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Absolutely stunning waterfall. By far the grandest waterfall I have ever seen. Be warned, extreme bugs for the first part of the trail by the river. Thousands of nat type bugs that will not leave you alone. They thin out once you get higher in elevation. Make it to the top and cross the river and descend down the other side. Less bugs, pretty views.

15 days ago

Amazing hike. Must do for a tourist. Locals aren't big on this hike but it was beautiful. I left the upper parking lot at 05:45 while still dark and used a headlamp. The trail was marked with cairns with a red T and there were glow sticks to help guide you in the dark. The hardest part for me was after the first hike up there is shear rock face that is pretty steep, not terrible, but it is made worse by the constant drizzle. Trekking poles would have made that part easier going up and down. The hike itself wasn't technical or very hard. I was slightly concerned on the way back when I saw people heading out that they were not appropriately dressed, i.e. jeans, tennis shoes, sandles, dresses. It was about 36F that day and it was a constant drizzle. I did catch a break when I arrived at the trolls tongue the clouds parted and I was able to get some amazing pics. I made it to the lookout around 09:45. On the way out I only really saw 4 people for most of the way out. I did run in to people that had obviously spent the night and were heading back when we were getting closer to the tongue. I made it to the parking lot by 14:00. I did not stop on the way out or the way back for a break except to catch my breath.

Beautiful hike! Beautiful views all throughout the hike!

Waterfalls that were going backwards - spraying up into the sky. We were blown UP the mountain.

One of the iconic Isle of Skye hikes, takes 1-2 hours. We hiked late September (slightly off season) just after a few days of rain, so the trail was very muddy and wet. Parking was a challenge in the small lot, but overflow parking along the road is available. We started with the first left branch that meandered a gentler climb than the straight up direct path. A good moderate hike with the climb made more challenging with the billy-goating to jump and navigate the mud. Excellent views of the mountains and shoreline with the pinnacles of the Old Man of Storr himself the main attraction. A great stop along the Isle of Skye route from Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls, the Old Man of Storr and the Quiraing Circuit. Note the driving gets down to a one lance dance with oncoming traffic that is a fun treat to experience - a Scotland must!

Stunning view. Love that place so much. I went there on early June. It was so good whether, not too cold and warm. And still see some snow a lot during the trail. Recommend!!!

25 days ago

Really hard hike, wonderfull views all along, totally worth it.
Spent two nights in the tent, one night at the top near the trolltunga, wunderfull

Beautiful views of rugged terrain and herds of sheep throughout the hike.

Not much you say other then... wow. :o

Short trail but the waterfall is beautiful!

Very rewarding trail. I visited in early October towards the first half of the day, and there was a great deal of ice in some areas. Hiking in the afternoon may be better so most of the ice has a chance to melt. Due to overnight rain, it was also very muddy with water up to my thigh at the lower crossing. If you cross (in the winter, without the log), I recommend switching into water shoes or having spare socks with foot warmers - the water was VERY cold! Additionally, be wary of your path at the peak of the west side of the loop, as the trail is not marked and it can get cold and windy. Hike in layers.

I did the blue walking loop , fairly easy small up and down but nice stroll through the woodlands

1 month ago


Norway itself it’s such a beautiful country!
So much to see and enjoy!

Hike was great! Definitely worth it!
It was pretty easy!
I am not an experienced hiker and we have done it 4h way up in the rain&snow then 3h down!
Not many people, it’s out of season, have to be careful to not get lost as the signs are hard to see “hidden under the snow”
Just get yourself warm waterproof clothes, something warm to drink and “time” to enjoy it

Really challenging incline the whole way up and not worth it for the views that you can see via other hikes.

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning trail. Just be warned, it can get a little sketchy with some ascents. Probably not best for kids and those with a fear of heights.

Beatific! Especially at sunset.

Great hike yesterday even though the weather was rainy and very windy. The log to cross the main river had been pulled to the other side so I hiked up the left side of the river. Lots of loose rocks and very slippy in areas where it was muddy.
The views walking up and from the top are fantastic. I came back along the top and dropped down to the valley following the Parking signs.
I’d say this hike is moderate, definitely worth it - amazing views!

1 month ago

Only did the Ascent, very tough, but doable for those who are already frightened by the comments already made for this trail; you could always slow down a bit! Did the trail in 4 hours.

Loved this hike! We did this 4 days ago and the river crossing was sketchy - log has been pulled out and the brave souls that crossed (in the cccold weather and water) either stripped off their shoes and hiking pants (water was high) or decided to do the hike wet. We stayed on the other side and still thought it was incredible and worth it! They may be nicer waterfalls in Iceland but many are packed full of tourists!

