great for a short, gorgeous hike. Upper loop is also pretty, but more difficult, and longer.

****THERE IS NO LOOP AT THE END POINT OF THE SHORT OPTION AS THIS TRAIL RECORDING SHOWS, don't waste your time trying to find it. Just turn around****

With that being said this trail was beautiful! Rocky and icy at points. There was snow when we reached certain areas of higher elevation, about an inch. Follows the river for quite some time, passing over many small streams that get bigger as you go on. Very green. Lots of dogs (which I love). We only went about 5 miles (10 total) in and didn't see any signs of any animals. Well saw some coyote prints at the end of our almost 5 mile inward trek, knew they were coyote because no other human footprints anywhere close. I recommend!

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