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8 hours ago

Nice trail with a great variety of things to look at and picturesque spots.

Did this trail on a weekday in September and only saw a handful of people on it. Steady decline that didn't require too much hard pedaling and numerous places to take a break along with taking some incredible photos. I parked in Jim Thorpe and had someone drop me off at the White Haven trailhead , which worked to perfection. Looking forward to coming back.

Hiking up the red dot was tough but the views at the top were amazing. Also when you're about to hit the green from blue there is a spot where me and other people were jumping into a pool of water from the rocks. Its not allowed but it was very fun. Will go again.

3 days ago

Great trail..marked really good..2 overlooks. Warrens Window and Canyon Vista. 4.7 miles took me almost 4 hours with a few stops.

3 days ago

Well maintained trails for a nice leisurely hike .Saw some wildlife and only 2 other people

Awesome climb. The view is worth every second of this hike. Walk back using blue trail to cool off at the bottom of the mountain. Will be going back without a doubt.

Took the trail with my dog have been there several times.Not the trail with pond.About a month ago. Huge Skeeters dive bombing my head. We got deep into woods and surprised a Coyote scared the crap outta me. I scared him off with stick but it followed us all the way out to parking lot. If you go be careful may have pups.The pine forest is cool. Saw alot of unusual tree breaks and bends. May be a Squatch area. Enjoy


Such an amazing place to hike and see all the different falls. Definitely have good shoes for this as it gets slippery. It's well worth spending the day

Definitely a more difficult “moderate” trail. Take your time and bring lots of water, some parts were pretty strenuous. Fantastic view made it worth the climb.

Did it on a Monday with 16 year old son. Great time. Challenging but very doable. First 1 - 1.5 mile strenuous uphill. Last 1.5-2.0 miles. downhill. In and out in 3 hours. beautiful views. Other people on the trail so you feel pretty safe. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Good time.

7 days ago

Very easy hike. The map will take you to an access road for hunting. You just hike down that for about a mile or so and then you'll see a path open up in the woods to your right. Then just take that path all the way to the overlook. It gets a bit tight and steep when you approach the overlook, so just be aware. Also, be wary of rattlesnakes. I saw a few sleeping under rocks on the overlook. You can also hear them while you're hiking on the path. Very very pretty view!!

Favorite spot in NJ hands down! I've hiked it about a dozen times and I'll probably go at least a dozen more. I recommend going up the red and coming down the blue. The red trail has sections that are fairly steep but there's a great view after the first major incline. Bring water and take breaks! The view at the top is amazing and there's an area with small waterfalls and a small pool where you can cool off at the bottom of the blue trail. Highly recommended!

Just a gorgeous spot even on one of the busiest days of the year. The way the stream has cut through the rock and the tubs and falls it's created are spectacular. Water was icy cold! Where good walking shoes or hiking boots unless you're only going to the tub closest to the parking lot. Will definitely be going back.

8 days ago

Nice hiking spot for taking the family on a Sunday afternoon.

I think this hike was on the more challenging side of moderate. I enjoyed it very much and would certainly do again. Amazing views.

Nice hike. There are some rocks & roots but overall it is an easy hike through the woods right along the lake’s edge. The biggest section of undeveloped forest on the lake. There are some points where you can go down to the lake for a good view of the water but this trail is mostly forested. There were two or three trees down across the trail but they were easily stepped over. We had a perfect summer day, complete sun with temps in the high 70s. I would recommend this trail to anyone.

We did this trail in a 6 mile clockwise loop! Right from the start you have a couple of heart pounding climbs and are rewarded with nice views of the Susquehanna River and Berwick power plant stacks! This is a awesome trail but could be so much better with a detailed trail map and updated proper blazing! I would suggest picking a all trails recording that suits you like we did and just follow that! I would not rely on the blazes as they are now unless you want to get frustrated and walk in circles all day! Other than that it's a nice intermediate hike with interesting changing scenery!

Beautiful hike only draw back is the multitude of people and the lack of knowledge on trail etiquette. Not sure there is a slow time but worthy the views

Very nice trail I love it. I will back soon

on Tank Hollow Trail

10 days ago

A great short hike with a beautiful Vista view. World's End is one of my favorites and this vista is up there. I heard a lot of rattlesnakes but did not see any. I spent about an hour on the rocks mid day. Very easy and accessible hike for all skill levels.

10 days ago

Today was a great hike. The blue markings on the trees were easy to follow and the views throughout were beautiful. Took us about 3 hours.
We enjoyed the babbling brooks throughout the tails. Mostly shaded. The vistas are well worth the hike to see.

12 days ago

A bit steeper than we expected, but a beautiful trail.

My boyfriend & I camped at Hickory Run State Park and decided to walk over and check out ‘Shades of Death’.
I’m glad we did. This was a nice, mostly shaded trail with several scenic water areas.

Great hike however do note as of sighting 7/5/18 just after first false summit/view point, aprox 50 feet to the left of trail in brush: —BLACK BEAR MOTHER AND CUB ARE LIVING NEARBY AND WERE SPOTTED. STAY ALERT. TEACH ANY KIDS JOINING PROPER BEHAVIOR IF YOU ENCOUNTER THE BLACK BEAR FAMILY—. The bear was calm and did not approach us. The State of NJ issues a black bear guide for free as well and is also available on their website: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/bearfacts_safetytips.htm

Difficulty: This certainly edges on the more difficult side of moderate as beginning incline and subsequent ascents are reminiscent of Mount Jefferson in the New Hampshire White Mountains (3rd highest NE peak behind Wash/Adams. There are periods of flat or near flat trailhead however between climbs. Spectacular views after initial descent which are noted on AllTrails map.

Have fun and remember bug spray!

It's a nice little workout with some great scenery

Great fun. Interesting and challenging. Great falls and sights. Loved it.

fun, moderate hike with great views. fern forest and creak are beautiful.

14 days ago

I did this hike late last summer and the views were just stunning. In my opinion the best vista vantage point I've seen in Pennsylvania (Worlds End State Park, Canyon Vista is up there too) but I agree with the last reviewer. There are tons of rattlesnakes at the top. I brought my dog and was checking every few seconds. Even with being this watchful one snake snuck out about a foot behind my dog. Dog owners please beware of the real dangers of these snakes. The view is breathtaking and worth the hike but I will never be bringing my dog back there again.

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