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4 days ago

Did this hike in March of 2018. Came from the south road to the trailhead. I would recommend 4X4. The view from the top is very cool with all the quartz around you. I will be doing this hike again in the spring.

2 months ago

This is a hard and challenging hike. I would not call it as difficult as Flat Iron.

The drive in to the turn off: There seems to be a lot of discussion. I have a Dodge Journey. Goes great with the dad bod and hiking sneakers. Coming in from the south way the roads were easy until I turned and headed north along the power lines. You I just had to slow down. I had clearance for the sand birm in the middle of the road. Really no problem. Go slow and take your time.

As for the way out. way more sand, much tighter and the wash outs were bad. There were a few times I followed the new tire tracks off the main road to get around the road. From the time you turn off the trail access road to the blacktop the "road" is a mess. Big broken wash outs. Lots of moderate to heavy sand, plants encroaching into the roadway. This is not a path for a "car". If it's about the same distance go the south route.

As for the hike I clocked it at 6.4 miles. the trail is lightly traveled for sure. It's all up hill to the point that when the path leveled off for a few feet, I walked slower. Really, it felt so good.

The upper third is a lot of rocks and broken trail however there are plenty of markers to show the path. There was a beat up American flag at the top. the western valley was an exquisite view. Make no mistake the down hill is tough too due to your up hill grind.

Not going again for sometime due to heat and distance to get there. But this is a hike if you're looking for something totally different and challenging

Great, although tough to get to and I live 10 mins away to the turn off. 20 to 40 mins in to trailhead in a 2016 Jeep. I bet there's an easier way in I have not found it yet!

3 months ago

I enjoyed the most peaceful and serene moment of my week hiking the Dysart trail starting at Coldwater and returning through Butterfield.
It's moderate on the easy side, there were very few people, mostly bikers.
Being the end of April with the desert in bloom, there were quite a few bees buzzing around the mesquite trees but I wasn't bothered.

This hike is remarkable. A challenge that will test you, but well worth it at the end. The peak is absolutely beautiful. Well worth the constant uphill and downhill grind. Bring lots of water and start early.

4 months ago

awesome work out beautiful peak better if you have a 4x4 to get to it. rough way to get to trail head. worth it.

Good trail! I’d say easy to moderate though. Had some steep inclines and a few washes- great for beginners.

First time doing this trail. We came in from Mobile and it was a fairly easy drive. The trail is in great condition but definitely an uphill grind. On a warm day, start early and take lots of water! Absolutely beautiful at the top with a great view of South Mountain. Would definitely do this one again!

5 months ago

I disagree with the sentiment that you need 4WD to make it to the trailhead through the Goodyear route. I've been out a couple times without that and never felt even remotely worried about getting stuck. I would definitely suggest at least using a crossover type vehicle just for the clearance. The road definitely has a few points where it is somewhat high in the middle and uneven spots that you will want that clearance. The problem with the southern route, as others have mentioned, is that Google maps will take you down some washes too narrow to really drive down and you will scratch the hell out of your car. If you go that route, I would suggest avoiding the turn onto 99th Ave and just continue to go straight. The turn after 99th Ave is a wash as described above. I have not gone on the suggested route, but the terrain view on Google maps looks much easier to traverse.

As for the trail itself, it is definitely difficult. You are looking at a sustained 16+% grade for pretty much the entire hike. It is absolutely gorgeous and I like the isolation. You are exposed nearly the entire hike, so account for that in the amount of water you take and the season you perform the hike. I highly recommend the hike.

I like this hike to get in mileage. Not particularly challenging but some good ups and downs. It is fairly challenging for a mountain bike in my opinion since I am not the best mountain biker out there ;)

5 months ago

PLEASE READ BEFORE GOING. I am a generally crazy person when it comes to risk-taking and I take my poor 2016 sedan on some pretty terrible roads. The route I took to get here was basically like driving on the beach but worse. Google Maps will give you directions coming from Goodyear, but DO NOT go that way if you do not have 4-wheel drive. I did, but it was a miracle. I did make it to the trailhead in my car, but didn’t have time as my 15 mile sand drive took 2 hours. The route to/from Mobile, AZ is safer if you’re looking to use a 2WD vehicle. Google Maps also thinks a lot of random “roads” that don’t even resemble a place you could drive any vehicle are there when they do not exist. Make sure you have the map of roads loaded on your phone so you can get out, especially if you take the Western route to Goodyear. Don’t use my rating for the trail. I have it the benefit of the doubt.

Make sure you hAve a 4 wheel drive car. It is necessary for getting to for parking. The hike is challenging. Mostly incline which destroyed my legs (I’m a 25 year old kickboxer). The view from the top is beautiful but I don’t think I’d go back

Be on the lookout for horse droppings! Nice trail wide and smooth enough in most portions to run if you’d like.

6 months ago

This was a great trail, if you have the means to get to the trailhead I strongly reccomend it. You will need a vehicle with a good amount of ground clearance to reach the trailhead. The trail itself is hard as rated but lightly trafficked if that's your thing. It is uphill all the way and when you get near the top some light climbing/scrambling is required, take it slow and easy and pace yourself, take plenty of water and go in the winter months. Beautiful view from the top on a clear day!

One for the books. Absolutely breathtaking.

Beautiful hike with moderate incline and well set path. Pay close attention to the signs to stay on the right trail!

Very difficult hike! Stunning views of all the mountains!

Great views and beautiful weather

Dogs had a hard time the last 1/4 mi. Steep climb most of the way. Great views. Nice drive in.

7 months ago

Amazing views, to get here do not go on Litchfield to Empire as Google maps says. Road ends. Stay on Riggs to power line road.

Fantastic hike. Great workout and totally worth the effort. The quartz peak is so unique, making it that much better when you reach the top. Take plenty of water and enjoy the views!

Very long trail hike. Be prepared. Not too difficult. accidentally did this long hike we meant to cut up dysart trail. It was nice we started around 8. It is still a little hot in DECEMBER

It was a bust

mountain biking
9 months ago

11 months ago

Pretty boring but good for passing time or talking to friends. Lots of fun critters to spot, just not my usual type of hike.

trail running
Sunday, July 23, 2017

good 6 miler, nice terrain

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Beautiful views all the way up, and giant cacti everywhere. Strenuous climb, but so worth it to see the Quartz peak!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beautiful wilderness area, challenging and rewarding hike are the positives. Flies, flies, flies are the negatives. In addition, this is my third time doing this hike and I still have difficulty accessing the trail head due to poorly marked roads/off-road trails.

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