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3 days ago

This route should probably be named “Helvellyn via Swirls Carpark” it is a bit of a plod, but the most direct & probably easiest route up Helvellyn. It is not particularly inspiring. The views are great (and the only reason I’d give it 4*s).

An interesting alternative way up is to scramble up the stream that much of the lower path follows ~grade 1. Coming down you can make a loop heading north towards Raise and coming down the fells on that side of the bowl. Be careful to cross the stream away from the cliffs.

One of the more interesting ways to do England’s highest point with varied terrain - but it feels a long way! If clockwise round this loop then going up a scramble on Great End - eg Cust’s Gully is a lot of fun and really add to the day!

If Blencathra by Sharp Edge is a ‘hard’ route then this certainly is. The arête is longer and the day itself a bigger undertaking on a higher and more serious mountain (some may say there’s an abundance of paths that make the arêtes and subsequent head walls easier (and thus the grade), but these should be avoided as they supply a large proportion of the accidents that occur and are a true force for evil where erosion is concerned).

The walk up from Glenridding gives great views, but is a bit of a slog. Take it easy and stick to the trail. It may seem like the route on the trail is much longer, but is also more efficient and makes the day both quicker and easier than the map would suggest. Walking up to Stridung Edge you’ll likely see countless people ahead of you and traffic is likely to be the biggest problem in the day. Keeping to the crest is exposed, but take your time and rest assured that the rock is solid. The paths offering alternatives are deceptively bad and slips / collapses occur a bit too often! The end of the arête offers the most difficulties - again keep to the crest, sometimes sitting to reach footholds until you are forced to choose left or right. Neither is massively better, but you’ll find more hand and foot holds to the left dropping down the flakes and round to a stance above a chimney. The other side joins here and had a more sketchy entrance to the chimney. Once down here find your way back to the crest and up the obvious faults in the head wall. The final section is an eroded path leading up left through a grassy slope.

Descending Swirral Edge is much the same mantra - the rock is solid, keep to it. After descending the head wall the rocky arête soon begins and the current suggested route is just to the left. The rocks are occasionally angled away from you so take your time. It’s all grippy and in the correct boots you should be good. There are a couple of paths that drop away most notably to the north that can be sketchy in the extreme.

The rest of the walk is a pleasant amble down on good trails. The views are great.

This was a fantastic hike!! It starts out quite crowded and relatively easy with switch-backs. The crowd drowns out as the hike continues because it gets progressively harder and more challenging. You'll pass a beautiful and peaceful alpine lake about a third of the way through. From there on it's nearly all scrambling til the top, with snow for the last bit so come prepared!! Wear solid shoes, bring lots of water, and start out early because weather can get bad quickly as the day goes on. Side note: in the time period that I was hiking, there were two helicopter rescues for people that were being dumb and careless- climbing where they shouldn't have and being stupid. Don't be dumb and careless and stupid. :)

15 days ago

I hiked this trail in 4 days in 2014. I would like to go back and spend more time

2 months ago

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

2 months ago

Great views with awesome weather! Keep a lookout for false summits and continue the hike till you have a solid 360 view! Cheers!

Absolutely loved doing this hike. The trails are incredibly well marked. If not in shape like I was, it’s tough, but doable. Did the 11 days hike, about 10 miles a day. Did a mix of camping and refuges for overnights.

Great hike! Unfortunately it was a cloudy misty day and views at top were limited.

Absolutely amazing. We were lucky and had cloud coverage on the way up that cleared on the return trip. The feeling of walking up into the clouds and then emerging to the breath taking and endless vista was enchanting. I have knee problems (patellar femoral tracking issues and patellar instability) so the decrnt was the hardest part and took much longer than the ascent.

4 months ago

Once in a lifetime experience!

trail running
5 months ago

6 Days trail running with a great deal of training up front and overnights at hotels with luggage transport between (there are services for this). Pretty much one of the most glorious experiences ever - landscape changes every day and you get sheep, cows, rock goats,marmots, glaciers, rock scrambles, winding paths with fantastic resources along the way: water stops and rest stops with bathrooms and meals to buy.

