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Gorgeous wooded single track trail run that I did with my dog. Beautiful views on the ridge lines. You can add various loops to make it a longer run if you prefer. Map and GPS worked perfectly.

easy, paved trail with beautiful views. great for kids or folks with disabilities.

beautiful drive, well worth the time and 10$

Really cool hike Dec-March you can’t do the whole hike unless you do the tour as it’s National season and males are aggressive. There are limited spots. I almost didn’t go but it was awesome! $7 for the tour and $10 for parking

nature trips
7 days ago

Pretty short, but a great way to start your day in Big Sur. Amazing views and maybe some whale watching.

This was a great hike, but it is NOT easy. The Tony Look portion along the reservoir is a narrow trail with slight elevation changes that I would classify as easy. Once you get to Coyote Ridge it’s a huge grind to the top. Beautiful and worth doing but be prepared for a strenuous climb and bring some water. The loop took us 2.5 hours and we are one very fit and two reasonably fit adults.

8 days ago

Beautiful trail for anyone from kids to elders, bikes

Amazing place

9 days ago

Nice paved trail with beautiful views

Amazing place. Gorgeous trail and views. If you go during Dec-March you will also enjoy views of elephant seals. Remarkable animals.
Trail is easy, with some walks on sand dunes. My 6 year old had no issues

This trail was so great! We went on a sunny day and enjoyed all the sights and restraints near the path. I definitely recommend this one, for those whole live close.

easy and next to the Levi's Stadium. parked on the side street. dog friendly

Really pretty ravine, and may be an easy hike, but this loop involves some single track that isn’t “easy”... didn’t make it off the main fire road with the kids.

Beautiful to hike around the perimeter!

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful view. A few water fountains near the bay farm ferry. Good road condition for running/biking. But have to cross three roads, all with signal lights.

trail running
1 month ago

Good trail for the dogs

on Sawyer Camp Trail

1 month ago

very nice easy trail

1 month ago

When I do this beach walk, I park on the beach side of the road at the entrance to Dolphin Beach, near the intersection of Sumner and Dolphin Dr. The trail is a staircase down with some garbage cans and dog poop bags. The trailhead takes you down to the beach via a dry creek known as Bush Gulch.

As other reviewers have mentioned, this is not so much a trail as a literal walk on the beach. It really is a wonderful place, with a seemingly endless, wide open expanse of sand, big surf, and tall, jutting bluffs dotted with coastal trees and plants. Often times the cliffs open up into small sandy coves, gulches, or inlets, areas with soft grass and sometimes flowers, and large pieces of driftwood that make great places to sit, where friends and I have camped and had bonfires. The full moon looks beautiful rising over the cliffs. On clear days, there are views of the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Monterey Peninsula on the south side of the bay, and the Santa Cruz Mountains to the north. The best thing about this place is that it is absolutely ok to have your (friendly!) dog off leash. Rangers often drive the beach, and none have ever stopped me with my pit bull mix running around chasing her ball into the waves. If you are so inclined, as far as I can tell, you could walk along this beach for miles and miles. I have seen seals, whales, dolphins, all kinds of seabirds, crabs, jellyfish, and this is also a great place for collecting shells and sand dollars.

Starts out steep, but fairly light once up top. Descent on Coyote Ridge is long and, at times, quite steep. Wear good hiking shoes. Portions on Lookout Trail and Tony Look trail are single file trails only. Much of Tony Look trail is under tree cover, as is Lookout Trail, but the rest if pretty exposed, so keep that in mind on very sunny and hot days.
Do not suggest young children due to overall duration (abt 3 hours), but use your judgement.

Beautiful. Great also with kids. Great day.

1 month ago

I was able to find parking near 8th & Irving for this hike and noticed that there is 2 hour free parking Mon-Fri or unlimited free parking Saturday and Sunday. I would recommend doing this hike on the weekend if you drive here since this hike will take longer than two hours for most hikers of average ability.

I kept on getting semi-lost on this trail even with the downloaded map and kept on having to make micro-corrections to my route along the way. It’s a mixed use trail and I saw walkers, hikers, runners and cyclists along the way. There will also be plenty of tourists just standing around.

You will be on a mix of paved sidewalks and dirt trails, but at no point on the trail will it feel remote. I felt very safe doing this alone as a woman during a weekend day. However, I don’t recommend coming alone because this trail can be rather boring to do by yourself. If you do this trail, I would recommend bringing a friend so you could have a conversation along the way.

I’m glad I experienced this trail, but I don’t see myself prioritizing coming back anytime soon as someone from out of town.

Just did this trail. Though it’s just 5.5 miles with all its ups and downs it took a group of us 3 hours. Great hike - just budget the time.

A lot of bicycles so stick to the right.
A lot of dog owners, some leave their dogs with no leash so pick up your child when one comes.
Muddy after rains so bring decent shoes or boots but fine after a few hours as it slopes a lot.
The lake in the middle "water dog lake" is lame.

Pretty easy trail, middle of the city, 5 minutes from home so can't complain.
It goes either up or down so not a flat route.

Stopped along the way to grey whale watch and take pictures of the beautiful coastline but the whole loop took my mom and I about 3.5 hours. Parking was easy ($10) at 830am but by noon they weren’t letting cars into the park due to full lots.

1 month ago

Most beautiful view of all our hikes. Flat but long.

2 months ago

Amazing views.

2 months ago

This trail has beautiful views. I went on such a gloomy, rainy day so it was dark. But on a normal day the water should be very nice blue. Fairly easy trail and even close to parking. There is a park entrance fee and I don’t think dogs are allowed.

Stunning views. Good possibility to see wales.

no friendly dogs on the trail. there was one friendly dog just outside walking by the freeway who was more than happy to be petted.

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