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3 days ago

Easy little hike. Be careful of horse poop.

This trail is all it promises to be. The only concern is that it is heavy with Poison Oak, so come prepared with full coverage and open eyes

It was a decent hike. It was only 1.8 miles instead of 2.8. Not sure where the extra mile went! :P

Parking at S. 42nd and Marcola rd. It's a bike path style path, meaning it is paved. There are a few benches, but it is along a busy road. It is all in the sun. There are some paths you can walk off and get to the river.

nice little area to wander around. should be really pretty in the Fall. A lot of blackberries and horse poop.

2 months ago

Very pretty and barely anyone there. Lots of spiders on he trails though so make sure to bring a stick to wave in front of you as you walk.

Not good directions on where to park with the location set.
trail is all sunny.

Not much actual path to follow and some transient company. No clear markings and difficult to tell where the path is. Great for someone who wants to go on adventure and doesn’t care if there’s an actual path. Also has access to the river or at least a creek water.

3 months ago

This is an easy and leisurely path for people of all skill levels. There are good views of the creek and the river. It's an easy little excursion if you live around Eugene or Cottage Grove and need to get a little fresh air.

Damn, what a bushwhack through! We literally cleared a new trail from the main one. The main trail leads to a small pooled area, not the greatest to hang out at. We did find a spot closer to the rivers mouth, but it wasn't a hike we'd subject someone to.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH! Sign at trail head clearly states to keep dogs on a leash and every dog I saw was off leash! My dog doesn’t like others (she’s a rescue and had a hard life before me) and I had a few dogs come up to her without an owner in sight!! It’s bad trail manners and could get you’re beloved friend and possibly yourself hurt. Left irritated. To report a dogs off leash call: 541 687-4060

Not a trail.... It's a walk on the road. Looked all over.... Drove a loop of about 10 miles for nada. Don't go.

We like Baldy as a quickie hike when time is at a minimum.

4 months ago

Very short hike with 2 ways to the top. Left side is more steep and direct. If you take the right pathway it is less of an incline. It is shorter and a 20 minute hike total. At the top is 1 good view but this hike should be a pit stop not a day hike.

Great trail... two fairly easy peaks to climb with lush forest and vegetation!

5 months ago

Very nice little Saturday....watch out for horses and their piles...

5 months ago

Not too many people on a Saturday in May. These trails are very easy and wander near river and thru some dense forest. There were several people on horseback so keep your eyes peeled for them and their piles....

5 months ago

Not a very good hike at all. Was good weather, view was good at the top, however the “top” is like 10 minutes from the trailhead. Boring on the way down, and saw lots of houses along the way..

trail running
6 months ago

Really great! Beautiful scenery. Only thing is that it gets really muddy when it rains. Great place for bikejoring. You can train your dogs without other people being distracting. Long trails for the dogs to run.

6 months ago

Nice dog park! Kids playground with swings! Lots of picnic tables with fire pits and BBQs. Trail was nice and easy. Lots of little paths to the river! Beautiful and quiet!

6 months ago

Great trails and a great park too.

7 months ago

This spot has huge potential. It is a lane county fee driven trail, but hasn't had much love as I can tell. It felt very bum campy and I ran across several encampments and belongings strewn through the underbrush. If a little more time and money was put into it and normal maintenance was done, this could be a nice quiet spot on the river.

7 months ago

Hi! There is good river access and it’s a good hike for young kids. It’s a little muddy still at the beginning of March, but fun to see horses on the trail. (Noah, 9)

Great Little Trail for a Day Hike. Spectacular Views from the Top

9 months ago

Nice and easy hike to the river and back, through the flood plane to the main park rd. lots of ferns and foliage and a good sitting spot right on the river. Trail opens to a nice meadow near the end with a great view of Mt. June. Kid friendly and easy on the knees. There is quite a few different routes to choose from, so hiking opportunities are varied.

I liked the idea of this trail for my old dog. 1,4 mile loop is a bit short. Had to backtrack several times due to deep water. The trails are overgrown. Try again next summer.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

When we want to "get away from it all" without driving out of the city, this is a gem! In Hendricks Park, there are native plants with identifying signs, a nice pavilion for a picnic, and a water fountain for a refreshing drink or refilling bottles. Gorgeous views along the well-maintained trail. Family-friendly. Great for jogging.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I've walked here at least three times a week for 18 years. Going in two years now eweb decided not to repair the dam. The pond emptied but fills some with rain.
They filled. The void with cotton wood trees. They don't maintain the picnic area located in the back section and is overcome by blackberry bushes that people have there homes in. I've encountered a baby cougar, deer, elk, black bear and coyotes. Be carful on the backside all encounters were there. You'll see the game trails.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I l e walking this in the fall. So many trees and squirrels. Easy walk. Just take it in and breath.

Monday, September 04, 2017

it was ok.

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