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10 hours ago

This is an absolute must hike for Southern Utah. Every moment of it was enjoyable, the foot traffic was a little high when I went and there are only so many spots you can set up camp in the slot canyons.

I believe Escalante has some of the greatest adventure hikes out there, BUT I have had enough scary experiences in Escalante that I would STRONGLY advise that if you want to have the adventures here you NEED 4 things. 1. All Trails or a similar app with the downloaded map on your phone with a spare battery or a Garmin. 2. An external GPS for your phone (I have a global SAT for only $40). 3. Water shoes in your backpack. 4. A paper map as a backup. ( Also always drop a pin at your car.). Escalante is a wonderland, but the trails are not well marked and so it is crucial you do your homework about what you are heading into and go prepared.
To get to the hike you drive about 10 miles down Hole In The Rock Road until you see a cattle guard with a parking area on the right side of the road. This is the parking lot, and the trail is just across the road. After not very long on the trail the cliffs turn beautiful with cool wave patterns. They are beautiful. We headed to Zebra trail and did that trail first, and then headed right which I believe is South. You get to a fence. I was told we had to climb under it. We walked by a field of cool black balls that were facinating, and this is where my All Trail came in as a HUGE help. Not sure if we would have found it without my external GPS, and that downloaded map, but when we did find it, it was an obvious crack in the canyon that you are looking at from above. The decent into the canyon was steep, but if you go at it slowly and carefully it was not bad. The next challenge to deal with is the water. We went when it was only high 50's in temperature, so getting wet was something we had to be careful about. If it was a super hot day, I am sure it would have been just a nice cool down. Each time.we got to water, we put on our water shoes and quickly got through and then dried off our feet and got our warm shoes back on. The big landmark of this hike is that the trail narrows down into a narrow canyon about 2 feet wide that is about 30-40 feet long. It has rocks that have settled on top creating a tunnel. Most the time this tunnel is filled with water, so you have to get in the water to make it through. I stayed close to the cave wall, so it only came up to right under my bottom, but in the middle it was deeper. Very cool hike, but like most hikes in Escalante, GO PREPARED, for it is super easy to get lost. Here is my blog for a 360 stitch of the hike. Tunnel. http://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/02/360-adventure-tunnel-slot-canyon.html?m=1


By far one of the best hikes I’ve ever been on. The views are unbelievable.

A few notes:

We spoke to a ranger in the cannonsville station to grab permits to camp near the Egypt trailhead. Told her we were going to the cathedral, through the fence canyon route. She suggested we took a different route, which only required 1 river crossing rather than 5.

Once we were at the trailhead we decided to go for the fence canyon route since we had a gps with it loaded on. Trail is tough, and navigation skills are necessary. Scope out the best spots to cross the river at each point. Was about thigh-waist high deep at its deepest point in early March.

After the 5th river crossing we were like screwwwww this, so we decided to go the route the ranger suggested to us on the way back.
Cross the river just south of the neon canyon entrance and walk directly away from the dome that signals the entrance of the canyon. After that, you’ll feel like you’re lost in the desert for an hour or so, but you’ll easily be able to locate the final ascent to the TH. Lots of ups and downs, but Definitely worth going this route over fence canyon if you aren’t feeling a bunch of river crossings.

Overall, 10/10 hike, 10/10 views, one hell of an adventure.

This is a must do! Experience hiking and rock climbing does help. Bring a rope/strap just in case and plenty of water. I don't recommend going alone. Best route is up Peek-a-boo and then down Spooky. If you have time take a stroll up Dry Fork to see the varied rocks and for the solitude.

Hiked 02/21/18. I checked the weather conditions prior to starting by visiting the Escalante Interagency visitor center (I called the number multiple times but no one answered so keep that in mind if that happens to you). The ladies there informed me that there was a large ice cold water puddle right in front of the Peek a boo entrance. they stated that since there is water there, there is most likely water within the a lot canyon as well. My bf and I wanted to try anyways... so we took the chance and headed out on the drive. It's an hour drive to the entrance. We had. four wheel large car so we were able to get close to the starting point. LOAD ALL TRAILS MAP BED
FORE LOSING SIGNAL. This saved our butt from not getting lost. Anyways, we started with Peek-a-boo based on reviews on here. Sure enough there was a huge 12x13 water puddle that was shin deep in front of the 12ft steep rock we had to climb. My bf went first and we rough rope so he was able to lift me up with the rope. I have leg strength but zero upper body strength. He is 27yo male and i am 26yo female. So bring rope just in case!! I couldn't have climbed that without help. We took our shoes off to get through the water and yes it was cold but worth it! there were only two other small water puddles in the canyon after that. the rest of the hike was great. lots of fun, problem solving and pictures taken. Definitely do this hike- it's so fun!'

Do I need a 4WD or all wheel drive at all for Fortymile Ridge Road? I just want to get to the trailhead without getting stuck.

2 months ago


Takes about an hour to drive to the canyons from town. Watch for cows when driving and be safe! Once you start the hike, you head down to the wash sooner than you may think- so look for the cairnes to direct you. Peek-a-boo has a steep 12’ entrance but after that is beautiful and easy! You then go into a wash and about a 1/2 mile in sand to Spooky slot canyon. Spooky is REALLY fun! Some areas are only 10” wide so it can get tight. I’m 5’5” and average size, and I had to squeeze through in some areas. The end of Spooky (if you do the loop with Peek-a-boo first) is really technical. I would say is even advanced so make sure you are prepared for scaling some boulders and being solution oriented. You’ll love this hike and I would recommend to anyone!!

