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Great hike in and out! Combination of high & low slopes with small waterfall!

I have done this trail a couple of times. It's not kid friendly and nor well maintained.

Great trail , wonderful time with family and friends.

22 days ago

The falls were cool, but the overlook was definitely the best part. Lightly trafficked and peaceful.

The trail could be more clearly marked, and we were disappointed when we had to turn around halfway through then loop because the trail was so overgrown we couldn't safely continue. Looking forward to going back when some of the summer foliage dies back.

26 days ago

I took my kids on this “1.6” mile “easy” loop. We went to the right at the fork. It was not easy at the top and not well maintained. The trail is steep at the top, especially coming down the other side. There was a lot of blow down that had to be navigated. At one very narrow point we climbed over a muscadine vine. The waterfall was just a trickle and it has been raining heavily in this area so that was disappointing. And according to my running app it was 2.21 miles. I would rate this a moderate trail.

gets very Rocky and the trail gets narrow after rain.

It's not free! :( $7 per adult.

Did this trail a few months back! Rewarding waterfall at the end!

Great trail, some difficulty but nothing major, just watch your step!

1 month ago

Better than expected. Get a couple of great views and if it has rained recently, beautiful small falls. Easy to stick your head in the waterfall.

Take the path to the right! At the top, I attempted to come back down the "left side" of the loop, but it was more overgrown than I wanted to deal with.

Amazing creekside trail with waterfalls.

on Keown Falls Trail

1 month ago

Definitely not kid friendly. In the middle of nowhere, and hard to see the trail sometimes. The only positive thing about it was that it was a good workout. I would for sure rate this as moderate, and hard if you’re in bad shape.

It was so much fun! The trail is small and short which is nice and it has a really pretty overlook!

Great trail! Beautiful views!

2 months ago

It was my first time visiting there and it was a great place to take my dog with.

beautiful river

The hike is nice, uphill but not too difficult. The falls aren't that impressive, a bit disappointing, actually. However, the view from the top is beautiful. The right fork is definitely easier, I would suggest taking it, especially if you are a less experienced hiker or have kids with you.

road biking
3 months ago

Love this trail! My favorite for biking with the family. It’s paved except for 1 bridge. Easy ride.

our first hike confuse at first dnr officer very helpful telling us of the three trails. 2 short one , one long one enjoy very much will do it again, trail on mountain trail mark great with blue paint on tress

3 months ago

This is not a hiking trail!!! Should have looked at reviews first!

A good, relaxing hike up the mountain gives way to some incredible views and a wonderful property. Start at the Pavilion for a bit more challenge

Came up here a day after we had all that rain and it just made the whole experience all the much better. I started up the trail to the left (I advise you go to the right, it's quicker in my opinion and not as steep) so anyways I got to the first waterfall and decided to hang around there for an hour (I had heard that the falls weren't that great so I assumed it was that one) I kept walking the trail after my break and now this is where it gets fun, idk if the trail is normally like this but parts of the wall of the side of the mountain were overflowing with water, temporary waterfalls were rushing down the trail. I actually took off my shoes because of how good it felt. Finally got to the second falls (the actual waterfall) and it looked much bigger than the pictures I had seen online, and last but not least you HAVE to go to the overlook on top and see what the view has to offer. I went to this trail thinking it was just gonna be just another typical hike but honestly it became one of my favorite ones up to date!

3 months ago

Trail was mostly uphill the whole way. We weren’t expecting the stone stairs at the top but they aren’t too bad, just wish the railing extended up the whole stairway. The fall is a little anticlimactic but there’s an awesome spot where you can sit and hang out behind the fall and cool off before you head back down. Seemed like it took us an hour to get to the top and about 15 minutes back to the car. Going out is way quicker and easier than the hike up. Altogether had a great time, I wouldn’t want to do it in the hotter summer months but the weather was beautiful so we got a little sun without dying of heat stroke

My favorite place

very nice trail. Worked up a sweat! We went down some stairs and just hiked all by the side of the creek,river? Was pretty challenging going thru all the rocks and tree roots. Loved it! I was kind of upset that there was a gate and couldn't go down to the ruins. I thought you were able to go down there but it was locked. Oh well,we enjoyed this park Alot! Clean and well marked.

Great trail very beautiful!!! Went after couple rainy days and falls were awesome.

Went north from 180 spur to the Brasstown Bald parking lot. Counted 47 s witchbacks, give or take, along the 2.3 mile course. Went in late March, no flowers yet, but I can imagine it being spectacular when the rhododendrons and mountain laurels are in bloom. definitely easier on the way down

Completed red trail and part of white. Great walk along Sweetwater Creek! Go to the end of red trail to begin a more arduous walk along the white.

Nice hike, pretty falls after the rain we've had. I'd do it again.

Nice falls and trail. Well maintained. Kinda steep in places

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