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It was a bit challenging , definitely rockier and steeper then most reviews make it sound without trying to scare anyone away, I had a 3 year old English bulldog do the loop, if it wasn’t so rocky it would be rated 5 stars , challenging mile descent overall great , be prepared to climb over and down some big rocks

One of my favorites, so much variety of scenery.

This trail was a great workout! We started on the blue dot trail and went down on the red dot and it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes total hiking at a moderate pace.

Here’s what to expect on each trail:
- River on the Blue Trail
- Rock scramble on the Red Trail
- Blue Trail is not as steep as the Red but it’s a little longer
- Generally rocky throughout both trails but Red has more rocks
- Great view at the top

I would recommend starting on the red dot and going down the blue dot. Make sure to wear hiking shoes and avoid the trail when it’s raining. Lastly I did go with my two dogs (25lbs and 14lbs) and they both did really great.

Well marked trails. Very scenic. Nice combination of forestry, river and waterfalls...

Very good trail and clearly marked, though it is quite rocky near the top. I started with the blue dot trail and went down the red dot trail; I'm glad I did because the reverse would have been much harder. Hiking boots/shoes are recommended as well as poles.

Great hike. Go up the Red dot (I would rate this as hard) and down the blue dot (moderate). After the waterfall the trail turns into the white dot . Overall it’s a very rocky trail so I highly recommend hiking boots.

Enjoyed the hike and scenary. Use red dot trail to go up and blue trail to come down. Beautiful water falls on blue trail. At the end of blue trail, take white trail [10 minutes] to reach parking lot. Hiking shoes and poles recommend for people who have knee or ankle problems. Continuous elevation.

Great trail! My wife and I had a great day this past Sunday. Met a lot of nice people on the trail. It's definitely a continuous climb to the top, but worth the view.

5 days ago

You must be kidding me! We took the appalachian trail from the parking lot to sunfish pond, this is a tedious hike not for the faint of hart. Then we decided to take the green trail back what a nightmare! No where does it tell you this trail meanders to both sides of the river , no less with no bridges until your almost finished near the parking lot at end of the trail where it meets up with the appalachian. Bring the worst hiking shoes you own your going to get drenched. I can only imagine how many hikers take this trail and are totally baffled when they don't realize that the trail crosses water! Enter at your own risk this is a horrible unsafe trail.

6 days ago

Not good for family hike with kids. Encounter Cooperhead and Rattlesnake on the trees and in between the rocks.

Amazing! Beautiful natural waterfalls.

beautiful hike

We hike with our kids (5 & 8) and none of us liked the hike. Most of the hike was a stone road that was 80% in the sun. Very boring. It's not a "hike", it's more of a walk in the sun.

Steep incline. The trailhead marker looks like the flag of Japan

Relatively flat hike to the overlook and the view is very nice.

awesome hike today. 2.9 miles

I enjoyed my hike on this trail, but it should be listed as hard, not moderate. There were people old and young on the trail but it’s a very steep climb and it is strenuous. The trail is covered mostly in rocks so I had to focus on my steps at all times and the incline no joke. I loved the challenge but didn’t expect it.

15 days ago

Nice easy walk with well groomed trails. You need to climb up onto stone in a few places along the trail, rocky embedded paths. Highly recommend it for beginners or novice hikers. Be sure to check out the weather beforehand because it can be overcast and misty, wet, with limited visibility.

good trail awesome views of the falls dogs were well-behaved on trail little slippery would definitely recommend it

Really nice hike. We took 6 kids with us ages 6-12. They all were able to make the hike to Dutchman falls and the Haystacks. It was well worth the trip. The kids enjoyed playing at the Haystacks.

Beautiful trail. Completed this and the falls loop. Go see the falls, they are pretty gnarley.

17 days ago

A nice walk in the woods, but not extraordinary.

Easy trail with incredible views.

Great, easy trail with beautiful views.

Not dog friendly. Too steep and rocky for them. And if you take the red dot trail - it’s hard not moderate. The prettiest part is right off the blue trail.

Was pretty. Loved the water sounds. Gotta watch the roots when walking.

Excellent short but technical hike. Exceptional scenery and the trail is very well maintained. The section that was hit by a tornado was so interesting looking. Bring a pair of keens for swimming in the tubs.

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