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It’s a nice short hike and a good way to get your heart pumping. You get to walk by a nice stream, although during the summer it’s pretty dry but it’s gorgeous during the winter and fall. There’s a little waterfall as well, which is pretty nice and you can’t miss, it’s pretty difficult to get off road. I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy its tranquil scenery numerous times, it’s my little get away during lunch. I’ve seen many little lizards, butterflies, and even had the pleasure of seeing a hawk gracefully resting on a branch. The only thing that may bother someone is that the trail is not always properly maintained, shrubbery, and it’s rather narrow in certain areas. I quite enjoy it though. There’s always dog walkers in the area, which I don’t mind since I love animals and a few bikers here and there but they’re always respectful and have never run be over.

Very rocky, most of trail spent looking at one’s feet

A great little trail for canyon views. The trail narrows in some places. Picnic tables at the trail head + restrooms. Limited parking. About 1 -1.5 hour depending on your speed and viewing activity.

1 month ago

Really cute trail, narrow in places since you're walled in by forest either side. Shaded and pretty. Excellent for families - our kids loved reading every sign! Quite a bit of poison oak on the lower trail, with some extending over into the path so be aware if you're as allergic as I am!

1 month ago

Great little hike

We loved the information plaques. One unidentifiable junction, but otherwise well sign posted and maintained. Family of five, blown away by the bay leaf forest. Great trail for kids.

Great for an easy dog walk that’s close to home. You don’t really recognize some of the incline as it’s just a nice walk. Also unexpected neighborhood garden or what looks like the start or potential for a neighborhood garden as well. Nice people all along the train and there is a little spot for the pups to get their feet and waist wet. Maybe there is more water in that little creek during rainy season? Overall, I will defiantly be walking that trail more regularly.

Our dog has a bad knee and sensitive paws, and the first 2 miles she went very slow. The third, more eucalyptus-forested last mile of the trail she had no problem and was all downhill.

This trail appeared shorter than advertised. The start of the trail is not well marked so it’s difficult to find the trailhead although once underway all other intersecting trails were readily identifiable. The flush toilets at the parking area were a definite plus. I would rate this trail as easy and not moderate.

Great labeling of the wild flowers.

Shaded beautiful trail.Worth it!!

Lots of shade, nice trail, great for dogs

It's a good beginner trail. Some good views.

2 months ago

Covered throughout with lots of green. Educational signs about the plants are an added bonus (even if some may be outdated), not to mention that huckleberries throughout!

Beware, this is a Moderate hike!!!
NOT EASY, there is over 800 ft elevation climb for a while. Needs to be updated in the app. However, it is one of my favorites. Beautiful hike, varied terrain, can be lots of bikes at times.

Really cute- lush green, many feens & huge bay trees. Mostly shaded, easy.

Excellent for a short walk, great scenary.

Enjoyed this. Great place to take the dog. They are allowed off the leash. Will definitely be coming back.

Hiked this trail in early July with my husband who walks with a cane. Chose it due to its great reviews and ‘easy’ rating. Bad choice. First, the listed length of 2.1 miles is only correct if you take the connector trail between the lower and upper paths. The whole loop as shown on AllTrails is easily another mile or more. Second, there is significant elevation change and parts of the trail were quite steep and difficult for my husband to manage. Also narrow and overgrown with weeds including poison oak. A few nice views but mostly dense forest, which at least provides plenty of shade. The only bench we found was close to the parking area. It was pretty challenging for my husband, and I would rate the difficulty as moderate, not easy. We returned to find our car broken into, rear and passenger windows smashed. No valuables stolen except my husband’s thrift store jacket and a bag of used books. All in all a disappointing experience.

Beautiful picturesque trail that is almost completely shaded so it's great for hot sunny days. The top half is super easy but at the bottom it gets harder with a few switchbacks to climb.

Great hike, would do it again

Tried to do this loop on July 4 and the first section of the trail is currently closed due to “dangerous tree conditions” - hiked the half that was still open and it was nice.

Nice easy trail with informative signs about the plant life - will bring visitors & friends back on this one!

my backyard! :)

4 months ago

I love this trail. It's a mix of dirt and pavement, mainly flat with the perfect amount of elevation gain. There are a couple of great view points toward the Skyline entrance - the majority of the trail winds through the redwoods. The trail is pretty popular but there are quiet parts. Dogs are allowed on leash and horseback riders are allowed on a portion of the trail. Lots of hikers and trail runners.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail with tons of shade and varied plant species. There are interesting, informative markers along the trail with some bonus offshoots. I wish I had worn long pants and sleeves... while the poison oak was off to the sides I spent some time avoiding it. There is a steady incline hike back to the parking lot with stairs built in for the steeper sections. This will be a hike I take visitors on! Not too difficult, and very pretty! And, if you need a flat hike you can go in/out on the upper trail. Just as pretty!

Mostly very wide, exposed trails. Views are mostly nice... mostly of the valley, but some look out over the hills. Round Top Loop is mostly shaded and good for a short hike.

No views, but a great escape in the lush forest. Be warned it is straight down and then straight up.

As of May 28, 2018, the trail is no longer covered in poison oak as Mr. Wolf warned in his April 12th review. I did find a tick on my clothing during the hike, so be careful to check for them after your hike. It was a very enjoyable shaded hike on a hot, sunny day.

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