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Great for families. Did it with an age range from 5-60. Just bring lots of water. It does get a little long so we stopped a few times.

I don’t know why the app says this trail is easy. It’s moderate-hard and the end is very steep. A beginner can do it, but still.
Great views though. I would do it again.

Right off road to alpine visitor center, parking can be tough.

Saw elk across the way at the start. Saw numerous marmots.

Views were great from the get-go. Just different being in the tundra. If you go to RMNP then do one tundra hike, this may be true easiest trail option. . Don't even have to do the whole trail, as the views might be the best in the beginning.

6 days ago

Lots of people, but worth it because beautiful and unique rock formations. Make the trip if in the area. And it’s free.

Great trail. I would emphasize that if you find yourself on a single track footpath, you’re off the trail, not that I know anything about that. Would be wonderful if the horse people would take a little responsibility for the poop all over the trail.

Nice views overlooking Estes Park and the Rockies. Could have been nicer but unfortunately was a hazy day.

11 days ago

Moderately difficult trail with rewarding views at the summit. Saw a rabbit and lots of chipmunks but no other wildlife to note. Watch out for those chipmunks, they'll try to get into your bag of you set it down. Wish there was a sign at the top.

Gorgeous! And easy with kiddos.

12 days ago

I absolutely loved this trail. I got to the trailhead about 9:30 am and there was only a handful of cars so I got a pretty good parking spot. The first mile or so is pretty flat but it definitely gets harder as you keep going. Totally worth the hike because the views you see on the way up are fantastic. Once you get to the top, you have more than enough room to sit down, enjoy the view, and eat some lunch (I got there about 11:15). I came down and was back to my car about 12:45 (lots more people were on the trail at this point so I suggest going early.) Overall a great hike and highly recommend.

I really enjoyed this hike. I got to the trailhead for sunrise which was beautiful! Lots of wildlife, saw Elk, deer, wild turkeys. the view is spectacular! would recommend to do this hike first as it gives great perspective of the whole area. first 2 miles we're up, next half was flat or down, followed by the last half mile a steep stair climb. very much worth it.

16 days ago

We picked this for our first RMNP hike as a way to get acclimatized to the 8500 ft elevation. It served its purpose. Relatively flat. Very popular hike. We saw a small crowd gathered watching 2 moose. There may be more wildlife if there were not as many people on the trail. The waterfall was nice. Refreshing to finally sit in the shade for lunch by the waterfall. Otherwise the path does not have much shade. Remember sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

We did the trail from Trail Ridge to Beaver Meadows trail head, 6.5 miles, taking the descent down. The descent was very steep and rocky, fell twice but not injured. Not for kids...

17 days ago

Beautiful trail, a little trafficked but very scenic along the way and at the overlook at the top of the trail. Watch out for piles of horse poop every 200 ft. or so. A lot of wind as well, witch is great on a warm day but prob. miserable on a cold day. Other than the poop and people, great hike!

Favorite alpine hike so far offering fantastic vistas. We stopped before the descent choosing instead to watch the elk and explore the point just to the south of the trail decent. Parking is indeed a problem but a few small pull-out areas just below on Route 34 were clear. Be prepared for wind with a light fleece and windbreaker with another layer available just in case the temps drop suddenly. The weather up there is always in flux up there.

Hike was amazing! Views at the early part and a few lookout points were really cool. My only gripe about the trail is the amount of horse poop on the trail. It’s everywhere, so be on the lookout.

Beautiful summit trail with nice wildflowers and mild switchbacks. We started around 6:50 on a weekday and didn't see too many people until maybe the last 20 minutes as we finished the hike. Took almost exactly 3 hours round trip.

Nothing but the facts: 58 and 50 yr old husband and wife. Missed first switchback but got back on trail, 14 switchbacks and 220 stair master stairs at the end. Two hours up and 1 1/2 coming down. Great views and good hike.

23 days ago

Gorgeous hike, with a summit hard to match. Great views, and a nice place to enjoy the moment and any company you may have. Got there early, so found parking right at the trailhead. This would be a great trail run, too.

24 days ago

A wonderful moderate Day hike for Rocky Mountain National Park. Great views, moderate not intense, and pleasantly not as crowded as many of the other sites in the park. You may have to work around some of the horseback groups that frequent this mountain.

This was a great hike. Lots of ups but downs too. The falls are beautiful! Plenty of places to stop and rest or have a snack/water break. We saw moose, deer and marmots. Our kids ranged from 7-15 and were all able to do this hike at varying paces. Made for a fun day!

25 days ago

We hiked this trail on a Friday afternoon. There was still street parking available near the trail head. The trial had moderate traffic but was not overly crowded. It has a definite incline and lots of switchbacks. We actually ended up off the trail the first time we attempted this hike. The first switchback is not marked at all. We went straight on what looked like the trail but when we were having to climb huge boulders we realized we were off trail and turned back. There are lots of
Places to stop and rest. Pack lots of water-each person brought 64oz and we ran low or were out entirely. It’s a beautiful view both on the trail and at the summit. Didn’t see much wildlife and no waterfalls/lakes/river on this trail but still loved it. If you’re up for a challenge then this is for you!

25 days ago

Beautiful falls. Relatively flat. Great family hike.

Awesome trail! Flat and relaxed hike that rewards you with an impressive waterfall. Saw 2 groups of moose and some elk

Outstanding hike.You can do this in about 4 mile round trip and 700' elevation change. The hike is much more difficult than advertised due to high elevation and high wind speeds. The return hike up hill in 40-50 MPH winds is tough! That said totally worth it! Fantastic views all around plus no crowds! To view the RMNP valley area you do need to go all the way to where the trail starts decent down (2 miles out)

27 days ago

Great hike, lots of fun

Great trail, falls are fantastic

28 days ago

Great hike away from the crowds if you get a reasonably early start (before 9AM). Don't turn around too soon! After about 2 miles of long switchbacks going up, the trail decends down for another half mile until you come to the summit sign. The summit has outstanding views all around. Many good spots for snack or lunch. My Garmin showed mileage at 6.4 miles round trip and total elevation gain of 1500 feet. Would definitely do this one again!

28 days ago

Great hike, good for kids, look for moose and deer!

29 days ago

Went on a Monday morning and arrived about 10:30am and got to the summit about 12:30pm. It was a nice steady incline for most of the way. We took alot of breaks to take in all of the scenery. Parking was relatively full on a Monday and was moderately busy on the trail. Payoff is wonderful at the summit with lots of areas to break for lunch and snacks.

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