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This is a great trail from start to finish. Rocky Falls is a geologic wonder and Klepzig Mill has history and a scenic setting. Be prepared for a couple stream crossings between the two, especially if it has rained recently. Heading toward the mill and just about a 1/4 mile before the NN Highway crossing the wild horses were just about 50 yards off the trail grazing in a field seemingly unconcerned with my passing. They were beautiful. As you cross NN Highway (which was closed due to high water when I hiked the trail) don’t let the first blaze fool you. You still need to go up the highway about 50 yards from the first blaze before the trail turns into the woods. The boulders in and along the stream on this stretch of the trail are huge. Great hike!

I hiked this trail north to south with my son the last week of December. It was a three day hike from Powder Mill Ferry Trailhead to the Highway 60 Trailhead. We started a little before noon the first day and ended a little after noon on the third day. Kudos to the Ozark Trail Association for blazing this trail so well, as it would have been impossible to follow in several parts where the leaf cover was thick.

The only trouble we had was at Klepzig Mill where the water was running too high to safely cross, which required hiking about 4-5 miles out of the way over a mountain and through the forest to the nearest highway where we were able to get a ride to the Rocky Falls spur trail and get back on the trial. There were several creek crossings before Klepzig Mill but they were safely passable and only about ankle deep. The views of the Current River along this part of the trail were beautiful and we saw several bald eagles. After about three hours of night hiking from Rocky Falls to make up for lost time, we camped just below the summit of Stegall Mountain the first night.

The next morning we finished climbing to the top of Stegall Mountain and saw wild horses in the woods at the base of the mountain and more eagles. The view from Stegall Mountain is stunning! From there it is a short hike down to Peck Ranch, although the descent was steep and rocky in parts.

The trail through some places in Peck Ranch is hard to find. The blazing saved us yet again. While eating lunch on a bluff we were able to see elk grazing across a draw only a couple hundred yards away. There is no camping in Peck Ranch so you will have to time your hike to camp on one side or the other. We made it about three miles south of Peck Ranch before setting up camp the second night. There is about a half mile stretch that is a mile or so south of Peck Ranch where the trail on this app and the blazed trail differ. This was the rockiest part of the trail that we encountered and an easy place to blow out a knee or twist an ankle.

The next morning was a short hike to Mint Spring to obtain water for the final push to the Hwy. 60 Trailhead. This portion of the trail was a little hilly but well blazed. With the leaves down there were some nice views.

The main recommendation for this trail is to take into account the numerous water crossings and extremely rocky parts of the trail when choosing footwear. That said, this trail was a blast and had some of the best views of any hike I've hiked in Missouri.

A very good way to spend the day moseying through the woods. Prepare to get your feet wet or get creative in crossing two small branches. The wild horses were out and awe-mazing!!! I will definitely hike this trail again....with my chacos in tow for stream crossings.

Amazing hike..!!!

nature trips
2 months ago

We camped near the Sunklands and planned part of a day at Round Spring. Sadly the cave tours were closed for the season, but we were not disappointed that we went! The rangers and staff (Jessica especially!) were very educational and friendly. There were informational signs in the parking lot at the start of the trail, as well as public bathrooms that were really nice. Past round spring, You and follow the trail up towards a field, which eventually leads to crossing a long walking bridge. One park ranger advised that you step on two different planks at a time while crossing the bridge..so just wanted to put that out there!

The autumnal colors were stunning when I visited. Trail was great and relatively easy to follow. However, during our trip the multiple water crossings required getting my feet wet as the water was well over the tops of my hiking boots.

Wonderful photogenic spot with great reflections of red mill in the water.

Great out and back trail. Mill and shuts ins at halfway point totally worth it! Trail is well kept. Three small creek crossings - no need to take shoes off. Hiked it with my wife in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Clean short trail dog friendly long drive to it nice to see

If you haven’t realized (like I didn’t…) that all the trails in this area are part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, you should definitely check out their website first (https://www.nps.gov/ozar/index.htm). My boyfriend and I were planning on backpacking this section of the Ozark Trail this weekend, but we didn’t realize how much damage there was from a flood last year. The nps.gov website has all the recent updates on this section of the trail, specifically the Powder Mill Trailhead. The bathrooms and visitors center are closed for this year due to damage. We started hiking along the trail but it was so overgrown that we ended up camping along the river and finding some other activities. I think the Ozark Trail Association will be cleaning up parts of this trail at the end of Sept 2018 so it should be a lot better by then. We did stop at Rocky Falls, which is an offshoot of the Current River section, and one I’d highly recommend. Overall, it’s a really great area to hang out, but I’d wait until October time frame to really do any long hikes…I think we just went a few weeks too early! I’d also recommend stopping by any of the ranger stations along HWY 19 and 106; they were extremely helpful and had a ton of great updated information.

