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Lots of snow; knee deep and yellow in some places now. Missed a few turns on the way up due to having no clue where the path was and my boyfriend thinking he’s Lewis and Clark status. Made it to the top of Kelly Butte hill, but not the lookout.

Will return in the spring.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike! Great access road all the way to trailhead.

can only get to about 1.5 miles from the trailhead with four-wheel drive there is quite a bit of icy packed snow. went on a really beautiful day and was not disappointed by the views just a little bummed that I didn't get to complete the hike

25 days ago

Did this hike today with my brother in law . Overall a decent hike with a moderate grade. Nothing too challenging. First 2 miles is a bunch of switchbacks in the woods with not much to see but with a decent grade. After that it starts to level out a bit and then we hit the snow line around 5000 ft. This is where it actually got fun and much more scenic. The views were great and seeing all the burnt trees made for some interesting scenery. The top was windy and cold (25-30 degrees) but the sun kept it tolerable. Good hike if you’re looking for something with some distance but not too intense of a gain. I would probably hike this again.

Wonderful hike easy for the kids!


We got to the trail around 10AM and we didn't see another person the entire time, until we were almost back to the car. It ended up being a beautiful, sunny day and the views were amazing. Well worth the trek up.

As another person said, it's pretty easy to miss the sign that says trail. As soon as you walk out of the trees, there's a great opening to see Mt. Rainier and it's easy to get distracted and miss the small sign. Be sure to look behind you as you probably passed it. There is another trail if you continue walking straight, but from what I read, it's a bit more of a scramble.

The trail was pretty narrow the entire way and there was already a light layer of snow. It was manageable without micro spike but there were a few slippery moments. As soon as you're out of the trees and start the switchbacks, that's where you feel the gain. It wasn't terrible, but I did have to take a few short breaks here and there (I'd say I'm about an average hiker). The closer we got to the top, the more snow started to appear. Probably a few inches already. I'd suggest when going down to at least have spikes or hiking poles, but that's me personally.

Road conditions - there was already snow on the road and there were a few moments, mostly going downhill, that we slid a little bit. The road itself wasn't bad and parts of the drive were a bit exposed, so take your time.

Google maps had us make a right turn about 6-8 miles(ish) (once we were on the dirt road) which had a pretty big pot hole, but it's not actually a road. It dead ends into woods a couple hundred feet up. Keep to the left/straight and it will meet up again with the road google tries to tell you to take. The parking lot to the trailhead isn't very big at all and you see a trail sign but there's no name to it.

This is always my go to trail to just get away from people. You'll maybe see 6 or so people the entire trip. Lots of places to camp and plenty is space between camp sites giving you the solitude you want!

Beautiful fall hike in the woods..trail is in
amazing shape..be sure friends are not afraid to cross bridges..the first bridge is very slanted but secure..icy in the AM. But so worth it all .Great Hike!

I have done this hike on day. Which was very pretty but to capture the beauty one must go at sunrise. We ventured to mountain at 4 am arrived Park 5:45 and headed off we got to lookout probably 45 min to hour. It was very windy and cold when arrived lookout. We stayed up there till sunrise about 7:15 and headed down.

The stars were amazing, my rainier in the shadows was absolutely stunning of course we could not capture those pics with iPhone. Then the sunrise was stunning as it came up the reflection hitting Rainier was stunning!

I would hike to see the sunrise every year here. There was no clouds in

Great for a day hike. Views are rewarding. Fairly easy along the route. The lookout itself is at the end of the hike and looks nice from the ridge half a mile before the end of the hike. Amazing views of mount Rainier and a couple of its glaciers.

The road to Sunrise is supposed to be open for another week or two or until the first heavy snowfall. I didn't see any snow when I was there except for a light dusting on the Burroughs so the road should be good for another week or so! Definitely didn't need spikes or anything on the trail, but it's always good to pack them this time of year, just in case. Definitely dress for cold weather though. We did Fremont as a sunrise hike and made it to the lookout around 7am and it was easily below zero with the wind chill.

