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Nice short walk through the woods. end of the trail has a decent overlook of the top of the Zion plateau in the distance. Very easy trail.

Nothing dramatic to see other than the lookout, but an easy family walk with plenty of flowers & insects along the way for little ones on a summer day.

29 days ago

Did this trail 2 years ago. A wonder! It’s the untouched backyard that mysteriously brings you back to the dinosaur era. 20 people per day are permitted, which means you won’t see any other human most of the time. Complete wilderness without any man made sign, so you have to notice the landscape then roam freely!

Nice little hike. Beautiful view at the end. Is just a VERY short hike.

We took the Rover and side by sides to the opening of the trail. Really pretty walk, mostly flat so any fitness level could enjoy it. Just take a look at the photos from this trail, such an incredible natural beauty.

nature trips
1 month ago

A wonderland!

1 month ago

Simply stunning.
Permits are difficult to obtain though and you will lucky to get one.
The pre hike talk by the ranger can be a bit daunting too for the inexperienced hiker. You are warned about getting lost and the possibility of an overnight stay until you are found, wildlife, etc.
My better half almost never went but in the end relented.
Think it was the best decision she ever made. Take plenty water and go early to make a day of it.
Also, anything less than a SUV down the 8 mile dirt, potholed road from the interstate to the trailhead is likely to leave you with under carriage damage.

DO NOT WALK THIS TRAIL! We tried to walk from the parking lot, 2.5 miles in we were so tired that we had to turn back and walk 2.5 miles mostly uphill in deep sand. If you want to do this trail, be smart and rent some side by sides in Kanab to ride to the slot.

Simple walk through the pines, but does have a nice overlook.

Pretty accurate until you get over the sandy hill at the end to get to the wave. Once in lifetime experience!

2 months ago

IMPORTANT: Please read and truly understand every word and the map that is provided with your permit.

Entered Houserock Valley Rd north off 89 via Page. Houserock is washboard rough rd for 7 miles south to parking. SVU is best esp is there has been rain.

Amazing hike but very poorly marked. Use the veridical slot in the mountain as your destination when you turn south. Very easy to miss the fist turn off for the wave trail head off wire pass.

1.5 mile point. As soon as you cross the sandy wash there is a marker post on a dune to head east. Follow that path up the side of the mountain “the saddle” as they call it. Very easy to miss.

From there you will head south bearing to the right along the mountain sides. The wave is in the distance at the base of the coin slot crevasse white mountain.

Annotated photos uploaded.

2 months ago

easy little short day hike. No issues, there are pallets and some ropes hung to help you over the boulder falls

The road in was almost impassable due to deep loose sand. We followed the app directions and they lead you to a private road on the animal sanctuary. The alternate route was rough even in a 4wd f150 with aggressive tires. It's doable but it's nasty.
If you've got enough water it would be better to walk dowb to the trailhead from the staging area on 89, though it will suck walking back out in the loose sand, uphill.

Enjoy with caution!

2 months ago

A wonderful hike and beautiful geologic feature. While The Wave was the main event for the hike and certainly worth the effort, the out and back hike and wandering around the area is fascinating. The views are endless.

Hiked to the point at which this trail turned around. Was unable to get into the Canyon. Definitely start the hike from where this hike says to to avoid hiking 3 miles for practically nothing.

Unfortunately they had snow and we drove right past this trail, we turned around to where the starting point should be and saw the empty wood sign. Im assuming they put up the trailhead names once you can hike, but we had to drive back down since there was no cell service to find something else to do.

3 months ago

The Wave is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Our permits were for late March. The weather was perfect, it drizzled at times which kept the temperature perfect. We didn't use a compass or GPS... probably would've found it faster if we had. It was a rough hike for the non-hiker in the group.

3 months ago

Cool slot canyon tucked in a hillside. We only made it to the first set of ropes and turned back because our bodies were fatigued from a full day of hiking in Zion, but it seems like the canyon continued up much further on climbing rope systems. Wish we had the time/energy to make it further. Someone has propped a pallet beside the first major boulder in the canyon to help with getting over it, so you shouldn’t need a buddy-lift.

3 months ago

Amazing! Easy hike but be very very careful with navigation, you can get lost easily.

4 months ago

This was a hike that was beautiful and a good workout that ended at one of the most beautiful natural shrines I have seen. A highlight on a trip full of great hikes!

We went up 102L and dropped in the canyon from the NW side and headed east; wasn't technical getting down but required some definite scrambling. FYI the entire area is basically a big sandbox; more suited for ATVs or 4WD as opposed to hiking in on foot which is what we did and I definitely don't recommend it :/

the canyon itself was fine, but what we had no idea that about .75 mi from the east exit there is a 20+ foot boulder obstacle that stops you - as in repelling gear required. We had to backtrack up canyon to the west a bit and climb out of the canyon to go around on 102L. We dropped back down the east side on the ATV trails and came in through Kanab Creek. As it turned out that first half mile or so in the east side up to the boulder obstacle is by far the prettiest part of the canyon.

Definitely a beautiful hike if you can get a permit through the lottery! Went at the end of February 2 years ago and even with the cooler temps, it was still hot. There is no shade so take more water than you think you need!

Beautiful hike but you need to be very skilled at bolstering or bring repelling g equipment t to get into the gorge. It is a 100 foot drop and hard to find the trail head to the gorge. .

Fabulous trail. Short and easy. We took our Jeep right up the canyon to the trail head of peek a boo. Make sure you have 4 wheel drive or you will get stuck. Such fabulous photos!

A slightly challenging 2.3mi (one way) walk across soft desert sand from parking lot to SE entry to the Slot Canyon.. Canyon itself was fully choked about 1/2mi from the end of the road/where the slot canyon begins. What we did experience was beautiful but realize you can not travel the full length of the canyon, huge boulders and logs create a roof/canopy 20’ above you stopping your path. We are tempted to start from the NW side next time to see how far you can go.. also an ATV or 4x4 to travel up Kanab creek is a better way to get to the SE entry.. enjoy

lifetime memory


Took us about 4/5 hrs total hiking in from the parking lot, enjoying/exploring the slot canyon and then back out. It was tiring hiking in the sand but worth it! The slot canyon was beautiful and so were the views during the hike.


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