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path of the goats (because literally goats) is fabulous. i did the reverse. from Positano-starting at the steps near Arienzo SİTA bus stop and hiked up to Bomerano.

Not much you say other then... wow. :o

Beatific! Especially at sunset.

Every corner presented new and beautiful views.

One of the rare parts of amalfi where you can get away from the rush and take in the beautiful coastline. I do not advise doing it twice in one day (return journey) as coming from Positano on the return had about 150 floors worth of stairs which hurt coming down, let alone going up after the hike and spending the day in positano, but I have no regrets.

Difficulty : Moderate - Hard, with the stairs the killer whether that be at the start or the end. Saw numerous amounts of older people (65+) struggling at stages but i do believe they all lived to tell the tale!


A must-do while you are on the Amalfi Coast. The most gorgeous views you will have of the coast line. Everything I had read said the entire path takes 4.5 hours but my wife and I did it in about 2. There are plenty of places to stop along to way, a few picnic tables if you decide to bring something to eat.

I would recommend starting in Bomerano and ending in Positano. It’s much harder if you start in Positano because you have to walk up about 1,000 stairs to even get to the path. The path itself is also more strenuous from the Positano side.

If there was a UN World Heritage Hikes list, this would be near the top.

We went in May and it was a great morning hike. We started early to beat the crowds and it was worth it. It was a beautiful view from the top and nice to spend some time at the top without huge crowds!

Incredibly breathtaking. It may be one of my favorite hikes of all time. The air is crisp and fresh and the views are spectacular. If you start in Positano and take the steps to Nocelle and then start the path in the very early morning (before sunrise) we found less people, if any at all. I’ll be dreaming about this hike for sometime.

Amazing but necessary to be prepared for any weather.

really good day out with a pal

This app is hopeless, the maps won’t load even if you have pro.

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Incredible hike! The whole thing is actually 32km long.. took me 6hrs to finish.. I confusing in some of the villages to find the right way.. I have the gpx file if anyone wants it.. email me at dagham67@gmail.com

Breathtaking views and undulating hills make for a wonderful hike on this ancient walk.

On the 4th of September I hiked Preikestolen fot the 2nd time. I took my rest during the walk and enjoyed the sun I did hill trail and had a perfect panorama over the platform and the fjord. As I knew what was coming it was more easy than the first time.

Beautiful. Busy but it wasn’t so busy for us as we came in early September

This hike was a spur of the moment, the wife and I decided one morning to see how much ground we could cover. We are very active, in our minds it was fairly easy. There were some breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea but there was also a lot of time off the coast. Will do this again next time we are in the area, great way to breakup the gluttony of vacationing in Italy!

Great track; phenomenal views! Would love to do it again, but alas, heading home.

Great coastal trails with village stops!

Great Hike, well marked, but the aggressive dogs guarding the herd of goats near the end of the trail was an unwanted encounter for sure .

A great hike but difficult in the snow. I have climbed Nevis twice in April and on both occasions the snow was deep and treacherous from about half way up. The views are beautiful on the way up but zero visibility at the top when I was there. Be prepared to experience all weather conditions in one day.

A great experience!! A challenging climb for me as a I’m nit the fittest but it was gray fun.

Coolest view of Norway ever, and we road tripped through Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm, Ålesund, and Oslo!!

Easy hike up - a little tough going down as it is mostly rock stairs. Very touristy and crowded but the top is beautiful. If it’s foggy when you reach the top, sit and wait because the fog comes and goes and you won’t want to miss the view.

Pouring rain high winds. Loved it.

Amazing views! Well worth the effort.

Fantastisch. Vooral het ommetje langs de koeien.

Performed this hike with my partner. She is not to used to the elevation and imbalanced surfaces that the loose rocks imposed on her and thus the duration took a little longer. However, I must give her credit, we begun in Positano and climbed up several thousands of stairs (or at least it definitely felt like it) and we took the stairs to the top to the highest point for pictures in the rocky arch. We then went back on the decent to return to the path in which we continued to hike to The end of the trail in Bomerano.
All in all the hike was picturesque and remarkable. I would love to do it again. For an experienced moderate to experienced hiker I would say it could be completed in 2.5-3hrs (fast paced, no recovery spots). For the more irregular or inexperienced hikers I’d say enjoy the view, take the time to stop and enjoy the scenery, encapsulate every minute of your surroundings, take as many pictures as you can and definitely stop and the little cafes (1 or 2) along the way for a picturesque drink and relax. So, take your time. Extend the hike from a 2.5h fast paced hike to a 5-7h enjoyable cruise.
Happy hiking ✌️

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