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15 hours ago

Easy trail to navigate, great for kids and pets all ages, trail was clear and paved all the way to the waterfall my family enjoyed it

Lovely location out in Country but needs a lot of clean up near the Falls.
Very muddy in several areas. The Falls are beautiful and serene. I’d love to go back and have a picnic and clean up the trash that has come down the river.

Great trail. Rocky in places but good family fun. Waterfalls are beautiful.

Great place. Beautiful! Take the family

This trail was more challenging than I expected it to be! I was naively assuming South Carolina mountains were probably all babies, but this trail is pretty steep pretty much the whole way up. There were plenty of steps that were quite a stretch for my short legs.

The view at the top is great, but I thought the scenic spot a few hundred yards before table rock itself actually had the prettiest views, so be sure not to brush it off just because you’re nearly to the end.

As other people have pointed out no bathrooms along the way and lots of people around the entire time, but with the amount you’ll sweat you probably won’t need a bathroom break.

Be sure to bring LOTS of water! I had 2 20oz bottles and I wished I had more. Also make sure to check in and out in the office before you start and leave.

There were a few spots that were a bit slippery with sand, so wear good shoes.


4 days ago

Great hike with some amazing views, highly recommend! Trail is very well kept and easy to follow. Governors Rock is a false summit since there is no real views from the actual summit, nonetheless there is quite a few lookout spots along the trail so theres still a ton of breath taking views. Major downfall is the park is high tourist area (ironic being i was a tourist lol) so you can guarantee on the trail being busy.

Loved it! The view wasn’t the best at the top, but the overall hike was great.

Decent hike! Far away view from the falls, but nice overlook spot to picnic

Your workout for the week. Not a casual hike. We hiked the shortest, steepest trail up to the Mount LeConte summit in TN. That was a walk in the park compared to this. I gave it 4 stars, though, be cause it challenges you and there are great views.

trail running
15 days ago

Beautiful fall views along the trail. Great places to take pictures. Trail was marked and very easy run.

15 days ago

My 15 year old son and I hiked the Pinnacle Trail to the Ridge Trail, and connected back to the Table Rock Trail all the way to the overlook. We did this Saturday, November 2, 2018. The weather was perfect, but everybody and their brother was there making it pretty crowded at the overlook and on the way down (we took the Table Rock Trail back down). We started at 10:30am and arrived back to the parking lot at 4:40pm. We spent about 15 minutes enjoying the overlook. We hiked this same route when my son was 11. We just can’t work up the nerve to take the Table Rock Trail up, because it is very steep ALL THE WAY. We plan to come back many more times, but will probably come on a weekday from now on, due to the crowds. I would advise taking some good snacks and plenty of water. My only complaint is there are no places to pee if you’re a female, but I do believe porta potties here and there would ruin the experience! LOL

15 days ago

It was decent. $30 for 3 of us was a little out there for a mile and a half walk. Hiked many places in the United States for free that had more to see. Gets repetitive. Definitely good for beginners though. Nice and flat

Left at 7:21 on a beautiful fall day. will do it again.

20 days ago

One of the tougher trails that I've hiked...pretty rugged terrain. Steady climb for 3.5 miles. Over 2,000 feet in elevation gain. A lot of rock steps and a few rock faces to hike up. Governor's Rock is a nice view before the summit. Guess I was expecting a little more at the top.

23 days ago

Hiked Sulfur Springs Trail with my wife on 10/27/2018. Map My Hike recorded us going 4.67 miles and at 2:46:23 long. We took our precious time and stopped many times for pictures and some moving time lapse videos so your time will vary. I recommend doing the hike going clockwise. That way you’ll climb steep at first and alongside a creek and then come down easily. The trail is well marked and maintained for convenience. The tough part of the trail starts shortly after the dam/pond and isn’t quite as tough as I thought it would be. My wife and I completed this hike rather easily and would definitely recommend it for those looking for a nice hike on Paris Mountain.

I love this trail so much! I often take friends out of town to this hiking trail. The view is ten out of ten! It’s beautiful!!

nice place lots of trash in the first half and someone took spray paint to some of the rocks but once you get past that the trails get really nice we went to the little Peachtree rock that was there and it was very nice my four-year-old really enjoyed it as did my wife.

My wife and I hiked this trail and loved it. It is definitely hard but the view at the top is worth it.

Very pretty hike in Upstate area. Loved the uphill alongside the stream. Downhill leg gets a little monotonous. Took the spur up to top of Firetower. Definitely worth it. All told we were at 5.4 miles.

This is a fabulous trail. Very rocky in places, so def wear hiking shoes. A good many options for short or long out and back hikes and two waterfalls.
Excellent. We will def do this one again.

Good hike but the view from observation deck was not very exciting. If your looking to get closer to a waterfall choose a different trail.

1 month ago

I did this trail on a weekday in early October and it was perfect! I saw only a handful of people so it wasn’t crowded this day. The trail is mainly shaded for the entirety of your journey, although it was still nice and humid. It’s basically a constant incline, featuring lots of rock steps and some just gradual incline. So on the way back you’re at a constant decline which is a nice reward. It’s a pretty long trail but so worth the views. Halfway up the “out” portion of the trail you’ll get your first taste of the views and from there, there were about 3-4 more epic viewpoints. Take lots of water and at least a few decent snacks because the trail is essentially almost 7 miles long in total.

1 month ago

The hike itself was very nice although the trails were a bit littered with storm debris from the 2 recent hurricanes that passed through the area. Sadly the Peachtree Rock has toppled off it's pedestal and now resting on it's side. Perhaps one of the hurricanes finished it off. When we reached the main trails off the parking lot spur trail, we decided to go to the right so we'd finish the trail at the small waterfall. As it turned out it was a good idea as the dogs played in the creek a bit. I didn't find the trail markings to be as bad as described but there are a few more trails in the area than I thought which could have led to confusion had I not been using the All Trails map on my phone w/GPS which makes navigating a breeze.

Cool trail as always!! Wish the leaves we're turning, but AWESOME anyway!!

1 month ago

Easy to moderate hike. Well worth the time an energy. Waterfall was nice but you see it across the gorge. Nice half day hike.

on Sulphur Springs Trail

1 month ago

Had a great time! First half was very tough for me, but after the halfway point it was mostly a gradual downhill. Completely tree covered. Nice small waterfalls. I will definitely come back!

The actual rock is cool. Hike is short lived. Not worth my hour drive

1 month ago

This is a tough one. Hardest one we've done so far. Bring lots water we ran out coming back down. The views at the end are amazing. There were only a couple of things I didn't care for and neither had to do with the trail. We started at 9:30 and this hike was really busy the whole time. Several people were playing loud music and being loud themselves. It took something away from the experience. I do feel a huge sense of accomplishment though, this one was tough.


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