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5 hours ago

Enough shade to cool off on hot days

Challenging but very rewarding. I didn’t know you can simply drive to the reservoir. Hiking on roads are not my favorite but did not regret this one.

Great hike. Beautiful. Lots of incline but doable. Many many people spend the night before at or near the trailhead, so if you are not there and parked by 5am plan to park on the road. But a lot of people do that. The road up ... I went 2.3 miles in with my Kia Sedona minivan before stopping to camp the night before with my group. The Kia Sedona has the highest clearance of any minivan at 6.7 inches and although the road was rough I did not bottom out or have any issues for those first 2.3 miles. The next morning, while walking to the trailhead from the campsite, I noticed that after the 2.3 mile point on that road that the pot holes were a LOT deeper in some places. I probably could have made it with enough momentum in the minivan but I like my car and would not have wanted to do that. So, if you don’t have a higher clearance vehicle or AWD and actually like your car maybe that 2.3 miles in on the road is a good place to park or camp.

Beautiful and mostly shaded!
I loved it. There were a few challenging spots for me, but overall a great hike and nothing I couldn’t handle.
The streams, waterfalls and meadow were absolutely stunning

Just literally missed stepping on a rattlesnake by 1 step within the first 20ft of the trailhead. Be aware!!

Great trails. Well marked. Challenging :)
Access to trail head rough.

great hike..got last spot in parking lot at 540am on Thursday...glad we had a jeep for the drive in. beautiful flowers, mountain goats, and scenery!

Lot of mountain bikers to dodge but lovely hike with great views at the end. Trail head fills up quick so get there early.

Must take the trail to get next to the falls.

Wonderful hike. Used the alternate route starting at the Jones Pass (Butler Gulch) parking area. Same distance as the Berthoud Pass trail head - just a steeper ascent and more forest until you hit tree line. Insanely beautiful wild flowers. No snow or mud. Fantastic views.

Was nice scenery trail
Started at 7:20am was perfect time to start and get front row parking in lot next to trailhead
Worth the hike to the falls and lower lake. Steep the last .5 mile to first lake.

2 days ago

Incredible hike. Road is closed for logging (:/) though and you must go to beaver creek trail head near Tom Bennett campground and sky ranch. Keep driving when you reach sky ranch and there is parking at the end of the road at the trail head. It’s about 6.1 miles to the lake from there. The first 4.5 are simple after that you start to do the incline. Well well worth it!

2 days ago

Beautiful views along the entire hike. Definitely consider bringing trekking poles. They will help a great deal in a few sections.

Christy I Smoked a whole pack of cigarettes while running this trail! Very easy trail with minimal traffic and great views! There were people who weren’t smoking which is total bs

We arrived at the trail at 930 am, totally sunny, trail is 90% in the sun and hot.

It took us 2 hours up around the loop and back.

I'd say this is correctly categorized as a medium. Quite a bit of rock stepping and there were two spots where we almost went off trail on the back side.

I'd do it again.

Brutal drive coming off of the highway...as others have mentioned, wouldn't do it in a passenger car.

Arrived at 5:15 am-ish, and I took one of the last three parking spots in the lot. Pretty heavily used trail...even for a Monday morning.

Great hike, though. Very windy at the top, so putting on layers was a smart move.

Our first 14ers! Wow, what an experience. I'm hooked! Couple things: The road is absolutely terrible. We picked up some hitchhikers going back to the bottom, and I would recommend thumbing a ride.
There is absolutely no scrambling. Just lots of steps!
Views were astounding on both peaks even in the smoke which made up for relatively mediocre scenery on the way up.
5.5 hours total trail time.

4 days ago

I wouldn't say this is a hike by any means as it's all flat. But it's a great walking trail and excellent for strollers and dogs. There's also several playgrounds around the lake so if the kids wanted to get out and play for a bit...it's an option.
Only downsize is already mentioned from other folks, but there's tons of Geese and their droppings, everywhere. Which actually sometimes would make certain spots smell.
But overall....easy walk, great views, fun location.

Gray was my first 14er and it was a beautiful trail!!! Many of the reviews said it was a packed trail, I went on a Monday starting around 10am and found it to be pretty lightly populated.

I didn’t train or acclimate myself to the altitude. It was doable, I made it to the top but there were a lot of breather breaks in between (and some altitude sickness when I got home).

Amazing wildlife along the way!! Encountered mountain goats, Marmots, and nice!

Awesome park to run in, especially if you are just starting out at higher altitude because its flat! I run by myself so I was happy to see many moms with kids and older women on bikes around the lake, especially for 10 am on a Monday. It looked like park services had cleaned up most of the goose poop but there are geese everywhere throughout the park. And as a minnesotan whose used to running around lakes, it made me a little sad to see such poor water quality, because there is nothing better than jumping in after a hot summer run.

trail running
5 days ago

A great place for a quick trail run. Challenging, but you wont die.

6 days ago

Great trail to tackle for first time 14er.

The trail offers a lot from meadows to creeks, we even spotted a family of mountain goats. There are segments that have a lot of loose rock, so be prepared for that on the way back down. Given this is a really high-traffic trail, expect some congestion along the way.

And yes, the road to get to the trailhead is rough and not well kept! Though an AWD vehicle with decent clearance will make it fine - just take it slow. We arrived around 4:30am on a Saturday and parked just down the road from the lot as it was already full.


Great hike with beautiful panoramic views. Couple short uphills but not strenuous. Wildflowers are out.

6 days ago

Great trail that gets your heart rate going and wonderful views. Went up the castle trail up to walkers dream trail and took turkey trot on the way down. Saw a deer on the way. Effort to views was ideal

Super crowded and 4 mile dirt road that’s not great for low clearance cars!!! But absolutely the best wildflowers I’ve ever seen in Colorado!!! Make sure to wear hiking boots you can get wet, lots of creek crossings and a few marshy areas before you reach the alpine switchbacks!

Great morning hike. Good 8 mike hike! Great views, wild flowers and decent climb. Decently traveled today with a lot of mtn bikers and hikers.

Great hike - nice practice for higher altitude hikes. Did it today, there was no snow on the trail and plenty of wildflowers. The series of switchbacks at the beginning are the toughest part, then most of the hike after that is gentle rollers on the ridge line. Great views, and not crowded, especially after the first two miles in.

Pretty empty trails even on a Saturday morning. Lot of exposure so bring plenty of water and lots of sunscreen. This route is up and down so no sustained climbing. No incredible vistas but pretty views throughout. Wildflowers and butterflies everywhere - very pleasant hike.

Beautiful park overall, with superb views of the mountains and the Denver downtown skyline, especially at sunset! The major downside, however, is the goose poop...it’s EVERYWHERE!

8 days ago

Great trail with access on the west and east ends. West end is a more gradual slope–perfect for kids. The east end has great views towards Morrison, Downtown Denver, and Red Rocks.
We hiked from the west end of the Castle trail out to the old ranch house and cornerstone of the attempted Summer Whitehouse. On the way back we added the Meadow and Tower trails to the south to form a loop.
If starting in the morning from the west, I would recommend the reverse: Meadow, Tower, then Castle. (Castle Trail is shaded whereas Meadow is not)
Good map in this app, but maps available to print by searching “Jeff Co Open Space Mount Falcon Park.”

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