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Did this hike a while back. Did not disappoint, very beautiful.

This is definitely not an easy hike ( I'd say moderate to hard) but well worth the visit. On a clear day (I visited on 11/19/18) you can see mt hood, mt Adam's, mt Rainier and mt st Helen's. It was also very windy, blow you over and freezing windy at the lookout. The trail this time of year in November is frozen ground practically the whole way. The trail is slippery and your feet are constantly sinking into dirt/ice. It's a constant climb up a semi steep mountain. The final push to the road to the lookout is very steep. The road to the lookout is not bad but still an incline. Starting out on the trail I used Google maps (which was not clear in the dark where the trailhead was) and when I got to falls creek horse camp it was still dark 6:30am. You can start this trail a little uphill and practically right across from the bathroom through a picnic area or the true trailhead is past the second camp entrance uphill and to the right. trail was fairly easy to navigate. You'll want to stay on 171 to get to the lookout. There was a trail right after the Indian racetrack sign at the beginning and to the left, I didn't take it and have no idea where it goes. This trail was very beautiful this time of year but do use caution and it was very helpful having trekking poles. At the lake junction you'll want to make a (I'm not sure where left takes you, the trail was frozen over in a mini pond, think the sign said shortcut but couldn't make it out without trekking on the ice.) right and then look to the left for the 171. You could make a loop of this hike but I'm not sure how many miles it would add as the shortcut way looks like the longer side, might be fun though. You do need a northwest forrest pass to park here, there is no pay station here so pay for a day pass before you get here. There is one vaulted toilet at the camp, but no toilet paper. I hiked a little over 7 miles total and it took me 3hrs up and 2 hours down with a break or two at the top and at the lake.

Wonderful hike and an easy trail to navigate once you've found the trailhead. If you're hiking upstream the actual trailhead can be tricky to find if you don't have service or good directions. If you're unfamiliar with the area I strongly recommend getting familiar with directions because GPS commonly fails here.

We made this hike in September. It’s was beautiful. The camp site at the north west lake was perfect and surprisingly well maintained (no trash).

We avoided battle axe mountain since two of our group were new to hiking and we got started out late.

This was by far my favorite hike of 2018. Challenging, beautiful, fun and plenty to see. Went of trail to get behind and underneath some waterfalls, but nothing too crazy!

This was my first hike and I would not classify this trail as easy. Beautiful hike.

2 months ago

Hiked to Blue Lake. Pretty good climb for awhile. Thousands of wild blueberry plants with ripe fruit. Traveled 9/15 through 9/19. 2 rainy days but clear other days. Cold at night with some frost. No mosquitoes this time of year. Have to camp in designated areas, not much dry firewood

Nice hike in the remoteness of Indian heaven wilderness. Not a tough hike per se but gradually goes up hill most of the way. Can scramble to summit with a little bit of finesse without much difficulty if you’re sure footed. Not a hard trail to find with trail labeled.

3 months ago

Enjoyable late summer hiking loop; lots of clear blue lakes and brownish ‘puddle’ lakes. Streams all dry. Hiked lollipop figure 8 counter-clockwise. Planned to camp in Forlorn Lakes at Deer or Beer Lake; too many other campers so branched half mile west to Elk Lake & nearly had it to ourselves. No bugs! Loads of wild blueberries. Didn’t start hiking Saturday till 2:30 pm & on trail Sunday by 9:00 am; didn’t encounter many hikers. Small black bear just south of Lemei Rock. Drove in via Carson out via Trout Lake (easier). Finished off the weekend w/scrumptious hamburger, fries & Hefe @ Clark Louis in Stevenson. BTW, my husband & I rate this as moderate, not difficult...maybe someone rated it that way due to distance. Cheers!

7/22/18 - Trail is well groomed, road is good except for a small gravel portion, which was not bad. Expect for people to drive really slow specially if it's a small vehicle or minivan. A bit of advice - Never go on a Sunday, specially if it's a hot day. Lower Lewis was packed cars parked on both sides of the road with more behind us. We decided to skip Lower and went to Middle then went up to Upper, there was no more then 20 people at either. Happy travels!

3 months ago

Good entry to the Indian Heaven Wilderness and the PCT

I've been in the lower falls..
no words can describe how beautiful it is... Amazing...

3 months ago

Beautiful and peaceful lake

great hike virtually no mosquitoes a little smoke in the air but overall it was a great day to hike and the lake is fantastic.

great hike. Wife is a beginner but had great time. Lush wood made for cool hiking


mosquitoes mosquitoes. Other than that beautiful, did I say mosquitoes!

Beautiful place

Went off hours, late afternoon on a weekday, and had the place almost to myself. Can get packed on weekends.

4 months ago

Great hike great camping great swimming

The drive there was very bumpy. Take a suv or truck. The way down to the waterfall is a bit tricky. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it almost looked like we were at a water park FULL of people, everyone was nice and minded their own business, so we didn’t really mind that. Great swimming spot for kids. We took our 2 year old and she LOVED it.

If you are coming from southern washington the road to get there will say closed about 3-4 miles from the trailhead. We drove past the road closed signs and came to a giant pothole in the road that no cars could get around (jeeps or trucks could make it) so we had to park and walk about 2 miles to the trail, being chased by bees the whole way. Not fun. But the lower waterfall was gorgeous and good for swimming, and I will be going back! Next time we will go around to enter from the north side to avoid the potholes and bees.

The waterfalls are worth the drive and hike!

So glad I got to see it BUT the road to get there washed out and we were detoured thru hood river Oregon to get home! Literally took us an additional four hours to get back to I-5.

Beautiful upper and lower falls and the middle the falls isn't too bad either. It was in the 90s but felt cool in all the trees.

4 months ago

Google maps shows you arriving at the trail about 300 feet before you actually do. There is a road sign at the actual trailhead, and parking for about 4 cars. Well maintained trail. The last .6 mile to the Rock has the most elevation gain in a short span. Mosquitos were abundant at the Rock. Finally has to put on bug spray. The views of Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams are worth everything.

so worth it very good for photos

4 months ago

Hiked 7/17: NFRD 90 is full of dips that u won’t see but will hear the bottom of your car scraping the pavement- 30 mph max! Hike: need a NW Forest Pass....well marked trail with Lewis River right next to you almost the entire way up to Upper Falls. No bugs and only saw 2 people on the way in. Great hike for a hot day!

Forgot to clock out of my recording so it recorded a bit of the drive out!
It was a beautiful clear day and we ended up dipping into the water. We arrived at lower Lewis and didn’t realize we could hike up to see middle Falls and upper Lewis. I highly suggest doing so, middle Falls was one of my favorite stops just because it wasn’t nearly as crowded as the lower Falls!
Great hike and would do it again!

I was here on 7/15/2018.
Gorgeous trail, well worth the drive.
Because I hiked this with a dog, I showed up at about 9:30am to beat the heat. It was pretty cool on arrival. I hiked from Lower Falls to Upper Falls and was back to my car by 1pm. I stopped at all three Falls to take in the view, so the hike could have been much shorter if I didn’t stop for breaks.
Not buggy at all, I even forgot to put on bug spray and didn’t get any mosquito bites.
The trail is well maintained and easy enough for beginners, but fun enough for experienced hikers.

These falls really are a must see. Just go. It’s an easy hike with decent mileage and views you won’t forget.

The road to get here is packed full of pothole-like dips, so take it slow. Also, a part of the road is all gravel. I drove a Prius and it did just fine, but I did need to take it slow.

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