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Hiked here 2 days ago and it was beautiful.. so many flowers blooming and the waterfall flowing nicely! Pretty easy hike. It’s best to start early to avoid all the people. Busy trail! We started by 7:00 am and had the waterfall area to ourselves, which was great.

Wide trail, plenty of room for hikers and riders. Rolling hills with low grade climbs.

It’s a very nice place to go.

19 days ago

Fun hike, my husband and I lost track of the distance and continued past the waterfall. It became difficult to traverse because of the overgrown plants and numerous thorn bushes. We camped about a half mile past the waterfall there was a good spot with a fire pit and grill. Beware of ants !

one of best views and hikes that we went..really nice scenery..definitely well going back more often..the best time to go up is after the raining days..

A great hike, especially after a rain. The waterfall at the end makes it work trekking through the hot sun, since most of the hike is not under a canopy.

1 month ago

Started a little later than I would like and almost made it to the top of the trail where it meets Condor Peak Trail. I would’ve continued but had my doubts that there’d be a good spot to pitch a tent up there. Next time I’ll set up camp at Lucas Camp and summit in the morning. That’s probably the last chance to fill up and process water.

Went after rain. wide trails, peaceful, some coyote pack sighting.

1 month ago

The trail has some pretty great views of the mountains a few miles in. Past the waterfall (which is beautiful by the way), the trail becomes narrower and less maintained. Around the six mile mark, it’s nearly impossible to take a backpack because of the over growth on the trails. It become a much more difficult vs. “moderate” trail. We saw around 5 sites to camp within those six miles. It’s very remote—no sounds of traffic and no sign of people. Plenty of water, as the trails followed the creek (this may change, depending on time of year). If you visit the waterfall, be careful not to get turned around. We wound back tracking and adding 2 miles to our trek back to the car. The trail to the waterfall is off the out-and-back main trail. Lots of inclines going in, mostly declines going out. No cell reception whatsoever, but the app can still track you on the trail. The only trail markers were stacked rocks that hikers made, and sometimes there were orange or pink ties on trees.

**parking: we parked on the main road because the road to the trail was closed off to visiting vehicles. It was about .3 miles to the trailhead. You pass a few small houses along the road. There will be a few signs that tell you which direction for the trail.

This trail was awesome. It took a lot of convincing to get my girlfriend to climb along the cliff side right before the water fall but she made it lol.

Not a bad hike. Good weather and nice views. Can be a bit hazy at the Zion vista. The portion from the falls through the flats is fairly crowded. The rest of the train was only moderately trafficked. The trail markings are fairly poor and it is easy to make a wrong turn in the areas near the falls at 2 junctures.

Gets busy in the chantry flats - leave early for the hike

This loop is actually 9.5 miles!

Beautiful trail, great workout. The waypoint for Sturtevant Camp on the map in this trail description is incorrect. Sturtevant camp in en route to Mt Zion peak located between Spruce Grove campground and the turn Mt Zion/Mt Wilson Trail junction. The location marked as Sturtevant is more likely to be Hoegee's Trail Camp

So many trails within trails ❤❤

1 month ago

Stayed overnight at Little Jimmy. The spring is running. There is snow on the ground once you go through the gap.

A great hike! It took us about 5 hrs. with a couple stops. Good workout and plenty of great views! Cold beer at store in parking lot was a plus too!

The springs are known to flow at an incrediblly high rate but there's lots of bugs. The campground has pit toilets and designated fire areas.

There's hardly any water, but a great workout!

2 months ago

We got to the trailhead around 2pm. We were able to get to the waterfall and enjoy our picnic on top overlooking the falls. There wasn't too much water coming from the falls but it was peaceful. As we were leaving the sun was setting and we got spectacular views of the mountains changing colors. We got to the car before dark. Overall a great hike!

Great elevated climb. Beautiful scenery. Lunch at the campsite and great detour to Mt Zion.

Beautiful river and falls after a nice hike up to Mt Zion. Excellent loop trail, the cold water at Sturtevant falls pool was nice to cool the feet and head with! We also saw a ton of lady bugs at the Sturtevant Camp, very cool.

after telegraph it's brutal, we were going to turn back because the trail was icy but the sun was setting and we were almost to Thunder Mtn, we kept going but crampons and ice axe are recommended after Telegraph Mtn.

very great hike we made it to timber mountain, and across the other side to telegraph mountain but the snow got so heavy and covered the trail we couldn't go further but it I will be back after it melts

Gentle, continuous climb from trailhead to the motorway. Excellent vistas of the backbone and the ocean as you hike the ridgeline. Lots of mountain bikes.

Beautiful view, clean trail, hiking up hill not difficult, excellent for everyday hike.

Love the trail because there are a lot of shady areas and water. Cute to see the little cabins all the way up. The bugs are annoying sometimes.

Decent easy hike, but I would rate it moderate considering the distance. The trail has lots of shades and water running, which is nice on a hot day. Overall, a nice trail, but nothing amazing.

Beautiful weather, lovely scenery. This was a great hike!

This is great if you're looking for a hike in the LA area with a lot of green forest and shade. Once you get to the waterfall, it's a little tricky to find the trail to continue on to Mt. Zion. If I did it correct, you have to cross the creek, and make a steep ascent to the left of the waterfall. It may seem misleading, but it connects to a more obvious trail. Be sure to study the map well as the signs can be very misleading, and the written directions may be incorrect at times.

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