Great hike! Very pretty and great views of Rainier and the area. Trail is on the side of the mountain.
Easy hike.

Awesome little one day hike. moderate for the kiddos. amazing views of all angles. Took my 6 and 10 year old this last weekend and they absolutely loved it. wild huckleberries on top for the tasting. I definitely recommend this hike.

Amazing hike! Wonderful views saw some goats on the way up.

Beautiful trail. Paved road all the way and large parking area. Vine maples are changing color... lots of variety on this hike. A very enjoyable outing!

The legendary squatch territory lol. Really is a beautiful area, was quite disappoint to get to & see Echo lake suffered greatly from last years

A nice late September hike with sunshine, blue skies above sunrise lodge. Got there around 10:00 am and got back around 2:30. Had lunch up there. The mountain was out and so were the goats down below fun to see. Good workout day. Looked inside the fire lookout tower. I’d like to spend the night up there the views are fantastic.

All I can say is that this hike was incredible! We woke up at 2am from seattle and got to the trailhead around 4am to get to the lookout for sunrise. The trail is moderate but opens out onto this plain and then the trail is steep and a little rocky up to the lookout. We got to the top right at sunrise and it was gorgeous!!

Clocks out to be closer to 9 miles RT from the parking lot, but an easy hike with no noticeable elevation gain. Definitely kid friendly.

Awesome hike! Beautiful views from the top!

Great shorter hike! We hiked on a cloudier day so visibility was limited. The huckleberries were so abundant! Two couples we staying overnight in the firelookout when we got there. The colors of fall were just starting to pop so it was beautiful to see!

Best view of Mount Rainer from the fire lookout. Took 1.5 hours to get there and 1.5 hour to come back.

Great trek. Expect it to get unexpectedly chilly at times. Seeing the fire lookout is well worth it.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike. Got to the trail around 9:30 am on a clear beautiful day. Visibility was excellent. Trail is a constant climb but in good shape and not too high a grade. The views are spectacular and well worth the effort. Note that there are no water sources on the trail and it is quite exposed in the upper 2/3 due to the fire last year so bring lots of water.

Great views for 270 degrees, from distant Glacier Peak to the looming Rainier and countless peaks and ridges of the Cascades. If you’re planning to do this AND Burroughs I’d suggest trying to allot enough time to do them both in the same trip since the first half of each trail is the same. Sourdough trail offers good views over the ridge, I don’t know about the Sunrise trail but that’s an option if you want to mix it up.

We hiked this beautiful trail yesterday, up to the first lake! We had three kids age five with us and they did just fine!! We plan on going back up to finish the trail to the second lake. By far one if my favorite hikes!

Trail was in perfect condition, pretty busy from 1-3pm. Lots of families and dogs. A few more flies than anticipated but a wonderful day hike!

We did this hike last week. We luckily counted on a break in the smoke from the Canada fires. The views are stunning and there are still some wildflowers along the trail. I highly recommend this trail but do it early and on a weekday if you can.

This wasn’t my favorite hike for several reasons. This is a VERY populated hike. Way too many people on this touristy trail. The view and scenery was just ok. For a beginner, I’m sure it’s spectacular. But I’ve been on more beautiful hikes in the Mt Rainier and Mt Baker areas. It is a nice soft and well groomed trail but extremely dusty and dirty. Your shoes will be covered with dust/dirt after this hike. It took almost 7 miles (3hrs) in and out to the Freemont Lookout so its a nice little walk with some inclines. I would rate this as moderate. The view of Mt Rainier was fairly obstructed by all the wildfire smoke unfortunately. You are not able to access the lakes here because they are off limits but there are lots of trail offshoots and loops. The best thing about this hike for me was the wild life. Saw a marmot, lots of chipmunks, and other little small mammals that look like gerbils and guinea pigs! Also, be aware that on weekends, the line through the ranger station at the park’s entrance at 410 is crowded and will take a long time to get through even with a pass.

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