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This trail was a really easy one, it’s a simple walk down a forest service road. But being along side the river was beautiful. The falls were remarkable, and the waster felt amazing on such a warm day. We hiked up further than the falls, and got a gorgeous view of the river after climbing about 1,300 feet over about 2.4 miles. If you go further up, the trail is very overgrown and there are multiple large trees down over the trail that you have to climb over.

I loved this hike! So many bridges. We did this hike in one day but there are several good camping spots available at the lake. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

8 days ago

My boyfriend and I did this trail yesterday. The gravel road was longer than we expected to get to trail head. The actual hike was great for being not an avid hiker. It was dry and very well kept. I’d definitely do it again! The waterfall look out is a plus as well!

very crowded but I expected that on a summer weekend... very beautiful views!

11 days ago

Took the trail out to Lost Lake today (Thurs) and didn't see another person until I was almost back to the trailhead. Lost Lake would be a beautiful place to camp, I'm adding it to my list.

Great stop after Green Lake trail. the pool at the base of the falls was the much needed retreat after a day on the trails.

15 days ago

A sunset hike, started from the car park about 5pm.
Skies were hazy from the recent fires near Greenwater, which made for a red sunset.
Easy to get to the peak.
Still dozens of burned trees across the trail.
Back to the car via headlamps. About 11 miles.

16 days ago

Green lake and Chenuis falls combo

Temp: 55 degrees. Clear and sunny
Start: 8:04am
End: 12:20pm
Total distance: 11.5 miles
Green lake trail condition: Good, but some overgrowth due to low traffic.

Arrived at the trailhead just before 8:00a. Trailhead parking lot was full (10 cars), so I parked along the road 100 ft away. Based on how many people I interacted with during the hike (very little), I suspect most of the car belonged to campers at the Ipsut Creek campsite. TH parking should be day use only.

The Pre-Hike: As most have mentioned, the trailhead to the Green lake TH is a 3.0 mile walk along forestry gravel road with minimal incline. Yes boring, but very peaceful.

Green Lake trail: Upon arrival (9:02a), there is a makeshift wood bike rack and large TH sign. The trailhead starts right off with an upward jaunt (10% grade). But will level off a little in about 200 ft or so for a bit then upwards again. The grade cycles various time (5%~20% grade)...keeping in mind the TH (2180 ft) to the lake (3320 ft) is roughly 1200 ft in elevation. At about 1 mile, you can see the clearly marked Ranger Falls viewpoint sign. Nice falls. Continuing: Upward again for another 0.7 miles to the crest of the trail. Soon you will see the bridge and in a few hundred feet, the trail goes down a little to the lakes edge (arrived 10:05a). You will see logs all bunched up where you can walk on them for picture taking. I didn't see a perimeter trail to vernture further, but did see LOTs of water mosquitoes floating. Ickkk. I had tons of DEET 40% lotion on and Permethrin treated clothes, so they didn't bother me much. lol. After about 10 min, I headed back down. Overall a good hike. No grand views though.

Chenuis Falls: Back at the Green Lake TH, headed east again for 0.5 miles to the Chenuis Falls TH. Immediately, you will go down to the rivers edge and cross a long wood bridge. Its sturdy. If nervous, don't stare too much at the high river flow beneath...you'll get dizzy and get off balance. Once crossing that, walk along the sandy, rocky path to waterless bridges #2, #3, #4. You'll soon be at the other side. You'll cross couple more as you enter the woods again. But within 75 ft, you will see the falls pool. You're there. Enjoy. Go for a swim. Its not deep, but very clean and clear. Cold too.

The walk back to the car was so exciting. Not. Took my time and took pictures of the massive trees.
Overall a nice hike. Bring a bike (with family) and you can ride all the way to Ipsut Creek.


Great easy hike. Lots of cool bridges. I just wish I could have found a spot to hang my hammock.

22 days ago

First 3 miles is flat and on gravel path, the mine trail to the right about a mile in (.3 miles) is a great way to warm up for the hike to green lake. we shot over to the river for a bit too before the hike up (stunning). Green Lake is 1.8 miles and fairly steep. Ranger falls is gorgeous, we went down to the bottom of the falls and there is a path to go right up next to the falls before you even get to the ranger falls sign (a small makeshift log bench marks the trail) Green lake is just a few 100' past the log foot bridge over the river, such an amazing hike. Would recommend going early for a peaceful time at the lake lookout.

Hiked this 7/7/18 absolutely beautiful, loved being right by the raging water and all of the bridge crossings. Major bridge is crossable but at a slant. Parking and bathroom facilities available at trailhead.

