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Warning! Trail is closed until 08/31. Rangers are actively ticketing trespassers

It was nice walking this trail, but I wish there was water.

Really gorgeous, steep hike. There were 2 sections of switchbacks. The first set are not long, but extremely steep. The 2nd set are pretty long, but managable. There are many bees, but they are busy with more important things. We saw tons of wildflowers, lots of chipmunks, plenty of deer, at least 30 goats, and these animals that looked like giant groundhogs. Once you get to the summit, all the hard work really pays off. Fog had rolled in and made us feel like we were in the clouds! Will definitely be returning.

been there last summer. it was my first hike in Washington. the view was amazing but the hike was kinda hard and I don't recommend this to beginners

Flat, easy trail that’s well trafficked. Great for a stroll with your pups. The best part are the falls at the very end of the trail. (Don’t settle for the “falls” at the halfway-ish point). The falls at the end create an oasis where you can swim in CLEAR WATER (not greenish-brown) and even lounge around them to catch a tan. The area is usually pretty busy in the summer and you can catch some friendly puppers and their humans taking a dip before beginning their trek back.

Water was dried up for the most part, some at the end of the trail! Really cool ending and it was pretty flat all the way!

A definite favorite! Have your forest pass worked out beforehand - we wasted some time with this.

Nice trail, not overly crowed. Stream was drie so no waterfall.

Beautiful hike but Creek was dried up

I hiked to Eagle Lakes from the Sol Duc Valley this weekend. It was wet, but the trail was in great shape. People have been telling me terrible things about this trail for the past 15 years, but I loved it. The first 2 miles is overgrown with nettle and blackberry. Make sure you are wearing rain pants and gaiters. The trail does most of it's ascending in the first 2.5 miles. Strange forest ecosystem up there. Tons of mushrooms. We thought we would have the lake alone, but alas we did not. We learned that there is a small second campsite on the low ridge between the lakes. The main campsite was wonderful. It had a creek, view and a helpful canopy. A mountain beaver burrowed all around it.

27 days ago

Caught the sunrise from here, it's pretty spectacular. Views pretty much all the way up. A good half of the path is not well maintained but that's likely from how few traffic through (I was the only one on the trail during my hike). The mountain is a good climb for novice and intermediate climbers, I simply went up with a water bladder, my phone, and a flashlight. A good amount of wildlife can be spotted, too!

Pretty hike but the waterfalls have dried up. Not sure if they’ll be back for the season but the creek bed was completely dry.

easy and shaded, good for kids or nighthikes with them.

My husband and I just hiked this trail today. We wanted to hike hurricane hill but unfortunately it was closed. So we figured we should do another hike in the vicinity since getting up to hurricane ridge took so long due to construction on the main park road. We felt like we went up and down 3 small mountains/hills to get to what didn’t even feel like the summit. We did see a mom and baby mountain goat (so cool!) but besides that felt like the hike was just meh. Also we keep seeing the hike labelled as 2.5 miles and we were confused because we definitely hiked more than that. We were going to settle for it just being an unfortunate hike until downloading this app and reading the comment that says we were supposed to veer LEFT at the arrow “trail” sign when we in fact went RIGHT because we saw people in front of us heading that direction (it seemed like the arrow was pointing that way). Now I feel dumb and annoyed. Oh well. Everyone else: stay left at the unclear arrow sign if you want mount Angeles!

TRAIL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED! There are rangers who hang around the trailhead and up at the lake who will write you a ticket.

Took my mom here.

This is a must do trail. A lot of switchbacks but the climb is relatively easy and the view is amazing. A yearly must do...

Does anybody know when the trail is open again?

Lovely location specially for walking dogs and family relaxing. Beautiful


Washington Trails Association update that the trail will be closed through August 31st.

Such a bummer this is by far one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes!

Harder than expected but not so hard cannot be achieved by a relatively fit person who only occasionally hikes. One key... make sure you have a discover pass or parking pass before getting there as limited parking and place to purchase.

We saw both the falls and hiked up to the lake last fall. When I did this I was relatively new to hiking and it was insanely hard but incredibly rewarding.

This trail in New Braunfels, Texas is deserving of the east rating due to the limited length and elevation change. Nonetheless, I give it five stars due to its nomenclature and charm. The trail extends up a small canyon with steep sides along a dry creek bed that it crosses several times. The setting has the appearance of a passageway for raging water during a torrential downpour. Exept for two short, bellmouth, 6 inch diameter pipes covered with lids bearing the word "water" and a surveyers pin found at one point on the trail, this place is like a little slice of state or federal park or wilderness trail dropped into the middle of a city. There are some smooth sections to the trail. There are also some rocky sections as well, some with rocks well fixed into the soil and others with loose rocks. This trail also features a very short switchback section near the top before it breaks out into the rude reality of a city neighbourhood. Trailhead is on the west side of Landa Park, a city park with many aminities. In close proximinity to the trailhead is an area of trees where, during late afternoon and early daylight evening hours whitetail deer can be fed from the palm of one's hand.

Beautiful!! Easy short hike but very rocky! The rocks give it character and beauty. Rocks were a little rough on the paws of our 2 year old fur baby (still building up his callouses on his pads) but our 5 year old fur baby had no issues. Enjoyable and fun.

Hike to Bridal Veil falls was relatively easy and a great view. Lake Serene was very difficult. Lots of climbing and switchbacks. Definitely a big hike but well worth it.

This was the hardest hike I’ve ever done but was well worth the effort. My kids, 6 and 9 at the time we’re troopers and made the round trip with me. (Late August)

The second half of the hike to the lake is much more challenging than the the bit to the falls. The switchbacks are fast and steep and some of the stones/steps were giant size. A few times it felt more like a scramble up small boulders than actual trail.

We didn’t budget enough time to end before dark so we didn’t get as much time at the lake.

It’s incredibly beautiful and because of the challenge, it’s not as heavily used as other trails.

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