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Always enjoy this one. Gravel trail the whole way up. Beautiful views from the top. Hammock and swings to relax on and enjoy the mountains! Don’t forget to stop over at the old mill before hopping back in the car. Took our pup and she really enjoyed it ! 4 stars bc of gravel. Wish they would have left it dirt.

13 days ago

I normally love the trail. Beautiful views and rock formations. Storms have taken down several trees and rhododendron that are blocking the trail.

on Jacks Knob Trail

14 days ago

Went yesterday and less than 5 minutes the trail disappeared into all the downed trees and Rhododendron. Had to turn around along with a group of 8 people. I am once opened it would be great.

Hiked from Hwy 180 to the Brasstown Bald Parking Lot & back yesterday. The uphill switchbacks were challenging for a “flat lander” but the real challenge came when I got to the top. There were so many bushes & trees down across the trail that I had to go over, under, and around like an obstacle course! Round trip took me about 3 1/2 hours but I’m old & slow! Great workout!

trail running
15 days ago

Nice trail, could stand a little maintenance near the top.

19 days ago

Took our 4 kids on this hike. The creek was a little high and we had to cross which was a little unexpected. We took the right side of the loop up and back since we had read that the other side was rough and narrow. Before the peak you can turn back and look out for a great view of the surrounding mountainous area. Near the falls was the most difficult part of the hike with kids. It gets very narrow and there are a lot of steps leading to the falls and overlook. The falls were beautiful with all the recent rain. I would recommend keeping a close eye on little ones near the falls. The waterfall was well worth the hike to us.

25 days ago

I hiked this trail when the falls were dry beginning with the trail to the falls, continuing on to the Johns Mountain loop and then back down the other side of the falls loop. The right side of the falls loop is clearly the most traveled and maintained. The other half of the loop is steep, narrow at times, and requires some boulder hopping. Not for casual hikers.

Seems like this half of the loop is left unmaintained and the trail was a bit tough to follow. This is too bad because I believe it could be enjoyed more with proper care.

All in all it was a good scenic outing but the trails left something to be desired.

We have completed this trail on several occasions and is our top pick for places to bring out of state visitors if we want to do an outdoor activity.

This trail offers views of the ruins from a 19th century mill and awesome sights of the river with its many rapids. There are almost always people swimming in shallow pools along the river and hammocking along the banks in warm months.

There is little to no change in elevation but the difficulty rating comes into play about halfway through the trail as it gets narrow and VERY rocky. It can be difficult to navigate for small children or folks not in ok physical condition. Slippery when wet! Be patient and watch your step. We have had no problems.

Can’t lose with this one. Beauty, history, kid and pet friendly.

26 days ago

Hiked this again, starting from where the trail crosses Hwy 180 (near the parking lot at the entrance gate to Brasstown Bald. This time I hiked to Chatts Gap and hung a left on the AT and left AT about a half mile later to bushwhack Spaniards Knob. It was short but steep bushwhack. After hiking completely across the top of Spaniards Knob, I turned around and retraced my hike back to the trailhead. This hike was 7.6 miles round trip. Nice day to be out. From the summit of Spaniard you could clear see the visitor's center on top of Brasstown Bald.

27 days ago

The back part of the loop, after you go under the waterfall is a bit tricky. Be prepared to climb down a large rock, and for lots of mud if we’ve had a large amount of rain. The trail is pretty overgrown in spots because it looks like it is not taken as much as the main path in. It was pretty fun since I love obstacles on trails. I ended up loosing my balance on a steep downward part and fractured part of my leg on a large boulder. My only advice is to watch your footing!

28 days ago

Beautiful day to complete the state’s high point. Knocked another off the list. Haven’t hit any kind of elevation lately, so the steepness was a fun challenge. This hike was quiet and beautiful. Being able to see multiple states at the top was pretty amazing.

1 month ago

Did this right after a snow storm. Should have worn my Katoola Microspikes. The trail was slippery and the bushwhack was really slippery. Used Jacks Knob trail from Jacks Gap on State Road 180 to the AT. Hiked another two miles (appox) on the AT and left the trail hiking up the ridge line that runs north off the no-name peak (3872 feet) to the west of Horsetrough Mountain. From there I hiked south, down into a shallow col and up Horsetrough. Lots of shrub weighted down by ice in my path. From the summit I hiked due west then northwest returning to the trail. There is shorter route down but the rhodo was so thick I decided to stay west of it. Skies were clear, visibility was only limited by my eyesight! Had the mountain to myself, except for the coyote whose tracks were in the snow on the trail ahead of me.

great trail.

this is a great trail. it can be a little tough but nothing you can't do with your dogs

1 month ago

Trail and cliffs were wet after a week's worth of rain, but the falls were full. Started the loop going to the left was surprisingly steep along the way.

2 months ago

Beautiful Fall foliage!

2 months ago

Wonderful trail. Perfect for an early morning hike. Especially beautiful after a good rain. There’s so much wildlife and wild plantlife to appreciate on this trail. Also makes for perfect pictures. 10/10

I love this trail. I have sprained my ankle on it 3 times so it's definitely rocky and a tad difficult without appropriate shoes.

road biking
2 months ago

It’s fine


More of a walk

easy, nice hike. the views at the top are worth it. we went with little kids and they did ok. give yourself extra time to hang out at the house of dreams at the end. I would not use a stroller. too much gravel and you would be pushing forever. we used a child carrying backpack and it worked great. took us one hour to get down walking at a normal brisk pace. took maybe 1.5 hours to get up.

Waterfall was pretty much non existent. No reception and you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. No one else was on the trail which I know a lot of people love, but it tends to give me the creeps.

2 months ago

Hiked the lower loop with 14 members of our hiking club and really enjoyed it! Yes, it’s overgrown and the trail gets “iffy” in spots, however it is beautiful and not crammed with people. The stone steps are steep but nothing this granny couldn’t manage. The falls are really little more than a trickle, but still awesome. 3 water features and a nice 2 hour hike taking time to enjoy the wonder of the woods. I am grateful for AllTrails as the trail disappears in spots so the map showing your position was invaluable - there was no cell service. I will return!

2 months ago

Definitely go during the rainy season if you're going for the waterfalls, or in the fall to see gorgeous colors at the overlooks. Not exactly what I would rate as easy and for every skill level; I had no problems, but did bring my 70 year old mother. We went clockwise and it was very steep, narrow, rocky and muddy in places. Also several sets of stairs. She had her trekking poles and made it fine! We saw no other people and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. Also, I got closer to 2.2 miles than 1.6 on my Garmin, but we did walk up to the overlook, so idk. I will be back on a rainy day!

The view at the top is gorgeous!

Georgia state parks never cease to amaze me. This trail was absolutely beautiful and a wonderful hike right on the creeks edge

3 months ago

This was a fun trail that my husband and I did with our daughters ages 7-14. The first part of the trail (to the right of the loop) was relatively easy, although uphill, but the part after we reached the falls and the lookout was more difficult, narrow, rocky and muddy at points, with a less-defined trail. It was still beautiful, and I enjoyed the challenges (until I slipped on the rocks and fell- thankfully I was fine!). All in all it was a great hike with beautiful views. It took us about two hours, with multiple stops to take pictures and eating lunch at the lookout at the top. I can’t wait to go again when the trees reach peak fall colors.

a river? there isnt a river within 20 miles of Cave Spring. i think someone got their trails mixed up.

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