Nice trail consisting of two loops. Also has areas specifically for mountain bikers. Couple hilly areas and would cross lots of little runoff streams in wet weather. Several interesting rock formations.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Painter Ridge is a short loop trail with a figure 8 pattern and additional lead-in spurs. Terrain is fairly rocky and has some moderately steep grades, but nothing technical. While you can hike it, the trail was designed with mountain bikes in mind. Other reviewers noted presence of odd "benches" - well those are obstacles for the bikes. We hiked this on a 90 degree day with fairly low humidity, and teh shade of teh surrounding forest helped keep the sweat to a minimum. The painter Ridge trail makes for a nice hour diversion on foot if you are already in the vicinity. I'll bring my mountain bike next time and give it a go that way!

mountain biking
6 months ago

I mountain biked this trail and did not find it extremely well maintained or blazed. It had logical switchbacks and a good gradient for rainfall but there were multiple downed trees, few fresh looking as there was growth over the trees. I was glad there was no one on the trail but not glad to have to clear all of the spider webs with my face.
I did not see this trail marked for mtb but I'm not sure why not... in the 11 miles I did there and back (not finishing the trail completely) I climbed 3500 feet and although I had to jump off a lot on the way in and there was quite a lot of loose gravel the way back was a blast.
The highway 19 crossing was not the most confusing part of the trail as I saw a switchback maybe 1/2 mile after the highway for a trail with yellow markers that shared the Current River Trail for a ways. Also, leaving from the Echo Bluff trailhead (which was pretty clear and well marked) about 1/2 mile after the wheeler bridge you have to turn right to stay on the trail marked on this App's map but I believe staying straight on the double track trail will take you on the trail found on the Current River State Park's website,which has the trail ending at a lollipop of CR 19-50 and the actual Current River. IDK which is which but I had a lot of fun either way.

6 months ago

This well blazed and maintained trail has been lengthened since it was first added to this app and is officially 5.25 miles one way (I had 5.4 miles) making it just shy of 11 miles out and back. It passes mostly through forest but does cross a couple of roads and uses the Wheeler Bridge at Echo Bluff to cross the Current River.

It starts at the southern entry point for Echo Bluff State Park and ends at the gym for the historic 1930’s Alton Box Board Company corporate retreat at Current River State Park. I was lucky enough to run into a groundskeeper who gave me a tour of the gym and other resort buildings. Several species of fungi were on or next to the trail, including Chanterelles, Elegant Stinkhorn and a beautiful Indigo Milky.

Quick out and back walk to look at a waterfall that consists of rocks 1.5 billion years old. That’s old!

great easy trail for kids

7 months ago

This is a mostly wooded trail that is well blazed and has some wonderful old chinquapin oaks along it. It does partly overlap the Current River Trail that runs from the Current River State Park to Echo Bluff State Park. Heading south on the trail there are a couple of glades that overlook the valley the Current River flows through that are very scenic. Found a gorgeous Chicken of the Woods next to the trail.

7 months ago

My GPS tracked this trail as approximately 2.7 miles (the trailhead sign says 2.6) and not 3.9 miles as stated in the above description. Kudos to whoever blazed the trail, as it is extremely easy to follow even though it is lightly used. The trail is entirely wooded except for about 10 yards at the start that pass under power lines. There are some beautiful oak trees along the trail, which are the highlight of the trail. This would make a great spring or fall hike when you can see into the surrounding valleys.

There are some brochures at the trailhead that give some insight into the history of the area so I gave the trail an extra star for the educational aspect. It is definitely a lightly used trail.

Fun hike. Found a couple of morels along the trail. A black and white warbler and red-eyed vireo posed for us. The overlook at the top of the hill overlooking the mill and valley was beautiful.

8 months ago

The old mill is a highlight of this short hike. It sets next to a spring that averages 81 million gallons a day. The bridge over the creek has long since washed away so it’s an out and back trail now.

Nice area. Pretty fascinating when you look at it from
above. You park where it is. Not exactly a Wilderness Area, but a nice easy approach like this is nice at times and for some people.

9 months ago

Quick, educational hike on a well maintained trail.

9 months ago

New trail that overlooks the river and lodge. Some nice scenic overlooks and interesting rock formations along the trail.

Short trail. Beautiful spring. Make sure you walk up the path. Noticed that people thought the spring was just the lower level. The spring itself is up higher.

We hiked around but not on a specific trail. Beautiful area.

Nice, easy trail. A couple of totally useless wooden bridges alongside the trail. Made no sense. So many cairns. Very well marked trail that would have been easy to follow even without the markers on trees. What is up with all the cairns? Stop.

Really cool place. Definitely check out the cavern while you're there too.

9 months ago

Nice trail, easy to follow
The park itself is a bit too commercialized..

9 months ago

nice little trail with plenty to see

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