Amazing! Awesome hike! Gets kind of technical in a few parts and not for the faint of heart, started feeling claustrophobic a little bit in spooky gulch but wasn’t too bad because the narrow part didn’t last too long. We went clockwise and getting down into the hole at spooky was a little ... spooky

3 months ago

Zebra and Tunnel may be full of water, ask at Escalante VC first

the boring way into Coyote - long, not scenic. best approach is to drive out to the trailhead, go down through the crack to the river, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin Arch (150' rope STRONGLY recommended, first 1/3rd out very steep)

sometimes (rarely) known together as Spook-a-Boo. TAKE WATER. dogs not recommended in Peek-a-Boo - steep. highly trafficked and not everyone knows what they're doing out there, don't underestimate this loop. DO NOT GO INTO BRIMSTONE (next canyon over) ALONE, WITHOUT ROPE - a photographer got stuck there for nine days years back, could've died

Fantastic canyons but not for the casual hiker. Entrance to Peekaboo involves scaling up about 12 feet of slick rock. There are carved handholds but still takes a bit of daring.

Spooky is very narrow. In places I was wedged in on front and back. Not for the claustrophobic. There is also one area that takes some chimneying to get up or down.

Fantastic hike but definitely know what you’re getting into.

3 months ago


I loved these both! We only saw two people through the entire canyons. Perfect weather.

Awesome slot canyons that just keep going & going. Beautiful sights and easy to moderate hike. Definitely recommend the trail.

fun hike but a long drive, take water, no cell phone service. Sunset Arch 37.37588, -111.04835, Sunrise Arch 37.37296, -111.04727, Rocket Arch 37.35571, -111.04148, Passageway Arch 37.35461, -111.04176, about 5.5 miles roundtrip going south from the parking lot, more or less in a line going south

3 months ago

pretty, but hot and sandy in summer

very popular slot canyons, often crowded. ASK for map and current conditions at GSENM Escalante VC (435) 826-5499 before setting out - Hole in the Rock Road is generally passable except in heavy snow, but the spur road to the trailhead is often impassable for sedans. dogs are not recommended (even on leash) due to heavy use. camping is available, register at trailhead and camp only on disturbed areas. TAKE EXTRA WATER (if not for yourself, for others) - novices overestimate their abilities and get into trouble here with deadly results, cellphone service is spotty and medical help is not close.

3 months ago

hiked up the trail and explored , Lots of cool photo ops. Best shots just after it rains.

Beautiful hike and the beginning of zebra was beautiful. You either have to be really thin or Spider-Man to get through. We only had 8” of water for about 4 feet. It was pretty and a nice trek, but I don’t know if I would recommend it. It is definitely single file through the slot and not for curvy people. If you go, take leather gloves and an old shirt for scrambling.

Not a lot of markers knowing which slot canyons are which but was beautiful

The route shown does not go thru Brimstone Gulch, so the title and description should be updated. Also...the map/route should be shortened to not go past the “0.4 mile shortcut”. If you continue past that, the trail is not well marked (very few cairns) and there isn’t anything worth seeing. Other than that, this trail is great. It is challenging, unique and fun. We hiked thru Spooky first (counterclockwise direction) and then ended on Peek-a-boo. You will need a “boost” out Spooky and a “hand” getting out of Peek-a-boo if you go this direction. It did seem like more people were hiking the trail clockwise. Either way...be prepared for a challenge. This trail is not for people who get claustrophobic.

Did this 11/18 and loved it! Hardly any others at all on a Saturday afternoon. We started with Peekaboo and then did Spooky per the majority of recommendations on this site. There was a bit of a climb into Peekaboo that was manageable without equipment. We did meet up with another couple and helped each other down the drop that many others have mentioned in Spooky. I don’t think I would have been able to climb up that part without rope and would definitely recommend doing Peekaboo first for this reason. It does get very tight, as many others have warned, but is so worth it. The whole hike was absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to go again!

Amazing hike. I'd follow the suggestion of doing peek-a-boo first as there is a 10' drop (or climb) that is far easier to descend than ascend in my opinion (w/o gear). Don't let the drop deter you as it's very manageable once you navigate where to plant your feet. Cannot stress this enough that this hike isn't for overweight or claustrophobic people. Spooky get's very narrow. Also, don't tell anyone about this gem. It's almost like a free version of Antelope Canyon!

4 months ago

This was my first slot and I am HOOKED. Awesome, easy hike in October. The temperature was 75 degrees but judging by the squeals of the grown men wading through the canyon the water temp was about -30. Went pantsless and barefoot but you do you. For more info and photos (none of the screaming grown men), check out my post by following the link below:


4 months ago

Gotta do it. A couple of areas required rope for those who are overweight or otherwise not able to, for example, drop down from a 9 or 10 foot drop (in Spooky slot canyon) with the assistance of fellow hikers or (at the base of Peek-a-boo slot canyon) ascend a precarious 20 foot ascent up STEEP and slippery sandstone with a 10 foot drop at the bottom (I personally rescued 2 separate adult males at this point.

Great hike to an arch if you have dogs since they aren't allowed on trails in Arches State Park. Some difficult footing spots for dogs and two 'ladder' points where the dog will need to find their own path around since it's steep. Small dogs could be carried here. You can see the arch at a distance prior to these points though.

Trail well marked up until you hit the riverbed. Once at riverbed look closely for drift wood markers & rock markers. At the slots the water was COLD in October but fun as hell. Water went to just above my belly button and I’m 5’7” tall (67 cm). Enjoy! It’s beautiful

The drive to the parking lot is long and dusty. You will need to pay attention as the turn off is not called out by name. Going back into the lot, there is a split and if you don't have a lifted vehicle park in the first lot. Trial head is about 1 mile to the left of the first lot. Hike is great, spooky is tight and peekaboo is some climbing but both are really neat and beautiful. I would recommend starting in spooky which is off and around on the right. It makes the climbing is peekaboo much easier.

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