Loved the hike! The scrambling up the rocks are not too extreme although you should be in decent shape/athletic. The day started off clear with blue skies and it was beautiful. At the peak the clouds had rolled in. We hiked up the scramble rocks, made it to the peak, and on the decent we walked down a little ways, walked along the ridge (pretty narrow) and down the switchback. I recommend this as your plan. Great beautiful hike!!

2 months ago

This was by far the best hike I have ever been on. I would categorize this to be a more challenging hike. I would not recommend to bring young children on this hike, because it has parts that can be very steep and there are not many railings to hold on to. The views are unreal of the waterfall and the surrounding landscape. At some points of the hike, you use ropes to climb up or hike down. You do cross a small river in the beginning that has a rope and log to help you cross. At the very top of the falls, you cross a larger river. I would recommend bringing water shoes to make that river crossing not as challenging and even a small towel to dry off your feet. Hiking boots are definitely recommended as well as layers. We hiked up the right side of the falls and hiked down the left side and it was great.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HIKE. This trail was worth every minute!

very beautiful way along the river between cliffs. to extend the walk take a hike up to homs over the forest.

2 months ago

Was worth the hike! Amazing view of the waterfall at the top.

2 months ago

How to get there from Interlaken (~1 hour):
Take a train to Lauterbrunnen from either Interlaken Ost (if you are staying northern side of Interlaken) or Wilderswil (if you are staying in the southern side of Interlaken). From Lauterbrunnen buy a ticket to Murren. To get to Murren you take a cable car up to Grütschalp and then a train to Murren. The trail start is about a 5 minute walk from the Murren train station.

Impressions of the hike:
The hike was challenging and absolutely stunning. I wanted to stop every 5 minutes and take a photo. Also encountered some cows along the way! The first 4 miles of the hike are a steady ascent up and a pretty good workout as it steep in some portions. The last 0.5 miles up to Schilthorn are where it starts to get interesting. The last half mile is a scramble up rocks, snow and ice so I would highly recommend bringing good hiking boots/trail runners or trekking poles. I did not have trekking poles, but did have to catch myself a few times from slipping due to ice. The views both up and down were incredible. As a side note, if you only want to hike up to Schilthorn, you can buy a ticket down. This ticket will get you all the way to Lauterbrunnen and will cost about 62 CHF.

Do this hike if you are physically fit. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful sights.

2 months ago

A hike to remember.

My girlfriend and I hiked Trolltunga during a recent trip to Norway. It’s safe to say that we will remember that hike for the rest of our lives. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

Pro tip: it might not be worth waiting 3 hours to get your picture on the ledge. Also, bring snacks.

2 months ago

Just completed this hike on October 7th, and hit snow as soon as we got to the last of the 17 switchbacks, which quickly turned to 1ft deep at stages as the snow continued to pump down all morning. Very beautiful views and magical hike in the snow to the famous Trolltunga. We were prepared for this weather so we had no problems, though in conditions any worse I could imagine it taking away from the overall enjoyment.

Difficulty : Moderate-Hard, the switchbacks are not as bad as they are made out to be as they are on a road, I can only assume due to the number of tourists, the majority of reviewers are not experienced hikers or a extra cautious in reviews, as once you have done a proper mountain hike, switchbacks on roads are easy no matter how steep. I would assume on a sunny summers day it would be a moderate hike for experienced hikers.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! - especially at this time of year as we spoke to a guide in Odda who said that in the middle of summer up to 1000-1500 people do the hike per day, leading to an hour or 2 wait for photo’s!! We had no wait at Trolltunga.

Absolutely amazing hike! My partner and I did this yesterday, it was snowing on us almost the whole time! It was like a magical winter wonderland full of waterfalls!

A bit confusing of a meandering cliff trail. I would not recommend this for children on windy days. I was having some difficulty with the high winds. The waterfall is so beautiful, and so much more so because there’s hardly any people on this trail. You get to enjoy a natural wonder without the crowds and just a few people to help guide you!

Beautiful hike and really worth it! Views over the Killarney lakes from the top are amazing.

If you are a good hiker and used to going up mountains/volcanoes, this hike is fairly easy. A lot of loose rocks, so better not to do it in wet weather and better to do it with trekking poles, but nothing that feels like a strong workout.
And I’d say, taking your time, being careful with the terrain and with good gear, really accessible to all sorts of hikers.

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