By far the greatest hike of my life! The campsite has everything you need. Bathrooms, showers, snack bar, a shop to get camping and hiking gear and a really good restaurant. Nothing but good vibes and energy from this place! I loved every bit of it and I can't wait to go back and do it again!

Muy variado. Excelentes paisajes. Bastante esforzado. Recomiendo 100%.

(June 17) Relatively easy route up Snowdon. Heavily trafficked as a lot of people park in Lanberis. Gets a bit steep about 3/4 of the way up. Take plenty of water and food as the shop at the top isn't always open.

Did this climb a long time ago. Beautiful Scottish highland scenery.

Loved this walk. Wasn't much of a hike except once into the island past the rope bridge there were some rocks to climb. But nonetheless an amazing place to wonder and explore. Some amazing panoramic views! So much to take in!

Fantastic hike to see a more remote part of the Lake District mountains and scale the peak of England. Be prepared for very rocky terrain and plan more time in your hike. It was cloudy and difficult to scale that last part to the peak. On the way back you will get to a turnoff that goes up (see arrow on rock). It is a bit challenging for a moment, but provides better views on the way back. This hike was way more tiring that a similar distance hike we did to The Old Man Coniston but well worth it for the views, the feeling of having the mountain to yourself, various creeks, and solitude.

super track best ever

7 months ago

Breath taking views, walking on the stone path does wear on the knees after a while. Can be quite chilly at top, was 20C at the base and was snow at the top

Absolutely one of the best treks I've ever done! We camped so carrying all of our stuff made it more of an adventure and much cheaper! Camp sites were great and the scenery is the best you can get.

Best backpacking trip of my life so far! 9 days mostly tent camping. Almost after there was an incredible view from a high up pass that we worked hard to reach. Challenging but so worth it!

Most of the trail is an easy grade but still beautiful. The end is steep and there are some amazing views at the top. You can take the train down or just stop at the top and have a coffee or a bite to eat. The loop down gives some nice variety to the trip.

8 months ago

Beautiful and difficult hike. I believe I took a different trail that still led up to the top of Helvellyn. Great views along majority of the hike. I was in a group of 12, and it took us about 8 hours from start to finish.

fucksake bring a jumper and waterproof! I found some one half frozen in the cloud line soaking because they thought "it wouldn't be this bad". weather changes quick up in mountains so be prepared. apart from that tool it was a great day hike, don't rush, take your time to enjoy the view. and its a loch!!!

Truly breathtaking views. The hike begins in in sheep grazing pasture, with small clusters of trees here and there. The well-marked trail winds up past many small waterfalls. Before long, the pastures and trees give way to vast grassy mountainside. Around the halfway point, you'll hike past a picturesque mountain lake. The grass will become more sporadic and, as you approach the top, it will disappear entirely. During the last and most difficult stretch, you will past by a series of about 10 trailside cairns. I suspect the tall stacked stone structures are there to guide hikers in dense fog, provide some relief from wind and rain for those who stop to tie a shoe or retrieve something from a backpack, and mark the now completely rubble trail that has become practically indistinguishable from the rest of the surroundings. The trail will continue to become rockier and rockier, and by time you reach the very top, you'll be carefully stepping from one football-sized loose stone to another.

I experienced nearly every type of weather during my hike. Gorgeous sunshine, dense fog, howling wind, and biting rain. I began in a teeshirt, and layered up as I approached the top and temperatures dropped to the low 40s F. The rain began on me in earnest once I reached the top, and the fog was so thick I could see nothing beyond 50 feet.

The trail was busy and I was seldom out of sight of another hiker. It wasn't uncomfortable, but the volume of traffic and the crowd at the peak kept me from giving this five stars.

My climb up took 2h30m, and I was going faster than most. The descent took about 1h45. If you'd like to take breaks and linger, budget six hours for the whole trip.

Takes time to enjoy it.

trail running
10 months ago

Great early morning activity! Meet others on their way up when you are already made the summit! Only the top last k is not so nice to walk.
Live the outdoors!

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