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Good trail for a nice run and some easy level hiking. No need for hiking shoes, tennis shoes are fine. Families with kids and strollers are there all the time. Get out and get outside.

11 hours ago

I really enjoy this trail especially right now the viewpoints are great. I recommend taking a picture of the trail-map at the beginning of the trail because there are different ways to go through this trail and might get confusing if you are not familiar with this trail. There are some steep parts and tons of stairs....so it will be a great hike and way to exercise

Started app 2 mi in.

Rangers are condasending a$$holes. Read every sign before your hike and get back to your car before 5 or get a ticket. Negative first experience at this trail bc of this. I won't be back

Very safe trail. The rangers are very active and super friendly. The only thing I didn’t like was the sun exposure.
There is no shade after the first mile and you will need to bring hat and water.

1 day ago

Trail was great, super steep. Dog owners though don’t follow rules, I saw a dog without a leash, & a lot of poop not picked up.

was the best back in the mid 90's

Very quick trail but the steepness makes up for it. Don’t go on a rainy day because it will get very muddy and you will ruin your shoes like I did. I would definitely want to go back on a non-rainy day

A bit difficult to find, but overall a decent hike. The beginning (clockwise) follows the hill by dirt trail, then leads to asphalt for about a mile once you reach the station. You then go past a small ranch and then along the creek trail. You cross a bridge and then ascend the mountain of steps and switchbacks. You finally finish back where you started. Took about 2:15.00.

A lot of incline in my opinion. Great hike.

Easy to get to this fairly quaint trail. We weren’t sure where it ended so hiked more moderately for a bit then turned back. Cool part is just as you start off it overlooks this private land that has all these large meditation statues. Very serene.

Thanks for the update, Tyler!

11 days ago

Parking is available at Bracket Field (and the cafe serves good food too!)
You have two options to begin the hike. The first is to continue west on McKinley to the trailhead, or the second is to cross McKinley and follow the fence along the golf course (this option drops down into a small valley and reconnects with McKinley before the trailhead). Today I chose the second option.
Once on the main trail there will be some asphalt but as you proceed to Tree Line Trail the dirt dominates... leading you to the south portion which has excellent views of the lake and the San Gabriel Mountains. In the middle of the hike you’ll cross the Puddingstone Dam. I used this stretch of straight asphalt to walk backwards. Why backwards? It strengthens your knees and improves your balance!
As you loop the lake there are restrooms and picnic areas and on the north shore, playgrounds and boat docks. And, you’ll share the trail with cyclists and runners... all the while serenaded by honking geese, Happy hiking!

Sucks there is no parking beautiful scenery but you have to park really far to even get close don’t know why they don’t do parking spaces up there.

The front gate is closed, so just walk around it.

I completed this hike on 1/7/18. The extra walk made this an over 21 mile hike. We got to the summit at sunset and descended in the dark with headlamps. From the parking to the trailhead is about 3.5 miles of steep incline on asphalt, don’t let that ruin your day #OptOutside.

This trail is very well maintained. We saw deer, salamanders, and a mountain lion.

The second half of the loop had a few fallen down trees so just expect to hop over them. The wildlife is extra wild from the closure, so be prepared to see some animals and to know what to do when you come face to face.

Be aware of the change of temperature from the trailhead to the summit. There is snow on the summit.

We saw no other people up there so be careful and bring a buddy Incase of emergency. Have a plan.

The vertical climb gets pretty intense towards the end after Sturtavent Camp, especially with how bad that first 3.5 miles blows your legs out, but we did it, so you can do it. You got this!

My buddy’s Garmin GPS clocked us at 21.35 total miles and 5,482 feet in elevation gain for the day.

2019 Hike 2 of 52. Six Pack of Peaks 2019 1 of 6.

IG: @TheSoCalHiker94

Good trail !! Shady at first if you stay to the right!

17 days ago

Very good

Decided just to walk into the gate of the mining company, knowing I'd be stopped by security. Soon as that happened I asked if I could speak to whoever was in charge to ask some questions about the trail.

Spoke to the manager of operations where he explained the fire and why it's closed, but also the city hasn't made any effort to fix the trail and probably won't by how bad it is.

I asked for him to take me as far as he can with supervision, just so i can see the trail because i own a landscaping company and I'd love to fix it for free just to open it back up (I dont though shhh.)

So he brought me as far as he could take me, the trail is severely messed up, had to use ropes to get across some areas, making it nearly impossible to get to the Falls and extremely dangerous with 20-30ft shear drops on un-stable ground.

My best advice is to not even try a way around or even going when they're closed. It's way too risky. Also they believe this trail will be permanently closed.

Sorry Everyone :(

I love this hike. It is well maintained and busy. I was able to go alone a couple times but felt very safe. There are people from all ages and walks of life. A total melting pot. New moms with their babies, teens, couples, groups, and even seniors. There are a few porta-potties on the trails as well as benches for those needing some rest. Great views and 5 miles of gorgeous hills.

Easy trail for getting back into it. My dog loved it.

No parking, permit only for at least a 4 block radius. Basically it's limited to those who live nearby or are willing to walk half mile to get there once they park legally. Disappointing to say the least.

I only rate this 3 stars because I don’t like to be out in direct sun. I get sun sick. But if that doesn’t bother you, this is a nice little hike. Nice views when you get to the top. It was a nice walk/hike before an early Christmas dinner.

Good for a quick jog not really a hike feel to it.

23 days ago

Fun hike, with some beautiful views! You can even see Downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Some steep hills so you get a workout, but it's not too long, so it's good for the whole family.

23 days ago

ALWAYS worth it. 'Nuf said. Fire road, sunscreen, vistas, some shade. Porta-John at lot and near the top. About a 600' gain if you do the loop. Well-maintained.

incredibly beautiful

Love the hike!!
Was just wondering if anyone would know if the trail is open

Local hike to the water tower with a view of LA.

Got up at sunrise and went here. No one else on trail when we started. Made it to the end and turned around and started back. Met two others who were out jogging. Was easy with the sound of water in the background. Will do this again as wife is starting to hike.

1 month ago

can get pretty steep but it’s quick. nice high views

Great hike, lots of incline and decline. We didn’t follow the map to the main road but we cut through the mountains making it only 3 miles but a workout the whole time

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