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1 hour ago

Great place to walk the dog and get some exercise. Beautiful on a sunny day but Thursday there was a rainbow across the little valley and I did not have my phone to take a picture! Trails are still muddy in the shade.

15 hours ago

Beautiful terrain various from dry to lush. I would say this is light moderate.

Trails are nice and well marked, that’s always a plus, lol. Loved the hike :)

Good hike for training but it was solely uphill for 6 miles and then right back down. cool foggy forest while I was there with barely another soul. I would definitely hike Hardesty again.

Do it!

Awesome views!
For being so far west, the large meadow system atop horse rock ridge offers stunning views of high cascade peaks that will surprise most visitors.

13 days ago

We went on this hike yesterday without checking the weather conditions. It was very snowy on the trail and got deeper as we went. What we could make of the trail was quite narrow, and at times it felt like we were walking along the edge of a cliff (side of the mountain). I used some of the deeper snow to help steady my footing (some reaching to my knees), but I still ended up slipping and falling far too many times to count. At least the snow is soft padding. The trail takes you through some rocky areas with snow run-off that are pleasant to look at. Like others said, the trail longer than noted, at least 5 miles round trip according to my phone. The final stretch to the top is very steep and I sort of had to climb in the snowy dirt and have my boyfriend push me up to the top. Once we got there, the view of the lake was beautiful. Walking back was slick, and unfortunately it started getting dark. There were narrow snow trenches we had to carefully walk through. I like to believe the hike would’ve been more enjoyable without the cold and snow. We did feel accomplished once we completed it though. I would recommend getting an early start and keeping snacks and warm clothing with you.

14 days ago

Very well maintained, even in the winter (with the obvious exception of some mud!). Quite a bit of open space, but also lots of trees for hiking on rainy days ♥️

Hiked in February and was very wet. Very muddy so bring boots, I went light with no boots and regret that. Even though rainy and hailing it was still very nice. Only a saw two other parties, very quiet and pretty. Road up to trail head is very narrow and looks sketchy but opens up to parking lot and no fees. Good hike.

Beautiful hike. Really recommend taking upper trestle creek. Well maintained trail.

21 days ago

Took my 5 1/2 year old and we completed it at a good pace in no time. Beautiful trail, great people as always.

21 days ago

Started at Cedar Creek Campground and added Trestle Creek Falls so haven't done the full trail but of it is still incredible out here. You will turn a bend and have a perfect, postcard worthy photo. Very quiet when we went. There are some very narrow sections that are likely to become dangerous if they are not maintained this spring, but overall a great year round hike.

This hike was magical as it happened to be snowing when we did it. We didn't do the lower falls because of time but the upper was incredible. We connected this to the Brice Creek trail and had a blast. Will be excited to see it in the summer too.

26 days ago

Both times I've gone, it's been too foggy to see anything. Great trail though, lots of snow right now!

Great hike with lots of options!

28 days ago

I hiked to Eagles Rest on a windy, cloudy and at times rainy day. Still worth the time and effort spent there.

I opted for the long way up, starting at the Hardesty trailhead to make it between 12 and 13 miles total. There are some pretty good maps at the trailhead sign, showing the routes but also the elevation of the various trails. I took pictures of them on my phone before heading off.

The first section of the trail, from the parking lot to the 3 miles mark, follows the folds of the terrain. As there are 3 different creek crossings, this make for a bit of a roller-coaster start. Goodman creek crossing is via a large log with single handrail, very negotiable even in this wet-weather day. The other two creeks can be forded on the flat stones set for that purpose (there is an old log bridge at the last creek, in case waters are very high). There were several muddy spots as you would expect in these parts during the rainy season. In the last mile,, the trail get right next to the creek a few times.

The second part of the hike (roughly one mile) climbs up the canyon walls to reach the Eagles Rest Lower trailhead, finishing the ascent via a series of very shot switchbacks. The trail t-bones into Goodman Creek Rd (NFDR 5833) and the Lower Trailhead is right across the dirt road.

The third section connects the Lower Trailhead and the Upper Trailhead for a distance of just about 2 miles. After a few switchbacks, the trail finds more level terrain and heads in a nortwest direction toward the Ash Swale shelter. A couple a plank walks lead through marshy terrain to the shelter itself. The shelter is basic (three walls and a roof). I was so happy to reach it after about 6 miles that I promptly sat on the bench... and keeled backwards in an undignified fashion: the two-stumps-and-a-plank bench is not tethered to anything; I righted it up, dusted myself, and sat to stretch my legs. After the shelter, a very muddy switchback climber to the level ground just below the Upper Trailhead.

The Upper Trailhead is on Eagles Rest Rd (NFDR 509). From there, all that is left is a short but steep-ish ascent to the summit. This is managed via a series of switchbacks on the southeastern wooded slope. Only upon reaching the summit do the views open up, from southeast to southwest. The summit area is relatively small and rocky.

ON the way back , I decided to walk along Goodman Creek Rd from the Lower Trailead back to the highway. This provides a bit of a "loop" feeling... and cuts the return trip by more than half a mile compared to an out-and-back.

As others have noted, the constant sound of gunfire around the summit, sometime even from semi-automatic weapons, does not greatly enhance the feeling of being "one with nature".

This hike was AMAZING! Honestly, one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever been on. You start in wooded beauty then break out into a mountainside meadow. The views were breathtaking. The low traffic made for a perfect, relaxing Saturday afternoon with the pups. Easy trail for dogs. My pups enjoyed the freedom of low traffic and being able to explore off leash. Through the duration of the hike, I only saw one other couple on the trail. It was perfect serenity.

30 days ago

Lovely view from the top!!

AMAZING views!! We did this hike 2/15/18 and There was snow! It was slippery at parts, and steep but well worth it. Once you get to the research building go down the road to see another amazing view. That’s was as far as we went but I’m sure you could follow that road for more adventures.

I hiked all the way to a campground then had ro turn around cause it was getting late, beautiful water views along the way, there is a part of this trail where the forest is burned down and it burnt the bridge to cross over, if your willing to cling some steep dirty ashy hills then it's completely doable.

great hike, AMAZING views!! not too difficult, just a few steep areas. highly recommended!

1 month ago

I had a great time, but did way more miles than marked, due to getting lost both going up and coming back down. Good work out and hardly anybody else on the trail on a Tuesday.

1 month ago

I enjoy this trail very much. I usually head down the face of dimple hill when I get there and make my way to Oak Creek gate then back the way I came to make it a longer sustained hike.

This hike is truly worth it! One of our favorites! We will definitely do again! Incredible views from the top!

Beautiful views! I’d consider it a moderate hike.

I went on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and super crowded! Nonetheless, super beautiful view of Eugene/Springfield.

Super fun hike. Lots of wildlife and not to crowded of a trail.

Loved this trail! My daughter and I hiked it in November and it was absolutely beautiful!! Great views!! The waterfalls are amazing! And all the fall leaves made it’s so bright and cheerful!

One of my favorites, will definitely be back to do this one again.

1 month ago

Nice trail, but a bit muddy at the start on the day we hiked. Great view at the top from Dimple Hill.

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