Went today with the family.. beautiful weather. Not a lot of people. Was a little confused it said trail #1177 on direction but when we got there it was #1176, we just rolled with it and glad we did. 2 miles in we ended up at a lake (not sure if it's Echo or Lost lake) but if you keep going about a mile your ended up at another lake.

great hike with amazing views.

trail washout, adds about 1.5 mile detor

Great time at the Lake today! The water was so clear and lots of fish were jumping. It is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon. There wasn’t a lot of people out and the road getting there was paved and well maintained unlike a lot of FSR’s I’ve been down. This was a very great discovery.

28 days ago

Wow. The views. No photo does this experience any justice. Came across hikers of all ages. You don’t want to forget Bug Spray. I’ll hit this one again in the fall too.

this was my first overnight hike ive taken, and while it is amazing it was a lot more difficult than I was expecting. it seemed like it was entirely up hill to echo lake and the last mile or so was the hardest, with about 1000 feet of elevation gain. I would highly recommend this hike just be prepared. coming from Austin tx I'm not used to this at all so I'm sure thats why it was difficult for me but with that said it was totally worth it! there is still a lot of fire damage at and leading up to the lake, which made it hard to fish and also it seemed like most of the decent sized fish were in the middle. I was able to catch 4 trout but they were pretty small.

Beautiful hike with amazing views , many narrow trails covered with snow. We went off trail for about 1.5mile well worth it amazing views of Dewey Lake and two other unknown small lakes .

great hike with my parents, husband and stepson!

Such a great hike with so many beautiful views throughout! I took my 14 and 10 year old; they loved it as well. Really glad we went!

1 month ago

Super easy trail. Lots of cover from the trees. Easy hike for families

Me and my girlfriend loved this trail. The only thing, if your going to camp at the lake, is to get there early. A large burn last year (2017) destroyed most of the designated camping areas and fallen timber has cut off the loop around the lake. Great for morrels though!

Had a great time! Didn't know there were so many things to do... will be heading back!

1 month ago

I wanted to hike this trail last year but it caught fire so this year i had the opportunity to hike through the burn. Sad is may seem that all of the pristine forest has been reduced to black burnt-out standing timber, there is an eerie beauty tone seen up. And it’s amazing even after only a few months the forest is starting to regenerate! So glad I took the time to hike this trail!

1 month ago

This was an amazing hike! Went on July 4, 2018. Not a lot of people so parking along the road was easy. You start off following a paved then gravel flat road for about 3.5 miles. The scenery is beautiful and the trees that have uprooted are enormous. You finally get to the sign for Chenuis Falls and it takes you to a kinda scary log bridge going over a pretty fast river. Then follow the rock formations and other log bridges that take you to a forest area. The trail takes you to Chenuis Falls. The pool below is clear and blue. We then followed the trail back and to the trailhead for Ranger Falls and Green Lake. This is where the hike gets harder with about 1,600 feet of elevation gain but it’s worth it because about a mile up you run into two different viewing points of upper and lower Ranger Falls. Then we kept following the trail another .8 miles to Green lake which was far from disappointing. Our whole route was 13.7 miles with 1,778 elevation gain but it was well worth it. Definitely recommend

We walked about 5 miles to Isput Campground and had lunch. (A lot of camp sites with picnic tables and clean restroom) We set out from Isput hoping to see the suspension bridge (map says about 1.7 miles), but after a few miles found there was a detour, due to the trail being washed out. We hadn't planned for detour (passerby estimated probably an additional hour to bridge from where we were), so we decided to head back to ensure a daylight return. Still a very pretty hike and beautiful scenery.

Beautiful! Good trail, not too many people. A few "iffy" bridges.

Beautiful hike we did Friday. Once you get to the trail's beginning (3 miles down the now closed-to-vehicles Carbon River Road), it is 1.8 miles with a significant elevation gain to Green Lake. Nicely maintained trail through the woods. You pass Ranger Falls about half-way, and cross over a log bridge (not as scary as it might sound) before getting to the lake. Others had brought their hammocks and hung out there for a while.

Amazing peacefully

This was my first forest hike of the summer; a beautiful hike! The first bridge is very slanted, but still stable. The trail was clear of trees and the water was so beautiful, pictures don’t really do it justice. You can continue on from the lake if you head left and find trails to echo lake and lost lake (the trail gets a little steeper/more difficult, but nothing to sweat about).

Note: Most dogs were not on leashes and there were a few people that set up tents by the trail.

I highly recommend it!

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